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bouncer bouncer2

first of all, isn’t this little girl learning how to bounce, and LOVING it, just the sweetest?  baby legs

it’s a little random and a little late at night for me to be blogging, but i wanted to share a few “sweet things” that have caught my eye lately. remember, sweet things are just special little random things i’ve found on the internet to share with you:


this post speaks to my heart reminding me it’s ok to “just” be a mother. sometimes i feel like the world expects me to be a million other things. so thanks for saying that.


this video: hilarious. will farrell and chad smith doing a drum off. husbuddy made me watch it last night while i was up waiting to feed the little miss one more time. haha. WATCH IT now. ha.


headboard side view

the slow process of decorating… in a world of give me everything RIGHT NOW, it’s hard to give myself grace that my house isn’t all put together and organized…RIGHT NOT. lol. i appreciate what Melissa has to say about it here, maybe you will too? {picture from our new headboard project… working on the side tables right now!}


this blog post about saving on groceries: Fun Cheap or Free really, this gal just amazes me with her ideas for budgeting! i have NOT gotten up the gumption or the courage to figure out price matching at walmart…but she saved over half of her grocery bill by doing so. yikes. have any of you ever done that?


field of wildflowers3

and so funny that i wrote this post about a field of wild flowers last week, and then these two posts came up in my feed today. APPARENTLY i still need to work on this because they both speak on the same thing…trusting God to provide!! Here for John Piper speaking so eloquently on the verses that i talked about last week and here Lemonade makin mama just being real and making me fall in love with her all over again.


last of all,  i’m going to join this “book club” to read Pursue the Intentional Life and i’m really excited about it! it’s for the month of june. it looks like a good book and they’ll be talking about it through blogs and videos. you should join me! let me know if you do!


anyway. hope you’re all doing well, friends! let me know which of these links you like the best! hee hee

xoxo-kimberly renee

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