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moving {IN} day

**ok, i promise, i WILL post a tour soon. it’s just taken me a while to get the photos together and of course, being the architect, i wanted to upload a floor plan as well and that’s just taking longer than anticipated. SO, until then, i wanted to share some photos from move-in day!**

here is our second bedroom in the apartment the day before we moved::

boxes before read:: filled to the brim with boxes and stuff.

then we rented a rather large truck {husbuddy could NOT pass up the opportunity to drive this massive thing one last  time.} and called on any strong friends from the church who were willing to stop by on a Saturday morning. i mean, look at all those people!

moving day1

first of all, i didn’t get any photos from them loading the truck because they started at 8:55 and were done by 9:22. ha. they were fast! i was in the car on the way back to the apartment from dropping off a couple personal items at the house and i got a call from Husbuddy saying just to stay at the house! they were done in 27 min and everyone was standing around waiting to get directions to our new place.

moving day3

then they showed up around 10:00 and we were totally unloaded by 10:45.  AMAZING.  never before have i experienced such a fast move. we had so many people there that all i did was stand around and point where i thought things should go! i felt pretty darn lazy but we really really appreciated the help!

*btw, i’d like to point out that the class clown came to help us move as well! don’t worry, that box was light!*

my muscle man didn’t stand around like i did. he put in his fair share of grunt work::

my muscle man

the only mishap that may have slowed us down is that our queen size box-spring didn’t fit up the stairs of our old house. {in the process of trying to fit it up the stairs our walls and ceiling received a few rather large dents scratches} but really, that probably was the only thing that slowed the crowd down a little. so…anyone want a box spring? i’m serious! it’s yours! {don’t worry, we ended up having to go buy a split-queen box spring that fit up the stairs just fine and we don’t even notice a difference!}

we actually got done so fast that we had to stand around and wait for the pizza to show up!

moving day2

which it did and the hungry crowd was fed by 11:15. {thanks to some dear friends for providing that as our moving gift!} 

check out this handsome crowd:

moving group


thanks to everyone who came! it was so generous of you and really was a blessing to us!

now, i’m busying unpacking.

boxes after

i have to say i had really mixed emotions that day. i mean, we have been nomads for the past 7 years. we’ve lived in 6 places and this is our 7th move {Spokane, Moscow, Boise, Princeton, Gloucester, Lancaster apartment and now our house!} i’m ready to stop all that madness. i’m ready to NOT save the boxes in the back of a closet for the next move. i’m ready to actually have friends around for a while and to stop saying goodbye to them.

but i can’t help but feel a little weird about getting settled. i’m afraid i’ll feel “stuck”. ha. i remember joking with Husbuddy about “what if” we get bored living in the same place for so long? we’ve always had such fun adventures exploring new places!

but i take comfort in the fact that now all of our adventures will originate out of a home-base. we can still explore and i’m sure a lot of our adventures will have to do WITH our home base and an upcoming arrival! ha! so let the new adventures begin!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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sketch for tuesday {#5}


this week’s sketches come from a very long presbytery meeting last friday. oh, one of the joys of being a pastor’s wife. 🙂


you see, what is one of the best things to do when you’re bored?

sketch. it helps you to listen and even pay (mostly)attention while you keep your hands busy. It is a secret that many world class doodlers know well 😉


ashland pres

just don’t tell my to-be-pastor husbuddy that when I sketch during his sermon it means I’m bored! it means that I’m focusing on what he is saying very intently!

hee hee. I kid, I kid!

xo-kimberly renee

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