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practicing prayer {day #1}

today’s the first day of this new series! thank you so much for joining me!

today i want to talk about the purpose behind this series.

prayer is always something that i wish i was better at. sometimes hard things happen and all of a sudden i find myself  praying a ton-and i wonder, why don’t i pray like this all the time? other times bad things happen and i get mad at God when He doesn’t answer my prayer. sometimes life is just peachy and i don’t even think to pray. and that humbles me because the only way to have a relationship with God is to pray. so this journey is for me to learn how to be better at prayer and hopefully i’ll learn practice how to be more consistent.

and i want to share this with you because:

  • 1.  my purpose statement states that the only reason i blog is to share with you what God is doing in my life in order to glorify Him. i do that through art and design and sharing with you my thoughts and heart.
  • 2. i do not want to be like the hypocrites that Jesus talks about in Matthew 6 who are standing up in the crowd, praying to be seen. i don’t mean for this to be like that at all!  i want you to know that. i don’t really plan on typing out prayersg on here… just sharing with you my journey in learning about it.
  • 3. if anyone wants to join me in thinking about and learning how to pray more, i’d love to have the company! if you’d rather not see all this talk about prayer… don’t worry, i’ll still be here in November with more normal things, so i’ll see ya then, no hard feelings. 🙂

my goal is to break this series up into 4 parts for these 4 weeks::the why, the how, the what/who, and the when. i feel like i’m writing some elementary story. isn’t that how you always would start one of those assignments when you were a kid? haha. but hopefully, looking at it that way we can get a little deeper into it. i’m not promising anything super awesome or brilliant because i’m just learning it myself. i’m not any sort of teacher in this! but  i appreciate being able to share this experience along side you 🙂

thanks for being here, friends.

xo-kimberly renee

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stars and prayer

guys! check out this photo of our feet in the sand! 

i just noticed that there are stars in it. 🙂 my favorite little surprise. some people don’t like pictures that have any sun glare in them, but i love it. it’s like a little sun kiss that sneaks in and surprises you!  hee hee. 

ok, so the real purpose for this post is to share with you my idea for the 31 days in October blog series! Last year i took The Nester  (and a few other amazing bloggers)up on her dare to figure out something to blog about for 31 days. i blogged about “artfully letting go” about a year ago exactly, i wrote about what my purpose behind this blog series was, feel free to check it out.

this year, i’m feeling overwhelmed and so busy with everything on my plate. but i also feel far away… from friends, from family, and most importantly from God. So this year, it is my goal to take a small step every day to learn about… and practice… prayer.

Romans 12:12 says:

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

and 1Thessalonians  5:17 literally only has 3 words:

“pray without ceasing”

you guys, i’m seriously pathetic at praying. i really wish i was better at it. i wish i was more consistent, thoughtful, faithful… but the bible calls us to be consistent. to be constant. to pray without ceasing. what does that mean? how can i get better?

 this October, i’m hoping to look at different ways of praying {and i’m hoping that i can come up with enough ideas to fill 31 days… eek! ha} and i’m hoping to learn to be faithful in prayer.

i hope you’ll join me with learning how to get on our knees…

xo-kimberly renee

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