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Corinne is 5 months old!

 she is such a sweetheart. i am so in love!

At 5 months Cora:

  • weighs 16lbs 14 oz (wow!)
  • wears  6-9 months…9 month pants really fit best because she’s so long.
  • smiles a lot!
  • giggles at mama and sister the most
  • has been sleeping more consistently this week from 10-5/6
  • started oatmeal cereal this week! was not that impressed but gets excited every time we talk about trying it again
  • loves loves loves to jump in her jumper!
  • is drooling like crazy. oh boy, when is that first tooth going to pop?
  • giggles at peekabo -which is pretty much what we did with the camera to get her to smile in so many of these photos!
  • is super ticklish and it’s so funny to me!
  • still rocks tummy time and has *accidentally* rolled over a few times! (i say accidentally because she doesn’t know how to do it again after she does it)
  • has the yummiest rolls and i love to kiss her all over!

 she has such a sweet disposition. she can get loud- REALLY loud! but it’s only when she wants to be heard and not too often. haha.   soooo sweet…  and then the smiles stopped…   …  and we were just done with smiling and being happy and the whole camera in our face… it’s my birthday i’ll cry if i want to…

haha, oh sweet thing. i love your mad face.

xoxo-kimberly renee.

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Oh hi there. we had a baby

i guess most people who follow the blog know that. and that is why i’ve been m.i.a.

Corinne Hope was born November 13th at 1:16pm.  {you say it: Cor- Inn} We call her Cora for short. Or “baby tora” as Sophia says.

it’s been an adjustment the last 5 1/2 weeks. it’s been hard having to deal with a newborn and a toddler.

but it’s been so beautiful too.

we’ve loved every minute of getting to know sweet Cora. she is such a sweetheart and is starting to smile! and big sister LOVES being a sister! she’s so motherly and tries so hard to be helpful {ahem, sometimes she tries too hard!} but we are adjusting and loving the gift of life! Here are a couple pictures of the first few days until next time.  brand-new-grabbing-daddys-finger newborn

mama-and-girls newborn2 not-so-sure daddy-and-girls sisters-love sisters sisters2        nursing

xoxo-kimberly renee
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april fooled ya once…

last year i was pretty proud of myself for coming up with this april fools joke:

click HERE


it was a total joke and i got some people good with it! {a couple people wouldn’t talk to me for a few weeks after!!} ha. this year i just realized this morning that it was that day again and i have failed to think of anything clever for days so we’ll just remember last year with fondness.

fondness of how still she would stay… LOL

{and can you even STAND that silly little smile and how tiny she was?!}

Happy April Fools. hope you all have laughed today!

xoxo-kimberly renee
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11 months old

christmas baby

Happy December! and Happy 11 months!! well, it’s already a couple days late, but this girl is almost a year old! WHAT. don’t even. every day is a new adventure with this one. Sophia Grace, stop it. stop being so darn cute! hee hee.

11 month still 11 months profile 11 months walking away

can you even stand those leg and arm rolls? i hardly get to see them these days since it’s cold out and i always have her in lots of layers. it was kind of fun to see those little arms and legs again to take these pictures! hee hee.

at 11 months:

  • Sophia walks/toddles/runs
  • climbs the stairs {Ahhh!! just ask me how we found out about that!}
  • says “bye bye, night night, ‘diddy'(kitty), dog, momma and daddy,”
  • points at things she wants or when we are reading
  • brings me books to read{which is just about the cutest thing ever.}
  • loves to be silly and play hide and seek
  • kisses daddy WAY more then momma
  • loves all food. bread the most!
  • has 6 teeth
  • dances with her booty…it’s hilarious!
  • tests the boundaries daily… learning the word NO! every day.
  • sings to herself (or will try to sing with us. soooo sweet.)
  • talks in sentences… who knows what she’s saying but man does she have a story!


