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i’m thankful for…



happy 30th birthday to my favorite man! i’m so thankful for you and all that you do to love our little family. you’re the best husband and bestfriend i could have ever asked for. God has blessed me SO MUCH with you in my life!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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happy 29 Husbuddy!


at hopewell market

can we just talk about, for a second, how lucky i am?

i don’t mean to brag, but seriously. i am one lucky girl to have this man in my life.

buying flowers

i have a husband who loves God, loves me,

makes me laugh,

plays games with me,

buys me flowers,

sings to me while playing guitar,

IMG_2489_love him

dances with me,

wants to build our home with me,

is super smart,

knows how to spell big words when i don’t,

photo shoot on stairs_sm


gives so much of his heart to others,

talks more than i do,

and is super excited to be a father to our little girl arriving soon.

excited baby reveal sm

i seriously could go on and on.

i love that his birthday is in November because every year, when his birthday roles around, i am reminded to be thankful for him.

really, i’m not lucky. i’m blessed by God with this man. he is such a gift. i do not deserve him.



and yet, God gave us each other. and i am so thankful.

Husbuddy is 29 today!

Happy Birthday Love!

{and can we talk about how he’s wearing the exact same shirt in so many pictures? maybe that’s what i should get him for his birthday! lol}

IMG_2490_anniversary dinner

xoxo-kimberly renee

ps- i looked at his birthday post for  last year and i’m so amazed at how God blessed his 28th year! every prayer was answered! praise God! i’m so thankful for this man and for how God uses him! and i’m so thankful for what an amazing year 28 was! 

pss- if you want to wish him a happy birthday, feel free to contact him here.

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miss A’s birthday and a little book review.

today is my little sister’s birthday! Happy Birthday Miss A!


she’s the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. i promise you. if you haven’t met her, you should. today she turns 22 and i told her to sing the taylor swift song :22 {ok, this version is a cappella, and it’s pretty cool}  on the top of her lungs all day. hee hee

amy, do.it.

haha. awe, i miss her so much.

so, for her birthday gift i got her something special. i’ve been hearing a lot about this book: Grace for the Good Girl by one of my favorite bloggers from Chatting at the Sky.  i’ve been dying to read it for myself.

finally, i used the excuse to spend the money on it- for her…then i read it, wrote all over it, shared my heart all the way through it, and then gave it to her.  have you ever done this for someone? or gotten a gift like this? i have. and it’s AWESOME. it’s so fun to read through a book with notes written all over it from a person i love, it connects you. especially when they are far away.  i thought this would be a good way to have a long distance “book club” with my dear sister friend.

anyway, it was SUCH a good read ! and since miss A is a little mini-me (as in we are SO alike) i am hoping that she likes it as much as i did. it really hits me on the mark in so many ways. i’m so good at trying to be “good enough” -even to the point where i try not to need Jesus. i am so good at working hard, being worried about doing things right, and not very good at letting go and resting in the freedom of Christ. that is what this book is about! it talks about the masks we “good girls” wear to cover up how we are really feeling, to say the right things, to be “fine” with everything.  emily freeman did an amazing job capturing me in a book and then calling me to a better life.

in review: Grace for the Good Girl is a great book that i highly recommend. { note: i was in no way paid or solicited for this review…just sharing what i found!}

here is one of my favorite quotes that has stuck with me the last couple of weeks:

“in the end, i don’t want to see Jesus fully and in person, look expectantly toward him to finally receive the freedom and rest of my salvation, and hear him say, “sweet daughter, you have had it all along, but you chose not to believe. You have had abundance, but you have lived in want. I gave you freedom, but you lived in chains. I gave you forgiveness, but you lived with guilt. I gave you completeness but you hid behind your girl-made masks and pretend identities”

-emily freeman. Grace for the Good Girl pg. 218

sweet sister, i hope you enjoy my gift. but more than that, i hope you know how much i love you!! i can’t wait until we can live closer and share more life together. you’re the best and you’re 22! 🙂  have an amazing day! k and a at tulum

love, kimberly renee

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mustaches and ties

Happy Birthday little MR. O!

