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abusing the hymnal for the sake of design

hymn wall closeup

well, i guess it was a couple of weeks ago now… i posted this photo on instagram:


I have a little wallpapering helper 😉 #yesimgluinghymnstomywall… #idhtbptbb #decidedtowaittillnaptimetofinish

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needless to say, it took me a little longer then naptime to finish… but it really wasn’t that hard of a project! and once i convinced the husbuddy that it would look cool, and that it’s ok that i’m putting glue on our walls…because well, they are OUR walls… we moved forward! haha.

so i took apart a hymn book and glued it to my wall.

yup. all you book-ophiles. or if you’re like my sister and you’re horrified i’d actaully rip pages from a book. um, i do it all the time for art. so why not? this book was headed for storage or trash. so why not?

yup. all you design-nerds-who’d-yell-at-me-for-doing-this-the-wrong-way. you’re horrified that i used tacky glue. that i used book pages. it won’t last. it won’t keep. it won’t have a nice finish…yaddyaya… well, i think it looks cool, i know it won’t last forever…so WHY NOT?

yup. all you perfectionists… sorry, avert your eyes…cause this is NOT perfect. the pages don’t line up exact. some the rips show the paint through the side of the sheet…um, i’ve allowed myself to not be a perfectionist for multiple reasons and i’m still working on letting that BE OK… so ya. it’s ok. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO BE BEAUTIFUL {#idhtbptbb}


ok, now that i’ve got that out of my system…

want to see more pictures of my new wall?

hymn wall

i kind of LOVE it.


1. it was CHEAP. i had the book already. and i had the glue. i didn’t have to spend a dime.

2. it was easy. although it took a little longer then i expected(um, what doesn’t these days with a 9 month old?) all i had to do was line up paper and glue.

3.it’s pretty! i love having music on my wall! and i love that it’s hymns. i didn’t plan it, but there are a couple of our favorites up there and they make me smile.

hymn wall2

now, once Husbuddy gets over the shock that i got out his cello without telling him{during naptime, i promise!!}… i wanted to mention that this is not how this wall normally looks. some day down the road, we’re hoping to have a little sitting area here. it won’t always be just an empty wall with a music stand and a couple of musical instruments leaning(IN THEIR CASES!!) against it…. some day we’ll have a little side table, a light, a cozy little reading chair… someday! ha.

hymn wall detail wall detail

ha. so, there ya go. this blog was started in the name of art and design and for the first time in months i finally posted about design and art. hee hee.

oh well.

so what do you think? am i crazy because i glued old book pages to a wall? or do you love it like i do?

go ahead and vote… crazy or brilliant?

hee hee. there’s a fine line between the two, isn’t there?

xoxo-kimberly renee

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i really DO want this blog to have more design and art posts, i promise. i’ve just been a little distracted by a little miss lately! when the house had it’s rebellion a few weeks ago, we made a disaster of our dining room with all the things that were in the office space… SO instead of dealing with THAT like a normal person, i rearranged the living room.

there are few things this little designer enjoys more than rearranging a space. i don’t know if it’s just that i like change or that my mind is always thinking up new ways to lay out a room. and now that we have a house, it’s a hay-day of rearranging around here! ha! {now if only we could afford the ideas in my head…we’ll get to that i suppose hee hee}

We don’t have very much “grown up” furniture…but I’m making what we have work. take these ikea expedit bookcases, we’ve had two of them since our very first apartment in Spokane WA! I’ve always used them to store lots of random things – and usually had one act as a tv stand. so that’s what we did we moved in.  it just looks tiny against this wall by itself so I kept thinking I needed more bookshelves on either side, or some sort of built ins… when I thought, why not put both down here and create one long bookshelf? i thought it might fill the room better. that and I knew I needed to cover that corner where the plant is in the before pic because it bends… there is no support for the floor in that corner!

so… we did it. just moved it downstairs from the office and replaced all the random stuff i had in the single one back for now.
in progress
here’s the mess that is my “in progress” shot. i still need to organize the shelves, it’s my plan to get 8 matching baskets to replace those three so we can store the movies and future toys in them.

here’s a quick sketch MESSY of what i’m thinking:



i need to clean up this place! ha.

and i want to get baskets to for storage as i just mentioned.

i am hoping husbuddy can make some pretty shelves. wood ones. probably with pretty brackets or something.

and we’re thinking about doing something like THIS from YHL to finish the top of the shelves with wood to make it one continuous surface. and to add wood.

i kind of want the wall to have a built in feel like some of these inspiration images:

just so you know why i started this crazy rearranging idea… we were given another couch this last week, so i had to figure out how it would fit.