11 month happy girl 11 month sweet girl silly girl silly face tippi toes 11 month funny face walking baby will you read to me

the photo session ended when she insisted that we read. i hope she will bring me books for years to come! i love her asking me to read with her! she is so fun. i can’t believe it’s already almost a year.

here are some of the other months:

sophia 10 months 9 month chair 8 months wiggle Sophia 7 months 6 month smile for daddy 5 month chair happy 4 months old2 3 months face 2 months sweet one month6


{to see other monthly photoshoots click on links: month 1month 2,  month 3 month 4, month 5month 6, month 7, month 8, month 9, month 10}

Sophia, you’re the sweetest little girl and I’m so thankful to get to be your momma. You are a blessing to everyone you share your smile with!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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my baby is growing too fast

i actually got pretty sentimental about the fact that we started cereal this week.

first cereal   first cereal2 first cereal4   first cereal3   first cereal5 first cereal6 she really isn’t quite sure about it yet. and really, i should have put a bib on that little thing. whew! biggest mess yet! and i just know there is more to come! hee hee. so even though a part of me was super sentimental and sad that my baby is growing up so fast, the other part of me is really excited about this next stage and all the fun that we’re going to have watching her discover her world!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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life lately

life around here lately has been crazy. well, it seems crazy. but i guess if i really start to think about it, i’ve really only been feeding the baby and TRYING to get her to take her naps. she’s teething i think at the moment because there’s LOTS of drool, LOTS of fussy and LOTS of gumming fingers. oh man!

it’s amazing how Husbuddy will come home from work and ask me what i did during the day and sometimes, honestly, all i can say is ” i kept your daughter fed and alive.” eieie.

every morning i wake up with a list of “to-dos” and it can be really depressing to think of the list at the end of the day and not be able to check one thing off! oh man, how did my mother raise FOUR of these little stinkers?! it’s ALL worth it though when she smiles and giggles at me, which is all the time!  i know she just wants to be near me all the time because she loves me and that’s worth not getting things done and living a little bit of a crazy life right now. it’s only for a season. i keep telling Husbuddy, she’ll be over this and on to the next thing before we know it!

in the mean time, here are a couple of pictures of what we’ve been up to recently:

working with daddy

Sophia helping daddy work.

at church

hanging out in daddy’s office at church {yup, this happens a lot}

daddy and me

cuddles with daddy are her favorite.

smiling walk

riding in the jogging stroller is so much fun! {um, no, momma isn’t jogging yet but its perfect for walks!}


and getting worn out after walks is just so darn cute. and that hat. that hat is so darn cute on that little head!

momma and me

practicing our smiles at starbucks half price frap happy hour. woot! it was even one of the first really hot days here in Lancaster!

daddy and sophia

and lunch dates with daddy are the best.

really, i guess we’ve been trying to get outside and enjoy the spring weather. we’ve also been trying to enjoy time with a busy daddy as much as possible. life is good! even if it’s crazy!

so what about you? have you been able to get out and enjoy the nice spring weather? has your life been crazy too with end-of-the-school- year things?

xoxo-kimberly renee

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some easter pictures

family2 in daddy's arms


we had a lovely Easter today. granted, Husbuddy is EXHAUSTED. i’m pretty sure he climbed into bed by 6 tonight! some sweet friends had us over for a lovely dinner. it’s so nice when people invite us over for holidays because it helps me not to miss family as much!!

1st easter3 1st easter2


it was Sophia’s first Easter, and so of course i had to get her an Easter basket {even if she couldn’t really enjoy anything} i found a $1.50 basket from target and the cutest plastic eggs that look like little animals. i figure both of these things will come in handy for future Easters!  and then i put her own stuffed chick in the basket…because well, she doesn’t know the difference. and the jellybeans {because they are pretty!} are for Husbuddy. ha

sitting in bumbo

before he climbed into bed, i made him take a couple pictures of me with my little bambino. {that’s baby in italian, mom, just so you know…lol}

Sophia and sammie and me

i love this one he caught of baby smiling {like the only one all night!} but i was watching the dog…because he went right for her face after this! ha. awesome.

my girl and me

my nails are a mess, my baby isn’t smiling, i already took my earrings out, i’m hunched over and the room is messy, but i still love these photos. it shows a little bit of real life. and the light in her bedroom was perfect! and her rosy cheeks. o my goodness gracious.

momma and daughter2

and this moment is just so precious.

little legs

because baby legs are just the cutest. i think when she grows up she’ll agree.

easter tummy time

playing and tummy time.

sweet face

look at those blue eyes. where does she get them?!

looking at dress dress found

and then we found our dress and decided it was yummy.

He is Risen Indeed!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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