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april fooled ya once…

last year i was pretty proud of myself for coming up with this april fools joke:

click HERE


it was a total joke and i got some people good with it! {a couple people wouldn’t talk to me for a few weeks after!!} ha. this year i just realized this morning that it was that day again and i have failed to think of anything clever for days so we’ll just remember last year with fondness.

fondness of how still she would stay… LOL

{and can you even STAND that silly little smile and how tiny she was?!}

Happy April Fools. hope you all have laughed today!

xoxo-kimberly renee
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a diaper model

diaper model

hello pretty diaper model!


a few weeks ago, i entered a contest for “cutest baby in cloth diapers” by Charlie Banana {maker of awesome cloth diapers if you don’t already know}.


and guess what?!


we won! i didn’t tell Husbuddy because i wanted to surprise him if we did win. hahah. he doesn’t even know until he reads this post. lol.diapers

the contest involved taking photos of your baby and then Charlie Banana would use some of those photos in some of their media and advertisement material.


i can’t believe we won! for the prize, we win some free cloth diapers and some moola!

diaper model3

can we say, “surprise daddy!!”

sweet diaper model

and doesn’t she just radiate her excitement about winning? {i know, a bunch of you think i’m a horrible mother for already putting  my daughter through a beauty contest… ha… oh man, it’s just diapers!}











gotcha didn’t i?

ha. no but really, we are loving our cloth diapers around here! and aren’t they the cutest?

xoxo-kimberly renee

{here is a link to Charlie Banana cloth diapers on my amazon shop if you want to check them out!}

{ps- charlie Banana has no idea who i am NOR did they have any contest. LOL i just think she’s a great little model and i love taking pictures of her. and in her cute little diapers? um, just the cutest. lol. Happy April 1st!} 

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