here is our lazy boy store living room that has moved with us for years. we’ve been very blessed with nice leather furniture. i really can’t complain! {i just wish it wasn’t so dark…and i wish it wasn’t leather…i don’t know why, i just look at it and it’s not my favorite… but oh well! we’re so lucky to have such comfortable furniture! plus, i hear it’s easy to clean when Husbuddy  Sophie spills on it… ha we all know i’m the klutz around here, so really, i KNOW it’s easy to clean when i SPILL on it...} ANYWAY. it’s nice. but when we have people over for dinner, we really only have seats for 3. we can squeeze three people on that couch but it’s cozy…

so it’s SO nice that someone generously gave us their old leather couch!

living room2

this photo should say “in progress” as well. right now it’s just that. it’s lots of comfy seating! it’s so nice to both be able to stretch out on a couch when it’s just the two of us, and when we have company, we have plenty of seating!  but it’s in progress because we need side tables {that aren’t the 7.99 ikea LACK table… but i have an idea to hack those to spruce them up a bit!} and i am on the lookout for a rustic wood coffee table… it has to be the perfect one though, so i think it might be a while.  

anyway, you want to know where that extra expedit came from, right? oh i know you do.

guest room2

it came from our guest room. see, this is where i work:

guest room3

{alongside with my coworkers who are so graciously being good at posing for the shot…ha! puppycakes always insists on sitting in the chair behind me. and of course, little sweet pea is over there laughing on her little seat…that’s not going to keep her entertained for long, is it… ha}

the extra expedit used to store all of my art and craft supplies, as well as my scanner and printer… now it’s feeling a lot more open in this room because, well,

guest room4

i just stuffed all my supplies in the tiny little closet.


just being real, folks. ha. obviously! all of these “in progress” photos will have you doubting whether our house is EVER CLEAN OR ORGANIZED. bawhaha. {i’m laughing but crying on the inside… lol}

we’ll have to work on that too. for now though, this is what i’m living with. and besides, now it’s a nice open room for my guest that’s coming today!

guest room

my sweet little sister Amy is coming to visit!! YAY! i am SO excited!   so at least she’ll have plenty of room and the rearranging has been accomplished just in time.

{psst, you like my pile of blankets in the corner?! that would be half of my “linen closet” at the moment… ha. ack, this house does not have enough storage! laugh/cry} 

xoxo-kimberly renee 

{ps- i’m sharing this with you all because i want to be real about my life. to me, design and space planning are so fun and as i learn how to do it better, i’m sharing it on the blog… these are not “put together” images at all but i hope one day my house will be a little more “put together” like the ideas in my head. thanks for hanging around while i learn how to do that! xo!}

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nursery preview

well, my sweet husbuddy’s twitter says it all:

twitter late

bawhaha, i can already see us two girls totally annoying him with our punctuality. granted, i am WAY more punctual than he is making me out to be, he should meet some of my girlfriends! but, his “on time” is 15 minutes early…let’s be honest. that’s early. and on time means, right on time.

for now baby girl is enjoying her stay right where she is. i am not enjoying it so much…i’m ready to meet her, darn it!  so, in my excitment, i decided to share a few glimpses of our nursery today. it’s still a work in progress… but for now, it will have to do! ha. this little designer had big dreams for this space…so considering our budget of practically nothing, i’d say this turned out pretty fun! i’ll let you enjoy the pics:

little glimpses

a childhood lamb of mine + a new little lamb from a baby shower.

{the wall color changes in every photo because of course it’s a rainy day outside so the color didn’t come out right. it’s a really pretty turquoise…but that’s hard to tell in some of the pics! here is the post of us painting her room.}

vintage clothes

i went with displaying a bunch of vintage items. these sweet little dresses all have memories attached. {from left to right: my mom’s, husbuddy’s mom’s, my dad’s, my aunt’s dress with husbuddy’s grandma’s hat and bib}


this shelf was a 5$ find and was painted with love by my sweet mother-in-law. for now we are displaying a few items that we both have from our childhood. my piggy bank horse and a creepy-big-eyed porcelain doll that i always had in my room. on the other side, husbuddy’s thomas the cat music box and piggy bank.


as well as one of baby girl’s first pictures.

toys and books

we have already been blessed with a box full of toys and a few books!


this cute Amish bench was found at a local place for 15$ and i had to have it for baby girl’s room! husbuddy’s old teddy bear and an amish doll that i had growing up are currently residing there.  we thought it was pretty fun that i had this doll growing up and now we live in amish country! so fun!


the crib and bedding are just beautiful with lots of color and lots of ruffles. my mom made all the bedding and is bring along more pieces when she comes in a week! we have so many handmade blankets as gifts. we have been so blessed by the love of family and friends! this yellow blanket was made by my aunt in Australia. and i even have another one from baby girl’s aunt in Japan! {my world traveling sister!}

this little girl is pretty much being spoiled from around the world. hee hee.

cross stitch

that cross stitch art piece was hanging in my nursery growing up. it was made by another one of my aunts! how fun is that?!

