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why i know Husbuddy will make such a good daddy

master swaddler

husbuddy has already rocked the first 5.5 months.

he is a master swaddle-er. he is a master cuddle-er. he is a master diaper changer, bathtime buddy, spit-up catcher, beatbox-to-make-her-laugh-er.

kisses with daddy working with daddy

his help and his love make him a great dad already.

cute little old ladies at our church ask me almost every sunday if my baby girl is a good girl and if their pastor JT is a good daddy.

i always answer, “yes, of course!” to both of those questions.

daddy and daughter 20140430-220147.jpg

the reasons above though, are not the reasons why husbuddy will make a good daddy.

he will make a good daddy because he has an example of a heavenly Daddy. he has the LOVE of a heavenly Daddy who empowers him to love our little girl with a greater love then he could get from himself.

his heavenly Daddy is more loving, more patient, more gracious than husbuddy could ever be. but husbuddy has that love, that patience, that grace filling him up so that it can overflow to our sweet girl.

i’m so thankful that i have a father for my daughter who knows that he can’t be the best daddy on his own! he knows he can only do it through the power of Christ.

daddy and sophia

i know without a doubt that he will make such a good daddy when i hear him ask our heavenly Daddy to help him be a good dad.

that, my friends, makes my heart melt away. there is something so beautiful about a grown man getting on his knees. don’tcha think?


Happy 1st Father’s day, my dear Husbuddy! you’re going to make a great daddy!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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sketch for tuesday {#6}

i decided to do this week’s sketch looking back at an old photo of my first love- my daddy!

it’s  a rough sketch-the point is to just quickly try to get the main pieces of the concept down on paper. there’s so many things wrong with it and it doesn’t look at all like the photo. but i’m ok with what is right with it.(and yes, the quality of the photo is pretty bad too… sorry about that)

 it still makes me smile.

one of the fun things about sketching with water-color pencils is that it makes you keep it simple. just the basic lines. then you add the water to get a little shading and it comes to life! has anyone else ever used these pencils? anyone sketching with me today?

happy valentines’ day!

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