strawberries and cream

photo (32) well, in this household, it’s really just strawberries. i used to make a wicked whipped cream but since Husbuddy can’t have it anymore, i save myself the calories.

can i just say, Amish strawberries are THE BEST! when we first got here someone said that how you can tell between Amish strawberries and grocery store strawberries is that Amish strawberries are red all the way through, no white center like you get from the grocery store.  i know, a random fact for you,  but there ya go. {i bet it probably goes for any home-grown or organic strawberries… }

we are super excited about the end-of-driveway produce stands and what it means for the rest of the summer… 🙂

strawberry season is almost done, so i’ll just go get myself a couple more baskets!

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