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Anniversary Adventures {part 2}


IMG_2505_morning fog

the next morning {after sleeping up in the loft with a tiny little ladder}we woke up to this beautiful view. the fog was breathtaking.



for the  second day of our anniversary adventure we headed up into Shenandoah National Park and drove along Skyline Drive. it was fun to be in “mountains” again. we reminisced of Idaho and Montana and Washington and Colorado… we maybe should have not reminded ourselves of those beautiful places we still think of as “home“… even so, we really tried to soak up  the beauty and the views.

have any of you ever been there? it really is beautiful!



we took turns driving because Skyline Drive is a drive along ridge of mountains. it’s really twisty with views at every other turn so we wanted to have equal time just looking.

IMG_2542_JT and camera

it was so fun to be able to see so far! it’s such a rare occurrence out here in the East and we miss big sky and sweeping views of the west.

IMG_2535_at skyline drive

we drove for a while, pulling off at view points. then we stopped at the hike that Husbuddy had planned for us. we had researched it and had found one of the most recommended hikes to a waterfall view.

i can imagine the waterfall would be quite the sight in spring/early summer.

it was a little bit of a disappointment in the middle of august… not going to lie.


especially since there were probably 50 other people down there when we were. womp womp.

oh well. like i said, we shouldn’t have reminisced about the west prior to this…


it was still really pretty and we really enjoyed a little hike and getting out in nature! and it was SO different than any hike we’ve ever done before because you start at the top. see, we were driving along the ridge, so when you pull of to go on a hike, you hike down first.

that means you have the hard hike all the way back up at the end. kind of backwards from normal! ha. and this prego lady did her fair share of huffing and puffing. hee hee. but it was so worth it! i love to hike and it was fun to get out!



this is me at the end of the hike barely able to breathe and totally sweaty acting super excited because Husbuddy wanted to show how excited we were to be on a little bit of the appalachain trail {behind me}.

IMG_2605_app trail

after the hike we finished the drive back to the cabin and spent the evening relaxing and reading next to the view.

IMG_2611_in front of mountains

we had such a wonderful anniversary adventure! it was so wonderful i even cried on the way home because i was so sad it was over. i blame my pregnancy hormones!

i’m blessed with such a wonderful man to share life with and to go on adventures with. i thank God for him every day. Happy 7th Anniversary sweetheart!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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Anniversary Adventures

IMG_2459_chair on mountain

so, it’s been almost two weeks since our anniversary and i have yet to share about our adventures! and adventures did we have!

we took a little trip to Charlottesville and Shenandoah National Park. it was a glorious couple of days away together.


when we were young and naive {as in, when we first got married} we told each other that we’d make EVERY anniversary special. we feel it’s so important to celebrate another year together. a year of love and life that may have had ups and downs just like every other year, but another year. another gift. it’s SO important to us to celebrate and remember!

some years we’ve barely had the money or time to do anything more than a nice dinner. one year we went white water rafting. another year we took a trip to Vancouver, Canada. this year we really, really didn’t have the money to do anything… but we planned it far enough in advance to save up for it and to spread out the costs.

our big adventure was finding a historic cabin on airbnb  on top of a mountain with a view.

IMG_2465_cabin window

isn’t it cute? apparently, back in the day, Stonewall Jackson stayed here!! what what?! it blew our minds that we were looking out little windows that someone famous may have looked out of. of course it was updated with plumbing and electricity.


the best part of the cabin was the view:

IMG_2452_cabin front porch

and the claw foot tub. it was a 4′ tub so a grown man barely fits! let alone a prego. but it was still so fun and part of the adventure of the weekend!

IMG_2444_cabin tub

the evening we arrived we went into C-ville and had a nice anniversary dinner. it was so fun to dress up and go exploring and just pick a place without knowing if it’d be good or not. the place we picked was really good. we aren’t used to southern flavors at all, so it was fun to try new things.  the only thing that made me sad was that i couldn’t have a glass of wine. oh man, do i miss a good glass of wine every now and then!!

