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So… we have somehow, some way, been pretty lucky about winning free photography. we won it two years ago from our friend in Princeton (see those photos here) and we won it again for a newborn photo session for baby Cora! some of our friends nominated us for a free session and i’m forever in debt to them.

so anyway, here are some of the photos! they are beautiful and i’m so thankful! thank you so much Katie!

kpj_1096-2 kpj_1125-2 kpj_1130 kpj_1008 kpj_1013 kpj_1037 kpj_1050 kpj_1084-2  i am so blessed.  

with these beautiful girls AND with these gorgeous photographs!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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friends over miles

 “I want to see mountains again, Gandalf, mountains, and then find somewhere where I can rest. In peace and quiet, without a lot of relatives prying around, and a string of confounded visitors hanging on the bell. I might find somewhere where I can finish my book. I have thought of a nice ending for it: and he lived happily ever after to the end of his days.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

first, before we get to our trip to Pullman, WA, let’s talk about the drive there. it was SO GOOD FOR MY HEART to see mountains. this girl misses her mountains. colorado, washington or idaho mountains. give me any of them.

driving over pass2

we took 24 hours when we were in seattle to drive across the state to Pullman to visit our dear friends there. it just makes my heart sing to see these photos. some day i am going to live near mountains again. someday.

driving over pass

now, the Palouse, where Pullman and Moscow are, is a whole different world. this is where i went to college and where i have so many memories of early days with Husbuddy. the rolling hills are gorgeous in their own way. Lancaster sometimes reminds me of it.

the palous

but we didn’t drive 4 hours across the state to see the scenery. we came to meet our godson and to see our dear friends. there is something about some friends that is just so special. there are those certain ones that even if you haven’t seen them for years, you can pick up right where you left off. you see each other and you know that these are your people. we really only knew the O’loughlins for a year when i was finishing my undergrad in Moscow. but that year we grew close and knew that we would keep in touch. and it’s such a blessing to know we have! and now we’re like part of the family! ha.

i actually started to cry when Elizabeth and i were standing outside watching the kids play on their bikes while the babies had their afternoon nap. there was such a feeling of peace, like this moment could have lasted if we hadn’t moved across the country we just let it. ha. we have been soooo blessed by friends during our marriage. we often regret that we’ve had to move so many times (7!) because we have to move away from friends, but then we talk about how blessed we are that we get to make new friends and keep the old ones. we really are extra lucky to get to have so many dear people in our life. even if we only see them once in a blue moon.  it helps too when our friendship is grounded in faith. really, i think that is the main thing that keeps us together. if you’re real with someone all the way down to the roots of WHO makes them tick, then you don’t loose that closeness very easily. God is good and has blessed us with friends who remind us of and point us to Him!! we talk about how in heaven one day, it will be so fun to get to connect some of our friends from across the country… dude, you’ll love these people, they lived in washington and you lived in new jersey but you’ll totally get along so well! oh and these peeps from Gloucester and these from Lancaster… haha

well. random tangent. but here are a few photos from our visit. it was lovely.

Elizabeth and me and babies boys

bedhead girls blue eyed babies

Desmond and Sophia are pretty much already besties. nevermind that two daddy’s forced them to cuddle. lol. i love Desmond’s look as he grabs Sophia’s ear. hahaha.

boys and babies boys are outnumbered

the boys are totally outnumbered.

Ani and Soph chloe and sophia desmond

our little godson has to have the cutest eyebrow expressions ever! girls

love you friend!!

we also got to see a few other friends {way too briefly!!} It was so good to see one of my best college friends, Emily and meet her little daughter!

emily and me and girls

as well as when we got back to Seattle, we got to see a couple other friends! Clark and Mikaela with their two daughters!

with Brandons

it made for a busy trip to connect with so many people, but it is so worth it. even if a few of you were only for a few minutes! it was so great to see your smiling faces and hug you tight.

until next time friends!

xoxo-kimberly renee



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a beautiful baby shower

do you want to see what the most beautiful baby shower in the world looks like? well, it was the saturday before thanksgiving in Princeton, NJ, so you’re a little late, but i have some pictures for you!

well, grab a cute glass of punch or cider with a fancy straw and come along for a little photo-baby-shower:

pretty drinks

meet the most amazing party planners. dearest Sharon, Elissa, and Jenna, you girls are amazing! i feel so loved from all the thought and love you put into all the little details:


and of course the most lovely host, Lynne, opened up her beautiful home to us. it was so fun to get to have a little party in her home!  Lynne and me

and my momma came! see how excited i am?! my tongue was even sticking out! {so embarrassed…why in the world do i do that?! she’s so pretty and i’m so classy…}

mom and me

and my most beautiful sister, Amy, surprised me for the weekend! BEST SURPRISE EVER! i miss her so much like ALL the TIME and it meant so much that she came along with my mom! she’s so grown up now with her very fancy nursing job at Children’s Hospital of Denver, so the fact that she took time off to come see me…is AMAZING.  {*Hugs Miss A!* also, how in the world are you so tall??}

amy and me

but back to how beautiful the shower was. it was gorgeous. these are just tiny snapshots so it’s hard to tell the overall feel everyone got as they walked around and oo-ed and aw-ed.  even the food was gorgeous.


