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a new listing in my etsy shop

Hey friends!

There have been a lot of inquiries about the kind of portrait rendering that I’ve been doing for friends and for my family lately, so I thought I’d add a listing to my etsy shop.

These little renderings that I take from pictures are so fun and sweet. I feel like they are so simple and almost childish but I love them. I’ve been making them for gifts a lot recently but I’m always nervous to know if the receiver is really going to like them. It’s funny how nervous I can still get about my art. Anyway, I’ve SO enjoyed having ours framed and hanging in our dining room and I plan to keep updating it as time goes on.

I love having a custom little rendering of our family. And I know lots of other people do too!

If you are interested, please go check it out here!

Of course you can always find me at: Miss Grace Designs 🙂 I haven’t had the energy to keep up with adding much to my shop lately but I’m still there!

xoxo-kimberly renee
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getting out the markers again {a new rendering and coupon code!}


it’s that time of year again! when it’s starting to get colder. there are holiday decorations popping up and peppermint flavored things all over the place. and when my little etsy shop gets busy! like just this past weekend i had my first rendering order in a while! woot! so fun to get the markers out again!


these renderings are a customer favorite.

it’s so special to have an architectural rendering of your new home, or maybe the home you’ve moved away from. or maybe your parent’s lifetime home! no matter who i’ve given these to or made these for, everyone has LOVED them.


cause you can tell, a lot of love go into them.

and then, when you get your digital copy of YOUR home, you can print it at any size! (or as many times as you want!) how fun is that?

maybe you just bought a house recently and want to celebrate your first house together! or maybe your son or neice bought their first house and you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift.  i’ve had some people put it onto a canvas for their loved one for a gift. some people print multiple for the whole family! some people frame their vacation home rendering and have it in their full time home as a happy reminder of vacation. whatever works for you!


now is the time to order your Architectural Rendering in time for Christmas! check out my shop or click HERE.

and for all of you dear ones, as a special gift to say thanks for your support, i’m offering a discount code for 25% off all orders in my etsy shop until thanksgiving! just type FRIENDSANDFAMILY in the coupon code box to receive this offer!

love you guys!

thanks friends for all of your support and love this holiday season!

xoxo-kimberly renee
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just a little reminder that my etsy shop will be closing this Saturday, November 30th.

shop image

if you wanted to purchase any Christmas gifts, please do so before then and remember to use the 25% off discount! just use the coupon code: 25OFFXMAS

8x8 print of Bethlehem Angel Mixed Media Painting

thanks friends!

xoxo-kimberly renee
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shop update!

i’ve finally reopened my etsy shop after the move! the reason it took so long is because there have been a few changes. 🙂

i’ve renamed it “miss grace designs” by kimberly renee

miss grace designs comes from a childhood nickname. see, i am a klutz. during my first year of college i calculated that i fell up or down every single staircase on campus… at least once. i’m not even joking. when i was little, my mom used to call me “miss grace” whenever i spilled something, tripped, knocked something over, or did something klutzy. it was so embarrassing. but looking back, it’s just who i am.

i used this name because grace doesn’t just mean graceful in action {the definition being: Seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion.”}– it also means: “A favor rendered by one who need not do so” or “unmerited favor” or “the free gift of God”.  i have the free gift grace of God in my life so i must share that grace. all the things in my shop are just things that i must share with the world. i’ve made them by the grace of God, and i pray that everything i do give glory to God. so, the title has changed.

the old listings are still there and i have so many plans for new ones to come. i’ll keep you posted! thanks for checking out my little slice of etsy!

xo-kimberly renee.

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blank-inside cards {new simple lovin’ notecards!}

Blank Inside Cards. who came up with that idea?

Have you ever seen the Brian Regan skit? Hee hee. go watch it. please. at least till you get to that part… hilarious.


 I sell Blank-inside cards! 🙂 “All you’re buying is a crease!”

Just kidding… I actually put a ton of work into all these new cards, so I hope you’ll check ’em out at my shop!

There are so many that it’s going to take me a couple of days to get them all up on Etsy.

some of the old favorites are back along with a bunch of new ones. 🙂

Please go enjoy yourself some simple-love-ing cards. More to be available in the shop soon! {And a new “Simple Set!” that are just gorgeous. I’ll let you know more about that soon as I can get my act in gear and get it in the shop.}

*also, let me know if you want to custom order a set of random cards!* I’d be happy to work with you. 🙂

xoxo. kimberly renee.

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new notecards on etsy!

hi friends!

it’s a beautiful rainy cold freezing absolutly miserable day today! yay! haha. it’s also friday the 13th. my dad was born on a friday, on the 13th, so i don’t believe all the superstition because my dad is a good guy. i’m so thankful for such a loving father who has always made me feel special. i miss him so much!  as you can see my mind is all over the place 🙂

 i finally got my act together and am putting more stuff up on etsy for sale! today i just uploaded these cute little cards made from my original painting of Fall . I cropped it and made it all cute. i just love how the little girl is giving you a leaf from the painting, with a beautiful farmhouse and trees and a road and a little white picket fence in the background.  now who couldn’t resist to order some of these to send to friends to say, “I’m thankful FOR YOU this thanksgiving!” I know i’d love to recieve a card like that…:) check it out on my etsy site!

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the weekend.

dear friends, thank you for being so encouraging in my love of art and design and desire to share it with you. please let me know if there is anything i can help you with! 

it’s been a very wet and windy and cold weekend and i feel like i’ve hardly gotten anything done that i needed to, but alas it’s just about over.  our puppy has a new hairdo- half done by the groomer- half done by yours truly with help from my husbuddy. it’s still cute enough though. enjoy the pics!



Also, on an exciting note! I sent one of my favorite paintings to shutterfly to make into notecards. They are now listed on Etsy so check it out!  Let me know what you think please! 3cardscards2

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