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Corinne Hope is 8 months old

you’ll be wondering why it took me a week to post this. let’s just say, the pictures were taken on time but the girl is ON THE MOVE. life is a little chaotic at the moment!

THIS. this photo right here is my favorite real smile of Cora’s:

 at 8 months Cora:

  • CRAWLS! she started while we were on vacation in California at about 7.5 months.
  • is 19 lbs and wears 12 month size clothing
  • is a teething mess. whew, it’s been rough
  • said “Mommy!!” the day after she turned 8 months(that still totally counts, right?) and i haven’t heard it since. but she was screaming for me! i melted.
  • is so darn busy. everyone who watches her for any length of time will tell you that.
  • sticks her tongue out constantly when she is happy.
  • pants like a dog as she’s crawling… bawahaha. so funny.
  • loves to eat her baby food. especially loves to pick it up herself whenever she can!
  • loved loved loved the sand at the beach. it was pretty funny how much she enjoyed digging her little fingers into the sand.
  • wants to be included…always.
  • is too big for baby toys,(in her own mind) she wants all of sister’s toys
  • is NOT sleeping well at night. mama is tired y’all.

my gorgeous girl. her lips come from daddy, we all know that. haha.   haha, oh you wanted me to stay still? yea right! my helper wanted to be in a picture:   and she is such a good helper! Cora can’t take her eyes off her though. Sophia gets all the smiles.

oh silly girl, you are so big and we love you so much!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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one month of baby Cora

excited because i was SO late in getting back to the blog i wanted to get these 1 month photos up as quickly as possible. i’m going to attempt to do photos every month like i did for Sophia. i mean, we have all the onsies, as long as she doesn’t outgrow them we are good!  (i really want to get back in the rhythm of taking monthly photos and taking more photos with my camera rather then just my phone. i am out of practice though!)

i can’t believe how fast time has flown this time!


Corinne Hope at 1 month

  • 10 lbs 8 oz {2 lbs in 1 month! woah!}
  • 22.5″ long.
  • starting to smile
  • stresses mama out with not pooping every day. i was assured this is completely normal but then when we do…it’s an event. apparently this also attributes to why she gained 2 lbs in 1 month! she’s just been soaking up every nutrient she can! lol.
  • wears 0-3 month size clothes…not for much longer it seems
  • loves watching her big sister
  • tolerates being held by big sister
  • LOVES to cuddle!
  • sleeps at least one 4 hour stretch at night
  • takes really good naps
  • is overall just a sweet little thing.

yes a little blurry but had to share that sweet face

1-month-girl 1-month

hi-sister oh hi sister

mama-what-is-that-big-black-thing  not sure about that big black thing in my face

smiles she’s working on that smile!

sticking-tongue-out super-girl what-are-we-doing

love you baby girl. i’m so thankful for all the cuddles this first month of your sweet little life!-mama

xoxo-kimberly renee
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