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Anniversary Adventures

IMG_2459_chair on mountain

so, it’s been almost two weeks since our anniversary and i have yet to share about our adventures! and adventures did we have!

we took a little trip to Charlottesville and Shenandoah National Park. it was a glorious couple of days away together.


when we were young and naive {as in, when we first got married} we told each other that we’d make EVERY anniversary special. we feel it’s so important to celebrate another year together. a year of love and life that may have had ups and downs just like every other year, but another year. another gift. it’s SO important to us to celebrate and remember!

some years we’ve barely had the money or time to do anything more than a nice dinner. one year we went white water rafting. another year we took a trip to Vancouver, Canada. this year we really, really didn’t have the money to do anything… but we planned it far enough in advance to save up for it and to spread out the costs.

our big adventure was finding a historic cabin on airbnb  on top of a mountain with a view.

IMG_2465_cabin window

isn’t it cute? apparently, back in the day, Stonewall Jackson stayed here!! what what?! it blew our minds that we were looking out little windows that someone famous may have looked out of. of course it was updated with plumbing and electricity.


the best part of the cabin was the view:

IMG_2452_cabin front porch

and the claw foot tub. it was a 4′ tub so a grown man barely fits! let alone a prego. but it was still so fun and part of the adventure of the weekend!

IMG_2444_cabin tub

the evening we arrived we went into C-ville and had a nice anniversary dinner. it was so fun to dress up and go exploring and just pick a place without knowing if it’d be good or not. the place we picked was really good. we aren’t used to southern flavors at all, so it was fun to try new things.  the only thing that made me sad was that i couldn’t have a glass of wine. oh man, do i miss a good glass of wine every now and then!!

IMG_2486_anniversary dinner

but Husbuddy had wine as well as the duck. he loves trying the duck at almost every fancy restaurant we go to. it totally cracks me up. he’s cute though, so i let it slide. hee hee.

IMG_2489_love him

then we walked around the mall. we found a chalkboard wall that has chalk lying there for anyone who wants to write on it. how fun is that?! of course Husbuddy had to graffiti our names on it and a #7…with a heart. see, i told you he was cute.


it was a lovely start to our 7th anniversary adventure! the next day we went for a fun drive and a hike. more on that next time.

IMG_2490_anniversary dinner

so what about you? do you feel it’s important to celebrate anniversaries and milestones too? do you go on adventures with your loved one just to celebrate each other? i’d love to hear!

xo-kimberly renee

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a little press

hey! look at this Houzz article! Knight Architects is featured again!

this project was just starting construction when i first arrived back in 2009 so i can’t take any credit for any of the drawings. except that Cathy Knight let me design/draw the fireplace mantle. {mostly she suggested what i should i do and then i drew it… let’s be honest because it was my first fireplace mantle!} that and i also helped stage the pretty pictures!

i’m so proud of Knight Architects for getting a little bit of press again!  to see the full article click here.

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Japan photos {part 1}

ok, are you all ready for some Japan photos?!

OH. my GOODNESS! i took way too many photos.SO… I apologize already for a massive photo dump over the next few japanese posts. i’m really excited to share them with you though! 🙂

we traveled to Japan to visit my little sissy who is teaching english to a bunch of junior high kids in Yabu {a tiny little town outside of Osaka and Kyoto}. my parents were super kind to offer to take me along! it was such an adventure!

we start with photos from our first breakfast on the morning after we arrived in Osaka. i know, weird way to start a blog post about Japan… but you guys, this breakfast was just so different than what we were used to! Dad was excited about it though:
IMG_1153_Breakfast1 please note: only chopsticks to use.

please note #2: they don’t use napkins. they give you a wet washcloth or a toilette at the beginning of the meal to wash your hands… and that’s it… kind of difficult for a my super-uncoordinated-self. just saying. 😉

please note #3: about all you recognize in the picture below is the rice and the tea… right?! 🙂 hahah. ya, me too.  lucky for us there was also salmon, steamed eggs, pickled plums and vegetables,  some sort of meat that had the consistency of worms, miso soup, and more pickled some sort of vegetables.  hee hee. did i mention this was an adventure? from the very beginning!  IMG_1155_breakfast

my little sis is already becoming japanese. peace signs all around!  i love how you can see my dad in the reflection of the wall next to us. mom LOVED the pickled plum and had one every single day!  {slight sarcasm there} IMG_1156_breakfast

our tour for the day started out with a trip to Osaka castle. smack dab in the middle of the city there is a big moat and a few towers:

some very large, impressive gates: IMG_1175_gate

that lead to this castle: {i think i remember that our tour guide said this wasn’t the original castle because the original burned, but the walls and gates are! } IMG_1187_osaka castle

and look at that: so picturesque! a real japanese garden! and the castle reflected in the pool!  IMG_1197_osaka castle nice

what’s funny is that while we were trying to take our pictures a sweet elderly japanese man was determined to help these foreigners get a good picture. but he didn’t speak english. so, he spoke rather loudly in japanese and made gestures that we should turn our camera vertical so that we get a better picture! haha. i did that to appease him, but i actually like this one above the best and guess what… it’s landscape… lol.

