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craft night

we had craft night for church again last night. it was a smaller crew. i didn’t get out my camera until we were ready to go… so no action shots. but we had a lot of fun!

and we made cards:

i LOVE the fellowship that crafting together creates.

and now i have cards to send out… watch out. you  may be on the list to get one! 🙂

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this is the life of the dining room table:


craft night is coming up and I have to prep! and I have a couple orders from etsy so, the problem just compounds. (and this is even after I’ve “cleaned up” for the evening!)

oh boy. if only I crafted in an organized manner. (husbuddy sure wishes I did…)but that just isn’t going to happen. :p

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modge podge filled craft night

i love craft night with the girls! 🙂 i was so excited to have everyone over at my place last weekend to make some really fun collages! we had fun with modge podge, paint, paper, and everything else…

here was everything all ready for the fun!

these were our inspirations. the elephant was made from pages from a book, the pages on the back of the love poster is from the bible, and then the dress was made from pages out of my old german book. 🙂 so fun.

we’re all getting to work!

and of course lots of good discussions 🙂

Abby made an awesome weaving out of map pictures

then she added paint!

they’re thinking hard…

Sarah’s SO VERY CUTE! 🙂 i love her little LOVE BIRD. 🙂

Sharon’s whale is awesome 🙂 she’s making a collage like this, one painting for each letter in her little baby’s name! the baby is due in Feb. life is very exciting around here! 🙂

Jenna’s swallow is GORGEOUS

and she’s a pro in action 🙂

look at how pretty it is!

every one’s happy around here. 

Amanda’s swallow is so gorgeous!  i love this Abby! 🙂 you can claim this for Misty’s art class! 🙂 what a fun one!

a nd this was mine. i think i’m going to paint over it… i’m not happy with it yet. but it’s a good start!

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