IMG_2486_anniversary dinner

but Husbuddy had wine as well as the duck. he loves trying the duck at almost every fancy restaurant we go to. it totally cracks me up. he’s cute though, so i let it slide. hee hee.

IMG_2489_love him

then we walked around the mall. we found a chalkboard wall that has chalk lying there for anyone who wants to write on it. how fun is that?! of course Husbuddy had to graffiti our names on it and a #7…with a heart. see, i told you he was cute.


it was a lovely start to our 7th anniversary adventure! the next day we went for a fun drive and a hike. more on that next time.

IMG_2490_anniversary dinner

so what about you? do you feel it’s important to celebrate anniversaries and milestones too? do you go on adventures with your loved one just to celebrate each other? i’d love to hear!

xo-kimberly renee

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august 18th






maine anniversary_vintage

today is our anniversary! it’s been 7 years since i told this man in front of all our friends and family that he had my heart forever.  can you believe it, sweetheart?! we’ve had so many adventures in those 7 years. this year has been particularly adventure-full so here are a few of my favorite adventures from this past year. 🙂

biked to the beach one morning

riding the tandom bike on Martha’s Vineyard = a blast!

on the front veranda

exploring Edgartown with family = loved it!


cooking and creating together = date nights done well!


Photo Jan 19, 8 41 56 AM

road trips together =always my fav.

at the pool

dressing up for dinner

MEXICO!  = SO fun!

IMG_2024_group picture

new friends in Gloucester = such a blessing

in front of castle  disneyland!  = such a sweet little getaway!







Photo Feb 22, 2 23 11 PM

snowboarding for my birthday = you know me so well!

2013-05-25 10.52.02

moving to a new place with new adventures= awesome! {i know, technically i’m not in this with one, but i’m right there in his excitement!}  excited baby reveal sm


and now a new adventure = SO excited to see him become a Daddy to our little girl!

Happy Anniversary, Husbuddy. xoxo


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lititz PA

Lititz, PA, a tiny town just to the north of our little apartment in Lancaster won “America’s Coolest Small Town in 2013”.  {really! it did, here’s proof!} So, we just HAD to check it out.

and it was really cute. there were cute little shutters on every window and lots of americana decoration around because it was the weekend after the 4th of July.  Lititz1

there were lots of things to see, lots of shops, there were a few cafe’s and coffee shops that we want to go back and visit. lititz small


but what proved that it was the coolest little town was that Husbuddy’s prof and friends from Gordon Conwell Seminary just happened to be headed to Lititz the same day! Husbuddy had tweeted that we were headed to Lititz for a “daycation” (as he likes to call it) and luck would have it, they saw the tweet as they were driving into town! they texted us and we met up for coffee!


how fun is that? life is crazy sometimes, and it’s so cool when something small and totally awesome, like randomly running into dear friends, happens.


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Happy 4th!

a little late, i know. how was your 4th? did you have a bbq and spend some time outside? we did!  it was a busy day for us, with friends. it was WONDERFUL.


these sweet friends drove out to visit Lancaster! we showed them some of the sites, including horse and buggies as well as Kitchen Kettle which was fun and toursity.  IMG_2228_Bowens on 4th

it was so wonderful to catch up.
IMG_2236_at kitchen kettle

and then there was some quality time spent in our apartment complex’s pool. what a perfect day for swimming!  IMG_2242_at pool

the weather was seriously perfect. PERFECT. it was so nice to sit outside and celebrate life and freedom together! {btw, don’t they have an adorable little family?!}


what was extra fun was that a couple other friends showed up for the food as well. we had “3 worlds collide” as Husbuddy put it. our friends from our church in Princeton, a friend that was driving through from Gloucester, and a friend from the area here who’s wife was out of town.  IMG_2254_4th bbq


it’s really cool how these “3 worlds” can come together and be able to mesh just fine, because really, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. i LOVE that.

friends are nourishment for the soul. it was SO good to see each of them 🙂

what about you? spend time with some friends? bbq? go swimming? anything fun?  i’d love to hear!

xo-kimberly renee

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11 moving tips {from our experiences}

so… this move counts as our 6th in our {almost} 7 years of marriage!