again, Becca shows off her ability to fit in: 

IMG_1203_osaka castle and fam these fish are like 4′-0″ tall! they are adorning the castle because it was believed that since they are water creatures they would protect the castle from fires. {since the original building was all wood… and apparently the fish worked so well the first time…} IMG_1208_osaka castle fish

it was impressive and really cool to see the unique architecture. what we later found out though, was that the japanese culture takes so much from the chinese. throughout history japan copied a lot of chinese culture because china was such a large civilazation! i was fascinated by that. our tour guide said that this style of architecture really came from china but was slightly adapted with longer eaves and a few other things because of the rain that japan gets.

it was a museum so we actually got to go up in it! very interesting.  IMG_1212_osaka castle

you’ll notice throughout my next few posts about japan that i seemed to have a fascination with the different roofs that we encountered. they are all so beautiful and i love all the different lines!
IMG_1217_osaka castle rooflines

i loved the corner details: IMG_1219_osaka castle

as we finished the tour of the castle we walked around the other side of it. these are the “defense towers”. but they are so pretty:

IMG_1226_osaka castle tower the cherry trees are just starting to blossom in Osaka. we were so lucky to be there at that time!!

my family walking {with the tour guide} off to our next adventure: IMG_1224_family walking

{to be continued} 

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sketch for tuesday {#52}

on wednesday.

doh. if it helps i did this ON TUESDAY.  epic blog fail. oh well. life is crazy!

anyway, i thought it was fun to look at what a difference it makes to color a sketch.

see: first one is black and white. second is colored.  elevation sketch

and wala.  even just a little bit of coloring makes all the difference. have you colored any of your sketches lately?

xo-kimberly renee

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HOUZZ (dot com)

first of all, i’m sorry for neglecting my dear little blog. life is a bit crazy right now,  and i hope to share more with you soon!

but all right, today’s post is about Houzz dot com.

who hasn’t discovered Houzz yet?! i mean, seriously, this website is AWESOME. 🙂 i’ve been on it a lot lately for a couple of projects. a couple of kitchens, a fence project, a couple of powder rooms… and so when i need inspiration, i go here and start searching for images that inspire!

do you need help figuring out what style of kitchen you should go with? they have an article and a million links for that.

do you like vintage looking kitchens and need confidence that you can pull it off? they have an article for that too. 🙂

Yup! do you recognize that kitchen? It’s from my photoshoot adventure my  best day of work ever! Kinda exciting that my old firm is finally getting the recognition they deserve for this project! She actually received an award for “Best of Houzz 2013″ woot woot! Knight Architects has a nice little portfolio on Houzz that you should totally check out.
Or maybe you need direction for a fence or gate you want to build. There is inspiration for that.
and of course, there are a million powder room inspiration examples! it’s the designer’s dream, really, to be able to peruse such an abundant collection of inspirational photos! so, you know what i’ll be doing today…
go check Houzz out! 🙂 it’s very fun.
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sketch for Tuesday

today’s sketch comes from a project i was working on  last week.

see, we’re “playing” with a new design. technically, i’m not allowed to say “playing”. it doesn’t sound professional and it may come across like i’m wasting time or something. but really, when i’m just sketching and trying out different ideas… i feel like i’m playing with the ideas.

sketch A perspective_blog

this sketch was for an addition that wants to be a breakfast/sitting room with all windows because to the right there is an awesome view of the ocean.  the room includes a bar and bathroom, it has asian influence, and we have to include space for the client’s antique jade horses…which means that my 5th grade fascination with drawing horses actually came in handy at work. who knew?! hee hee.

sketch B perspective_blog

this sketch is a little off- i think i’m missing a couple of feet because it looks too narrow- but it shows how we were playing with different locations for the bar area. in the first one the bar and the bathroom are across from each other. in the second one the bar is next to the bathroom on the left side of the sketch(you can’t really see it). the wall for the bathroom would be paneled so that the it would seem like a piece of cabinetry(…the door would be “hidden”)

sketch cbts_blog

so of course i had to draw an example of the cabinetry. with the asian influence i thought of course the cabinetry should feel like a chinese apothecary cabinet! hee hee. playing at work is fun!

thanks for being here! if you’d like to see more of my sketch for tuesday posts, click here.


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sketch for tuesday {#44}

a day late.


that’s because yesterday all i could do was chicken scratch::


i was trying to do a rendering of my office. i thought it might be a nice xmas gift for my bosses. so  today i was able to get a little more out of it:


then added some color.


welcome to my office 🙂


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