BW filmstrip small

We are so excited for your 2nd birthday! Can’t ya tell?! We had a little bit of fun this evening celebrating him. 🙂

For those of you who’ve been following little Owen’s life these past two years, you know that right now he’s having a virtual mustache party… take a picture of yourself in a mustache and send it to wish him a happy day! :)LOVE it! such a cute and creative idea! See the post here and join in the fun!

Blessings to Owen on his special day!

xo-kimberly renee

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happy November

happy November! today is my mother-in-law’s birthday. you all should go wish her a happy birthday! 🙂

to celebrate, i thought i’d share with you some fun photos from a surprise party we had last weekend. it was really fun and the pictures turned out ok-even though it was really dark- so  enjoy! 🙂

we used pompoms(of course!which one of my parties recently hasn’t used those? this one and this one to name a few…haha), christmas lights, white/fallish things, white pumpkins, fabric garland, pennant banners(which it looks like i forgot to get pictures of) and a “nonna wreath.”

the party was a chili-bar because we had a few diet restrictions, so it seemed like the easiest thing to do- have a couple of chilis in the crock pot and ask guests to bring toppings/sides! it was fun!

the nonna wreath is one of my favorite wreaths from Jones Design Company -tutorial HERE– i gave it to the birthday girl though, so now i am going to have to make another one for me.

the beautiful birthday-girl turned 30! {note: these deserts don’t have eggs or dairy or soy in them…good job Wesley!}

all  of the beautiful women who  love Renee, even after most of us only knowing her for 2 months! funny how someone who is so beautiful inside and out,who is so loving and genuine can attract so many friends in such a short time. she is amazing.

the boys mostly just talked theology the entire party {so typical}

or they were focused on the food. i wish i’d taken one of all of them together like we did with the girls. 🙂

Finley (Renee’s sweet little) was in on the surprise too. she’s a good little secret keeper.

this is one of my favorite pictures! sweet lil’ Finley with her aunt Wesley! 🙂 {co-conspirator of the surprise}

Happy {late} Birthday Renee! 🙂

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the 4th of August

today is my sweet mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday Momma! 

i really really wish i could be there to celebrate her. she is such an example to me and someone that i look up to in so many ways. she is beautiful and brave,  a proverbs 31 woman of faith, a laugh full of joy that comes so easily, a perfectionist always trying to be a better version of herself, and a woman with a big heart who always loves and cares for those around her. mom, you are amazing and i’m so blessed to have you as an example and a friend.

love you!! xoxo-kimberly renee (your miss grace)

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on getting old {ok, 27}

a certain someone had his 27th birthday on Sunday. It was Husbuddy’s “golden” birthday because he turned 27 on the 27th! yay!

jt's birthday

we went out for fish because that’s what a Seattle boy, transplanted to the east coast, wants to do on his birthday. so typical.

jt's birthday2

then we walked around downtown Princeton, saw the Princeton Christmas tree-even if it’s THE ugliest Christmas tree ever. I mean, seriously, anyone ever think about trimming that behemoth? And who was in charge of hanging the lights?

jt's birthday3

And because I was lame and didn’t make him a birthday cake, we bought mini cupcakes from The Bent Spoon… divine little pieces of heaven 🙂

Then we went home and cried because he’s so old.

You think I’m joking, ok, maybe a little bit.  But gosh, 27, that’s like almost 30! That’s how old my mom was when she had me! 27 seems like too old to still be in school. 27 seems like old enough to own a house already.  27 seems like we {uh hm, HE, since he’s the one turning this old…} should have our lives figured out a little more. 27 seems like we should feel more grown up then we do…


Happy Birthday, sweetheart. And even though you’re old now, you’re still the handsomest man! 🙂  No matter how old we get and how  much we don’t have “figured” out yet, I love you with all of my heart and I’m so thankful to get to grow old with you!

xo-kimberly renee.

{ps- thanks for putting up with my panic attack rants! hee hee}


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