{the dresser was painted with chalk paint earlier this fall by my m-i-l and me, to see that post click here}

framed dress

this sweet little vintage dress will probably not last in its current location very long. {too close to curious hands!} but i love it framed with the bonnet and handkerchief and shoe. this was Husbuddy’s grandma’s baby outfit! how beautiful is it?! {i plan to show a tutorial on how i did this in a day or two}

painting by pam

and finally, a beautiful painting by my mother-in-law is hanging over the crib. {Pam has her art website here} her work is beautiful and i am so lucky to have it gracing baby girl’s nursery walls!

i’ll try to get more full-view pictures when the room is more put together. for now, i hope you enjoyed these little glimpses!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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HOUZZ (dot com)

first of all, i’m sorry for neglecting my dear little blog. life is a bit crazy right now,  and i hope to share more with you soon!

but all right, today’s post is about Houzz dot com.

who hasn’t discovered Houzz yet?! i mean, seriously, this website is AWESOME. 🙂 i’ve been on it a lot lately for a couple of projects. a couple of kitchens, a fence project, a couple of powder rooms… and so when i need inspiration, i go here and start searching for images that inspire!

do you need help figuring out what style of kitchen you should go with? they have an article and a million links for that.

do you like vintage looking kitchens and need confidence that you can pull it off? they have an article for that too. 🙂

Yup! do you recognize that kitchen? It’s from my photoshoot adventure my  best day of work ever! Kinda exciting that my old firm is finally getting the recognition they deserve for this project! She actually received an award for “Best of Houzz 2013″ woot woot! Knight Architects has a nice little portfolio on Houzz that you should totally check out.
Or maybe you need direction for a fence or gate you want to build. There is inspiration for that.
and of course, there are a million powder room inspiration examples! it’s the designer’s dream, really, to be able to peruse such an abundant collection of inspirational photos! so, you know what i’ll be doing today…
go check Houzz out! 🙂 it’s very fun.
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a little party

I may have mentioned there was giant little party this weekend.

See, a year ago there was a  most special little guy born. He wasn’t expected to live very long. Doctors told his parents so many things that he wouldn’t be able to do-one of those things was he wasn’t going to be able to breathe on his own. Praise God, there was a HUGE miracle and the little guy defied all odds. Time after time. He is a little breathing, smiling, giggling, sweet, little miracle.

So we had a rather large party to celebrate that fact.

and to thank everyone who has given his momma and daddy so much. to give everyone a chance to celebrate the little guy too.

You can find more of the details on the little ONE year old’s blog. But I thought I’d share some of the pretty little details that we’d worked on for the past few weeks.

The theme was “O’s”(for O-wen). So we went with a lot of Owls. All the food was little O’s. the decorations were O’s. Man- even the TP was o’s. HA. jk. but,  it was fun to see  how many O’s we could come up with. 🙂

please enjoy some of the little details before the party got started:

yummy drinksowlpoof

these large posters were actually really cheap! We of course learned the secret on Pinterest from this link.large imagesowlpoof2

some of us had to sneak some food before everyone showed up:: (getting things ready was tiring!)getting food

I am so in love with this O face garland:o treats(also found on pinterest)owlpoof3

I love how sweet this picture of Momma and birthday boy getting ready for the party::

getting ready

and of course, a fleet of owl cupcakes:owl cupcakes

I think my favorite part was the photo booth. 🙂 we had props, hats, crowns, masks, harry potter glasses and even boa so that everyone could dress up and get their picture taken! This way, we can compile all the pictures into an awesome photo book to enjoy for years to come 🙂photobooth2

all of the rest of the photos from the party can be/will be found on Owen’s blog. I haven’t seen all of them yet. But so far, this one with Sharon is my favorite::

Sharon and Me at Owen's party2

she looks gorgeous, doesn’t she?! me, on the other hand, totally rocking the harry potter glasses. 🙂 hee hee.

Happy 1st birthday to the most popular, sweetest, most loved little guy I know!

xoxo- kimberly renee.

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a little bit of design


remember that design thing that i started way back in March?

um. i’m working on it again!

 (it only took months to get a copy of Autocad on my home laptop…and then a couple months of random saturdays to work on it…)

 i hope to post something substantial this week! 🙂 eek!

So hold me to it. :-p



To check out what the heck I’m talking about… go here for some of the pre-design info. & here for concept images ideas.

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