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SuzyQ is my sewing machine.




there’s something many of you do not know about my past.

in my past life—2nd grade through highschool— i was secretly a sewing 4H freak.

you’ve heard of 4H right? but when you’ve heard of it, you heard about:

cows and horses and pigs and showing all of those animals at the fair… maybe you’ve even been to a county fair and seen all those animals cared for and showed by 4H farming kids… 🙂 well… there’s 4H in the city too, for all of you uncultured city folk that don’t know about it.

Lil’ miss kim was involved in the club, in the city, where we couldn’t have horses, instead we learned about how the club government worked, how to make a  motion in front of everyone else and all the parents, how to sit through ridiculously boring meetings and lil’ miss kim sewed… and cooked… and learned pottery. But mostly sewed.

That was my “after school activity” that was demanded on me by my well meaning parents. They wouldn’t pay for me to attend club volleyball–noooo– but i was right there in every single darn 4H camp that they could find. All my friends were outside playing hopscotch and going for bike rides when i was inside on my summer vacations sewing cute little skirts and dresses.  You don’t understand yet i think. Iwas INSIDE… on a nice beautiful hot Colorado day… INSIDE sewing… not just sewing… but SEWING PERFECTLY–at least as perfect as my mother could get me to.  If there was one little bump in the seam, out came Torture Tool. I had seam rip all the stitches and do them again. And if not perfectly, again.

Apparently, all this pressure made me somewhat good. Because I won some ribbons. Yes, you’ve seen those pretty purple ribbons on the horses and pigs, but did you ever notice them on the homemade dresses? yup. That was my lot in life. To sew and win pretty purple ribbons. O so thankful for that period of my life. haha. Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?  :-p Not at all you say? Good. I’ve covered it up enough.

Anyway, long story of boorishness in my life to bore you… as soon as i graduated from high school i didn’t sew anything ever again! well… until i got engaged.

Then I realized what a useful skill i have.  and i grew thankful that i know how to read sewing patterns and know all the basics of sewing. I decided to make duvet covers and curtains. it saved us some money and my husband to be was impressed! Thanks Mom!

And then, when I graduated from my Masters program my parents bought me my own sewing machine! 🙂

There ya go…now you know the history and the love/hate relationship I have with SuzyQ.

Fast forward to this weekend. I finished the first dress that I’ve made since 4H!

phew! so happy to be past that hurdle.  It only took like 7 months… from the time I decided to make a wrap dress(September-see it was supposed to be for work in the fall) to yesterday( now the fabric may be too heavy for summer…) to finish it. In reality it only took me about 4 days of actually working on it. But it took all those long months to complete it.

And you want to know the irony of why it took me so long?

I had to ask Mommy for help.

😮 haha. Just like those dreaded 4H days. When she visited a couple of months (January mind you) ago I showed her my problem. apparently I had confused the meanings of “pleats” and “darts” -does anyone actually know the difference? ha. So once she showed me the error of my ways, i was back on track… this past weekend(yes, the middle of march…nope don’t procrastinate one bit!).

But it’s DONE! Just don’t look too closely because I did not have the strength to judge myself too harshly after trying to be so perfect on the sewing machine all my life. Remember, I wanted this to be a happy experience.  🙂

sorry to bore you with this story!! This is mostly just to show my Mother my finished product 🙂 So if you made it through that-bravo! 🙂

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  1. laufetc March 27, 2010 at 9:13 pm #

    Ouch! Sewing instead of volleyball! What mean parents!

    But, just think, you can still play volleyball – I didn’t even start playing until I was your age. Just go to the Rec Center or the Princeton Parks and Recreations or someplace like that and join in the various leagues and pickup games. There should be games at all skill levels. (There is in Colorado Springs.)

    But, you look beautiful, and your dress is too!


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