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the project that took 3 years {on over-engineering a headboard}

ok…so actually, it only took a couple of days.

but i’ve had this headboard in my head to make for over 3 years ever since we lived in Princeton!!

with all the moving around we just have never been in a place where we could make it the way we wanted to. as in… completely over-engineering it

lol. here we are, an architect and a pastor {who TOTALLY would have been an engineer, let’s be honest, if he hadn’t been called to ministry} who drew and discussed this headboard design UP THE WAZOO and now i’m here to share it with you.

first off, i found THIS tutorial on pinterest. we only loosely followed it. you’ll see how we made it our own…by completely over-engineering it. 

then i hemmed and haughed over the color of the fabric. oh, i wanted a nice teal, blue. but the practical-person inside of me kept suggesting white. then my sweet mother suggested yellow because that way we wouldn’t see the lint on it as much. then i thought a cream or white again would just be neutral and go with everything. then i wondered about gray. but really, my heart wanted blue.

SO. i decided to follow my heart. a blue tufted headboard it was to be.

diy tufted headboard_kimberly renee design

{btw, for those of you who guessed on my instagram: good job Lynn! hee hee}

first we measured about a million times. {good thing too, husbuddy still had to add a little foot to each post to make it tall enough lol}  did you know you could get your wood cut at Lowes? we just had all of our measurements and got the plywood and a couple 2x4s and had them cut right there! so easy so that 1) we could fit it in the car and 2) so we didn’t have to buy a saw and cut it ourselves!

so, step 1 of over-engineering this thing… we built a sturdy headboard. that is (2)2x4s as legs with a piece of plywood screwed in. we also planned (2)ex4s as horizontal supports at the top and bottom of the headboard. this thing is hefty!

frame2 frame

we had to do this project at night and during nap times so some of the pictures aren’t the best.


then we got padding at JoAnns. this was a little more expensive than we had anticipated. but since we’d been saving my birthday money for a couple of years, we went for the 4 inch foam. we glued it on and then wrapped the batting around it.

foam on frame batting

then the fun part started! {excuse the mess in our guest room!} i got the fabric from a pair of ikea curtains. the way i figured it, i wanted blue velvet and to buy it by the yard was a prettttyyyy penny. but to buy two 89″ long curtains was about the cost of 1.5 yards! so it was a deal!

fabric layout

we didn’t get a good picture of us “tufting”. let’s just say that this is where we TOTALLY CHEATED. and it was the 2nd step of over-engineering. instead of using the buttons as the tufting agents,{like you’d see in a normal tutorial like the one above} we used nuts and bolts and washers. yup. we just screwed those suckers in! this way we didn’t have to fuss with the upholstery thread going through 4″ of foam and plywood and depending on the thread to do the work. we are just letting the screws do the work.


{this was totally husbuddy’s idea btw. i think it was brilliant because we weren’t sure how to get the tread to stay once you pulled the buttons and tufting on. lots of people just stappled the heck out of it on the back of the plywood in their tutorials but husbuddy thought this would be more secure} 

basically, those tufts aren’t going anywhere!

then we stapled the fabric around the back. then i went and took this awkward picture:  headboard tufted

next step:  i “upholstered” the legs. basically, i just wrapped the 2x4s with fabric. genius? i know.

upholster legs

the next step was installing it on the wall. this step is called: over-engineering part 3 

over engineering overengineering

we screwed the horizontal 2xs onto the wall into the studs. then we fit the headboard over those and attached the headboard to those 2xs. see, husbuddy was worried about just hanging the headboard like a picture {the way normal people do…}on our plaster/uneven walls. let’s just say, this thing is on there goooooood. we only covered the top horizontal piece with fabric because that is the only one you can touch when the bed is pushed in. it actually creates a nice little shelf about the bed.

engineer screwing it in

obligatory picture of my handsome husbuddy screwing in the headboard. he’s my super engineer mind behind the whole thing. {please note, he even was brilliant enough to account for the face that our baseboard sticks out 1/2 inch! good job hun! in my dazed-sleep-deprived state i totally didn’t think of that!} 

headboard attached to bed frame

then we attached our bed frame to the legs. people, this is the first time IN YEARS that we’ve had a real headboard! yay!!!

then we glued the fabric covered buttons on top of the nuts and bolts!

headboard side view


i love it. i love that it’s a pretty teal blue. i love that it’s tufted. i love that it’s velvet. i am SO glad that we finally made my dream for a headboard come true!

{please note, we do not have any semblance of matching bed-sheets yet…we’re working on it! ha one thing at a time!} but i did make some quick pillow covers from the fabric that matches our drapes! woot woot! really, i just did it because i was going to be photographing our bed and i wanted it to look semi-put-together.

headboard complete

and puppycakes approves. phew. we were worried about him.

ok…maybe not. he just insisted on getting in my shot.

next up: side tables!

so have any of you ever made a headboard? did you tuft it the correct way? or how did you hang it? did you “over-engineer” any part of it?!  i’d LOVE to hear!!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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