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dreaming of 28

it’s my birthday, i’ll cry if i want to.  or maybe just dream.

here are a few things i’m dreaming about for my 28th year:

  • paying attention to what makes life sing… doing more of that.
  • growing in love and grace


  • watching Husbuddy finish school and apply for pastor positions. it’s an exciting time!
  • spring. enough said.
  • new places and new adventures


  • really, we could end up anywhere… and so i’m looking forward to getting more “settled” some place. longer than a year, people! 🙂
  • more yoga and more zumba. these things make me happy when done regularly… so why don’t i? seriously.
  • i’m over this new england winter. 😉  so i’m dreaming of summer and roaming the beaches again with this boy::

biked to the beach one morning

  • filling up our beach glass jar.  Sharon, i need your help. 😉
  • visiting a foreign country… {it’s a secret!}
  • trying new weird foods. yup. i’m going to be brave.
  • visiting this pretty girl some day soon:: {ok, for those of you who know, then the secret is out!}


  • watching Husbuddy grow more into that man i know is in there.
  • and dreaming of a clean bill of health for my sweet guy!
  • finishing these architectural tests! {these must get done before i’m 29, gosh darn it!}

sketch for tuesday41

  • rest more in God’s grace and less on my own strength. i just finished a GREAT book that i plan on sharing with ya’ll soon.
  • saying more “ya’lls”. yup, my southern friends are rubbing off on me. hee hee.
  • laughing at how much this little puppy loves the beach:  he is going to be so happy when it’s not covered in snow/freezing!


  • trusting that God knows where we belong and the perfect time to get there!
  • smiling more…i’d rather have smile lines instead of frown lines and i’m just going to pretend that those gray hairs that i keep finding aren’t really there. i’m not getting old.
  • i want to see more mountains, gandalf.
  • again, learning more about joy.

joy4x5life is good. i’m so thankful for these 28 years and for all of your love. thanks, friends!

it’s going to be another great year!  i just know it.


xo-kimberly renee

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feeling dreamy

yes sir! i was feeling silly and dreamy and goofy all at once so i decided to live on the wild side a switch things up a bit. as you can tell, i was thinking of italy while making my new header. did you dream today?

i’m on Christmas holiday! 🙂 whoo hoo! now i just gotta get packing and cleaning and ready-ing. 🙂 hope you’re on holiday soon too.


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confustion and inspiration try 2

don’t get me wrong. i love my job. it’s the best job i’ve ever had. somedays, like yesterday, though, my mind wanders and i dream.  i dream about what it would really be like to be so passionate about something that i would call my job that i would be excited and passionate about it every day. where my mind wouldn’t wander away. yesterday, as i was sitting at work, all i wanted to do was to go home and paint. that’s how excited i’ve been about painting lately! it’s been great inspiration, and i’m totally caught up in it. my job is great… but maybe there’s something better? i just get confused about the purpose of my life and how happiness, passion, excitement for what i do,  is suppossed to fit into that…

on another note… we went to Terhune Orchards today with some friends! what fun!

october and art 106

they had a “pick your own” flowers field. it was so much fun! and the flowers were gorgeous!! how do you ever only pick a few? as you can see we got a bunch… and JT had fun with the camera… 🙂 october and art 099 there were these two adorable kids, trying to lift their pumpkins up onto the wagon. the thing was… the pumkins were just as big as they were! i just thought it was too cute and had to take a picture 🙂 october and art 068 october and art 067

what a fun saturday morning! including the apple cider donuts, the market with fresh produce, a wagon ride, a little hike, and of course, flowers! 🙂 it actually felt like for a second we weren’t in jersey any more…

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Dream Every Day

It is a goal of mine to “dream” every day.  Hopefully this blog will help me to D.R.E.A.M. 🙂 It’s a little goofy, I know, that I came up with this acronym to remind myself how I want to live my life.  But to me, it reminds me I want to Design, Rediscover, Enjoy, Art, and Meditate. 

 I want to design every day. All this means is to think creatively to come up with new ideas for things. Of course I love to design things, that’s why I got a degree in architecture! But sometimes I get tired of “designing” bathrooms for my job every day, so I have to look at it positively and see if I can come up with more ways to design!  Such as moving my furniture around in my living room, or coming up with a creative way to organize my desk.  I love do it yourself projects, so hopefully I’ll be motivated to share some of those with you 🙂

I want to rediscover the simple things in life every day. I think sometimes we all get in bla moods and don’t see the simple things or we are too busy to notice special things that maybe we should try to see more often. You know, that silly cliche saying, stop and smell the roses! 🙂 I enjoy being a busy person, but sometimes I need to rediscover the simplicity of joy.

I want to enjoy life. I feel like so often we just go through our days with so many things to complain about that I don’t take time to find joy in the day.

I also feel Art is an important part of who I am and what I find joy in, so it is my goal to do and create art more often. Hopefully I’ll paint and draw and make things that I can show on here and then it is my goal to eventually get some of the good stuff on Etsy and see how it goes. I love sharing my art with people. I don’t have very many of my creations around because I always give them away as gifts…:) you know who you are… ha

Meditation is the last letter from the word, mostly because I needed something with an m… 🙂 but also because I desire deeper and more thought provoking times in my life. Maybe meditation on my life and how God is working in my life is the way to do this. 🙂summer in boise 012

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