sweet things for a monday

it’s monday.

it’s a rough day. even when i just stay at home with a baby… whoever says that’s easier than going to work, i could smack them. somehow, after a weekend, babies know that monday is the day to be extra needy and to be extra tired. i think sundays really wear her out! anyway, so i’m just stopping in quickly to share a couple of “sweet things” for today.

morning smiles

“sweet” things or “sweet” finds are just special little things that i’ve found on the interwebs that i’d like to share with you. like…


THIS BOOK: a million little ways by Emily Freeman. with all my “spare time” i’ve barely cracked the cover. but it’s already so inspiring! and i am so excited to read it!  2014-03-28 09.39.43


hello pretty actions for Photoshop Elements! i LOVE actions. if you know my love for taking photos and playing with them in photoshop…then you know i love actions. lol. have you ever wondered how to edit photos easily with photoshop? Actions is your answer!

these are from A Beautiful Mess and i’m saving up my allowance for April to get them. {i know, 10$ is like nothing, but i still gotta fit it in the budget! hee hee} the other actions i like to use are from Pioneer Woman’s actions and Florabella Actions


this video of my cute little bobblehead:


This article from desiring God about When the bible is hard to understand. i’ve been thinking about it a lot this week.


2014-03-29 15.47.20

have you ever been to a marriage retreat? we went to one this weekend. {actually, husbuddy was  helping to lead it} i LOVE talking about marriages and pouring into other’s by encouraging their marriage. it was so fun. one of the sessions was a “for wives only/for husbands only”. the girls watched this sermon by John piper about the *cringe word* submission. but it was really good because he explained what submission IS NOT. it is based on 1 Peter 3. Piper explains that really, true submission is a divine calling to honor and affirm your husband’s leadership, but it all begins by first putting your hope in God.  you should listen to the sermon if you have a chance! “The beautiful Faith of Fearless Submission”


and last of all for this little episode of “sweet things”, The Mom Conference  starts next week. it’s free. anyone can “attend” and you don’t have to leave your house.  it’s a week long of videos from bloggers on a bunch of different topics. check it out! i’ve already learned how to make my own foaming hand soap for pennies from the bonus vidoes! woot woot!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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One Response to sweet things for a monday

  1. Sherri Brown March 31, 2014 at 3:03 pm #

    I totally agree!! Mondays were always the worst. I liked to keep the schedule as routine as possible, but Sundays always did us in. I’ll pray for you today!

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