and how well do my friends know this prego?! um, cider donuts! in pretty little doilies! um, hello, yes! hee hee. donuts

for a craft, {because they know that it wouldn’t be a party for me without a craft! lol!} we appliqued onesies. one for every month of baby girl’s first year. the girls know that i’d probably LOVE to take photos of baby girl every month through out her first year…so they helped me get prepared!  how cute is that?

onsie craft

here are some of us working away: crafting

even momma got into it. she’s so pretty.  crafting table

finished view! how cute are these going to be on a chubby little baby girl?!

i mean seriously, swoon.

onsies done

and of course there were too many presents and lots of chatting and catching up. i hadn’t seen some of these peeps since before we moved to Gloucester a year and a half ago! it was so sweet of them all to come!

we also had to document another prego in the group. yay Sharon! she has a few more weeks to catch up to this whale… but she’s almost there, don’tcha think? hee hee. she’s so cute.

sharon and me prego pose

now for your favor, please take a vanilla sugar. seriously, how cute?! {do you hear my squeal?! and how many times can i say “seriously” in a post?}favors

thanks to all the dear friends who came to my shower! and to those who wanted to but weren’t able to make it, you were missed dearly but i ate all the extra food for you. lol.

looking at these pictures just makes me smile. i’m so blessed with dear friends. baby girl has been so blessed by so many people, at this shower as well as my other one. i can’t help but feel so overwhelmed that God has provided me with all of you. hugs all around! {squeal again!}

xoxo-kimberly renee


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to do list {day 23}

i have a huge to-do list today. well, really this week. it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all.

but it hit me as i sat down to write the 100 thank you notes i have on my plate.  i can get so overwhelmed by them…or i can see them as a blessing. because really, to write that many thank you’s means i was that many times overly blessed!! and it overwhelms me how blessed we’ve been! each thank you is thanking the person but it’s really thanking God for placing that person in our lives. each thank you is a prayer for that person. amen and amen!

day 23


better get back to writing!

xoxo-kimberly renee

ps-thanks to everyone who commented on the kitchen ceiling renovation post yesterday! i really appreciate all of your love and encouragement about it!! 

31 days banner

{this is part of a 31 day series about “Seeing Creatively” through the camera. to see the other 31 posts, click HERE}

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graduation day {hopefully the last!}

this weekend was graduation at Gordon Conwell Seminary.

Husbuddy graduated!
IMG_1992_JT walking

hopefully for the last time! i’m so proud of him! {and i’m so ready to not be in school anymore!}  IMG_2008_JT and Jim this year was an amazing blessing. he loved his professors and he learned so much. i can’t imagine if he hadn’t taken this extra little year to get further prepared for ministry! it seemed so necessary for the next step!
IMG_2004_JT and Scott

after the morning festivities, we created our own festivities by having a little graduation party with a few friends who made this year even more of a blessing.


it’s hard, i know, to want to invest in friendship with people who are only around for a short amount of time…but we really appreciated that these people took the time to get to know us and love us deeply. relationships are the most important thing in life! and we know that if it seems like it’s only for a year, even a year of quality time can turn into a life long friend.  IMG_2022_boys at party

we appreciate each of you and are blessed to know you! and we pray that our lives will cross paths again 🙂  IMG_2024_group picture

yay! Husbuddy is finally done with school! for the first time since we got married 7 summers ago… we won’t have one of us in school. oh.my.goodness. i don’t know what we’re going to do with ourselves! haha! yay!

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on getting away

as you may have noticed from my not-so-subtle last post… we went off on another adventure this past week!

Photo Jan 30, 10 04 49 AM

it was a quick trip down to Florida for a conference. it was a much needed little respite from the cold of New England. we saw the sun and weather above 30 degrees! {granted, the day we left apparently it hit 60 in Gloucester…how’s that for luck?}

January for us, although really fun with all of our trips, has been really draining and hard. it was so good to have a couple of days just the two of us. we needed a little breather together.  i got to spend some quality alone time by the pool while husbuddy attended the conference one day, we had some awesome worship with good ol’ southern worship bands, and we also got to spend a day at Disney!

in front of castle

husbuddy has only been to disney land, and i’ve always told him how much bigger {and better!} disney world is. ha. now he got to experience that for himself. it was a FULL day because we did both Epcot and Magic Kingdom. whew! were we exhausted!  it was great though. here are a few highlights::

florida collage

{including: our bright red rental car, a couple of sunsets, visits to france, italy, and japan, ratatouille -the rat- visiting our table at lunch, sunshine and smiles}

we finished off our 3-day-date with dinner at House of Blues in Downtown Disney. it was really fun to enjoy live music and southern food. Photo Feb 01, 7 43 52 PMit was SO good to get away together to have quality time and quality conversations and quality adventures. 🙂

i am so blessed.

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