strawberries in june

you guys. you know how much i’ve LOVED strawberry season around Lancaster. every year i am SO EXCITED to pick all the strawberries! ha. {last year’s strawberry adventure, when we first moved here}

so here are a few of this year’s photos. strawberry fam  family selfie. someone called us a “hip little family” the other day. i think it’s just husbuddy’s hat… strawberry farm  animals next to the strawberries were a hit for Sophie! strawberry farm2  determined to find all the good ones. strawberry farm3 what in the world do you mean, i’m not supposed to eat it yet? strawberry farm4  look at the animals momma, i’ll just eat them when you look over there!

hello goat more goats! what. strawberries2kids we went another time with a couple of our friends. we are almost as smitten with little Micaiah as with the strawberries… almost… haha. strawberries2walk  cute little booty…running because she got in trouble for eating more strawberries… i kid i kid. strawberries2  covered in berry juice. ack. i should have had the cashier’s weigh her before and after…  strawberries2mmm  when you ask Sophia if she likes strawberries, she tells you “Mmmmm!!”

so you should probably take that as, “they are THE BEST!”

thata girl. just like her momma…

xoxo- lover of strawberries.

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