Sweet finds: vintage & JBPL

Last weekend Jenna and I went to the Tomato Factory a really cool group of antique shops. It’s like a coop of antique dealers. Each room is set up by a different dealer so there is a huge mix of styles and things that you can find! Some were ho-hum normal antique stores, but some were designed well and incorporated the new with the old and just different. So much fun! Anyone in the NJ should totally go!!

Here is what I came home with:)

really cool old keys! There were bins of them! I wanted to take all of them home. But the wallet in my purse said i must choose just three for only 10$. 🙂

o the history! 🙂 love love love.

and look at this! I know… I should be totally embarrassed that I spent money on costume jewelry. But these pieces have a special meaning to me. 🙂 My mom has a collection of antique rynstone jewelry and when I was little I loved to look at them and I even wore them to dances in high school! I always wanted my own collection to be just like Mom some day 🙂 So here’s the beginning of mine!

I went with the simple bracelets because again the wallet was reminding me of its presence… but o so pretty! and the history! 🙂 sigh.


In other news: Have you ever heard of Jewels by Park Lane?

I got my order in the mail this weekend! 🙂 whoo hoo! I was so excited!

so… let me show you what i’ve found 🙂

These are brown pearls that are just beautiful and chunky. I have yet to wear them but can’t wait.

This one is my absolute fav! I’ve gotten so many comments on it! You’ll see another picture later.

Keys! yup. I’m obsessed. haha.

another pretty key &  locket. This I got for Christmas. I’ve worn it so much since then!

J’adore. Really. That’s the name of the necklace! It fits so perfectly 🙂 love love love

J’adore earrings. Simple yet perfect for the necklace. You wouldn’t want something too overbearing for the necklace would you?! 🙂

It is a really cool company that works kind of like Mary Kay or Pampered Chef. There are consultants who sell the jewelry. But really… the jewelry kind of just sells itself. SO beautiful! And the company stands behind their jewelry so much that if anything ever goes wrong with it there is a lifetime warranty! I’ve never heard of that for jewelry before! Awesome huh!?

My mom is a JBPL consultant. Contact her if you have any questions, want to go to a JBPL partay or want to get some of this fun stuff!


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  1. Pam Holderman April 25, 2010 at 10:55 am #

    Oh I am drooling I think. must close my mouth. these are beautiful.

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