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baby bump {update}

just in case if you were wondering if i was still pregnant.


i am. and i have plenty to show for it!


haha. you should hear some of the comments i get! people can not believe that the doctors say i’m still right on schedule! and if i could get a dollar every time someone asks me if i’m having twins…oh man. the things people say! lol… why is it that when someone is pregnant it’s all of a sudden ok to make comments about their body that you would never make before? it’s so hilarious to me! i actually haven’t had too many strangers touch my belly, which is good. i was expecting it to happen more often.

in other news, i gained 6 lbs over Thanksgiving week. haha ack! i was really swollen at the doctors appointment, {we’re talking about cankles, people} so he thought it was probably mostly water weight…but still!! yowzers!

my dear baby girl, you’re one BIG girl and i love it. i can’t wait to meet you!

the count down is here! we only have two and half more weeks till she’s due to make an appearance. we’ll see. i think she’ll be late, Husbuddy thinks she’ll be early.

speaking of Husbuddy, while i’m busy making a baby…Husbuddy is busy getting ready in other ways:

working on bassinet


here he is putting together the bassinet. he is SO excited to be a daddy. i think he’s going to be the best. isn’t he the cutest ever?

xoxo-kimberly renee
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baby bump {an update}

let’s just say, i feel like a beached whale.

first look at way back in June when i first spilled the beans:


i was barely starting to show!

now look at November:

32,33,34 you laugh and think i’m joking about feeling like a whale… but no sireee…. this gal has 5 more weeks and she feels like she’s as big as she could get! {and yet she knows that she is going to watch in amazement as her belly gets bigger and bigger!}

why am i talking in 3rd person? i don’t know.

what i’d like to know is how much baby-girl is enjoying her little stay in there…because she is kicking LIKE CRAZY.

also, let’s talk about cravings. back in the beginning of this little pregnancy, i actually craved orange juice and fruit. silly me thinking i was so awesome for craving healthy things! i wanted orange juice every meal of every day. that’s a little expensive so i limited it…

then, this fall i craved all things donut/cinnamon roll/and candy. lol. my little sister thought it was hilarious because that’s so not me! i can have a donut once in a while, of course…but i’ve always been able to restrain myself before. it was like there was no.restraint… it was bad.

well, since the middle of October the cravings have been soft-serve ice cream…which means i’ve been to McDonalds more in the last month than…well… EVER. because where else do you get soft serve ice cream late at night? that’s cheap? oi!

that, my dear friends, is why i feel like a beached whale. i blame it all on the crazy sweets that baby girl HAS.TO.HAVE.

hee hee. already, she’s too cute to say no to.

another funny thing…why am i wearing the same necklace on week 32 AND week 33? i’ve worn it only 2 times in the last 9 months. and i happened to take the picture both times. serious pregnancy brain…let me tell you!

thanks for being sweet in your comments to me even when you’re thinking, “man, she looks like a beached whale!” because if you really told me what you were thinking i’d probably end up in a pile of pregnancy-hormone-tears. so really, even though i know you’re all lying to me, i appreciate how often you all say how cute i am with the bowling-ball-bump. you’re the best. hee hee.

xoxo-kimberly renee

ps: let’s just remember how cute Puppycakes was back in June. he seemed pretty excited to be a big brother. should i remind him of this as he starts to get super whiny and sad about how much we’re neglecting him?

big brother




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baby bump update {25 weeks}

it’s been a while since i’ve updated y’all with baby bump photos. we forgot to take one for week 23… oops!

24 weeks

it feels like i’m so big already and it also feels like i haven’t really changed that much in the last few weeks.

25 weeks

{we take the photos on fridays, that’s why we’re in our new house for week 25!}

oh, but then i look at compilation i made of all our weeks so far and realize just how much i’ve been changing. so crazy! hee hee


compilation at 25 weeks yup. looking preggo. so crazy. hee hee.

xoxo-kimberly renee



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baby bump update

it’s been a few weeks since i’ve shared a baby bump update. as you can see, i am definitely looking prego! this week i’ve had my first pregnant comments from strangers. that was interesting. especially when it was a grandmother in the ladies’ room telling her grandchildren to get out of the way for the pregnant lady! it was hard not to laugh. i couldn’t believe that she was talking about me!


i can’t believe i’m already over half way there! it’s going to go so fast, i just know it!

here is a picture of me in more normal clothes…because my grandma is worried that i go out in public in that little green dress. which i don’t. it’s just to see the belly, grandma, i promise!!

2013-08-25 08.50.31

xo-kimberly renee


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bump @19 weeks {and a surprise!}




so the morning of our 19th week bump picture we had an ultra sound for baby Sweet Pea! {can i just say, i think this dress makes my bump look bigger than other clothes do… but i feel huge already!}

it was fun to see little Sweet Pea dancing around, waving and wiggling.  they measured every little part, checked to make sure all was normal and we got an approximate weight of 9 oz.


we are SO very excited to meet our little…

excited baby reveal sm


hee hee, doesn’t Husbuddy look excited? i know she’s going to be such a little daddy’s girl 🙂

Baby Reveal2 sm

she is so beautiful already! we are praying that God protects her and grows her these next few weeks. we are also praying that God grows us in wisdom and guides us in every.single.step as we get closer and closer to meeting her.

Baby Reveal-sm

eek! we are so excited! 🙂 can you tell??

xo-kimberly renee

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alright, well, it’s been a few weeks since i posted this post and i’ve had some requests for some updates on the bump that is growing at a ridiculous pace. unfortunately, week 16 went by without a picture. things kept happening to get in the way! doh!


and well, let’s just say that i’ve been pretty self conscious of the little baby bump. it’s still could sometimes be mistaken for a beer belly or something so i was shy to get these past two weeks up on the blog. i feel huge for only being 18 weeks but not pregnant-looking enough yet to feel confident about it. ha!  so i feel “in-between” because i can still wear some pre-maternity clothes (like explained below) but don’t really fit into maternity yet without it feeling loose.


when we took our 17 week photo we were on the way to the beach. yay for wearing pre-maternity swimsuits with such a big belly!  i felt a little indecent, like i was falling out in random places… but not enough yet to go spend money on a real maternity swimsuit. we’ll see if i actually get to that.
17 weeks this week’s belly shot. oh man, you guys! i’m starting to accidentally bump the belly randomly. i don’t realize how far it sticks out until i hit it!  18 weeks

speaking of being self conscious and being “in-between”… where are all the donations of maternity clothes from all my friends…hmm?? i mean, i believe there was a time when it felt like everyone was prego except me…so when are y’all going to help a girlfriend out and lend me some clothes?!

hee hee.

xo-kimberly renee

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