we’ve moved to Spokane WA, Moscow ID, Boise ID, Princeton NJ, Gloucester MA and now here. {it’s crazy, if you ask me!}

road trip

let me tell you… i’m ready to be done with this moving business!  by now, we’ve got to have a couple of tips up our sleeves, right? well, kind of. so i thought i’d share::

  1. be enthusiastic! excited! life is so much more fun that way, and the biggest trouble with moving is that it is a big pain in the you know what… so if you’re excited about it, it will just be better!
  2. be all packed and ready when the truck arrives at your house to pick up stuff! seriously…this makes a world of difference and makes the truck driver {even if you or your spouse is Driving It Yourself… he’ll be sooooo much happier} HAPPY. which means he’ll be nicer to your stuff! -i know this is killer for some of my sweet friends… but really, if there’s one time to be on time and ready, it’s moving day. 
  3. pack in an organized fashion- this took some training for Husbuddy… lol… but i think he’s finally got it down. if you pack things in an orderly fashion, wrap things in lots of paper and you label label label every.single.box … life is just easier and broken-free.  {and then when you get to the new place and you have a pile of boxes EVERYWHERE- you know where to start!}
  4. get the puppycakes- or the pet- out of the way – this was genius for the last two moves. we had someone watch him or we took him to doggy-daycare. SO worth it to not have to worry about him getting loose with all the doors open and to be able to just focus! it also helped him get out some energy because he’s been a nervous little wreck from anxiety about the new place… poor puppy.
  5. clean while you pack– this is a little easier when you have someone moving you… but it was awesome to start cleaning while boxes were being moved out since it’s so important to get that security deposit back from your rental. 😉
  6. pack essentials  in your car that you may need when you arrive: um, maybe this is a no brainer for some people… but it never really occurred to me that i might need a shower curtain when i arrive 3 days before our truck. or to have lots of certain gluten-free snacks that may be hard to find on the road…{good thing Husbuddy thought of that!} try to think through what life will be like when you get there, and pack that stuff in your car with you!
  7. leave early- no matter how early you think you’re going to leave…you’ll never get out on time. so the earlier you plan, the earlier you actually will leave…this makes everyone less grumpy… HA. not that this happened to us…
  8. be a joyful copilot! everyone is so stressed while moving. Husbuddy is SO good at being super excited and super positive while heading off on our new adventure… and i try to be that for him too. i am not as good at it as he is. 🙂 but it just makes everyone so much happier and less stressed.
  9. unpack 1 room at a time– maybe this is a no-brainer… but i’m really bad at taking everything out of the boxes, creating a HUGE mess, and then trying to figure out where it all should go… ha. this makes Husbuddy a little short of breath…. so it’s his suggestion to just focus on one room at a time, this helps to contain the mess on my part, and gives us focus as we get things checked off the list!
  10. try to be excited when you arrive– this is almost the same as #1, but AGAIN, i must confess that Husbuddy is so much better at this than i am…{what can i say, i’m half glass empty, people}  it makes such a difference to everyone’s mental state when you’re excited about the new adventure and the new place! 🙂
  11. explore together! even if you’re not all the way unpacked, take some time to explore your new area. this will help with #10… but seriously, it makes the move more of an adventure and less of a chore if you’re excited about your new place. if you take the time to hang out together and explore your new area, whether that’s checking out the nearest stores, going for a long walk, or finding the nearest movie theater… it is quality time spent together starting your new adventure 🙂

2013-05-25 10.52.02

so, see, it wasn’t all about tape guns or types of boxes you should get. moving can be stressful, so these are just some of my tips to make it a better experience 🙂

i’m excited to share with you more about our new home soon!

xo-kimberly renee


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on the move again!

this weekend marks the beginning of another great adventure.

{yay for being on the road with all the memorial day traffic!}

moving day i’m excited to share with you what our next adventure entails soon. for now you can think of me in all the craziness of packing, cleaning, moving, and driving to another new part of the country!

hope you have a great memorial weekend, friends!

xo-kimberly renee



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