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the new painting

the new painting is finally revealed. you’ve seen small images of it here and here and here. is it what you imagined it would look like?! ha. i’ve been working on this one for a while! it was made for our dear friends the Estes {you can go check out their blog here} who came and visited us this past weekend.

i wanted the painting to be cheerful and happy. to give the feeling of hope and joy.

i loved this verse for the painting because these three things have been a HUGE part of their lives for the past couple of years:

faith– that God knows what He is doing in their lives and in little Owen’s life. sometimes it’s hard to hold on tight to that faith but it’s still there.

hope– that God will provide for today as well as for a future for little Owen and their family- may it be better than anyone can imagine.

and love– that true love may transcend over every part of their lives- through friends and family and even strangers. Love is what has got them through so far and is going to get them through everything in this life. That is why it is the greatest.

this family is amazing. you meet them and you can’t help but love them to death. i love how Sharon can strike up a conversation with anyone-even a grumpy person at a new jersey cash register- who i can barely get to say hi to me– and she somehow gets them to laugh with her. her joy is radiant.  i love that Joel always thinks and speaks the best of people. he is a Godly man who is such a light of Christ to anyone he meets.  in the past few years when we’ve tried to be there for them it felt like they were giving more of themselves to us.  that’s just who they are. such lovely people.  we are so blessed by their friendship. we only hope that we can bless them as much.

may this gift bless them because it’s from my heart. may God bless them as they are growing more and more in faith, hope and LOVE.

xo-kimberly renee.


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sea glass

“He knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.” Job 23:10

the other night we walked down to the beach with the camera. husbuddy just got a tripod and wanted to practice some landscape shots. i took some pictures too of course 🙂 {i know, you’re all so excited that you’re going to be seeing a million photos of the ocean this year!! hee hee}

while i waited for him to take his thousand and one photographs i combed the beach for sea glass{as you can see, he did the same}. i am always fascinated by sea glass. it goes into the ocean ugly, hard, even dangerous with sharp edges that cut. then it comes out softened and beautiful. and we collect it. how funny is that? we’re collecting trash.

but the ocean has done something wonderful to the little glass pieces, make them smooth and worn and sparkly. it churns, it rages, it crashes the little piece of glass all around until it finally ends up on the beach… beautiful.

kind of like us. we start out in this world as selfish and ugly and a little rough around the edges. we may stay that way like a piece of glass left in the trash but when we give up control, that’s not where God leaves us. He wants our faith to grow. He has a plan for us. He wants to make us more holymore beautiful. sometimes that means being tossed and churned in the ocean.

“The strongest trees are found not in the thick shelter of the forest but out in the open, where winds from every direction bear down upon them. The fierce winds bend and twist them until they become giant in stature. These are the trees that toolmakers seek for handles for their tools, because of the wood’s great strength.

It is the same in the spiritual world. Remember when you see a person of great spiritual stature, the road you must travel to walk with him is not one where the sun always shines and wildflowers always bloom. Instead, the way is steep, rocky and narrow path where the winds of hell will try to knock you off your feet, and where sharp rocks will cut you, prickly throns will scratch your face, and poisonous snakes will slither and hiss all around you.

The path of faith is one of sorry and joy, suffering and healing comfort, tears and smiles, trials and victories, conflicts and triumphs, and also hardships, dangers, beatings persectuions, misunderstanding, trouble and distress. Yet, “in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” (Rom.8:37)”

-an excerpt by EA Kilbourne in Streams in the Desert

dear friends, may sea glass and strong trees give you hope today.

xo-kimberly renee

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on fairness and hard things.

sometimes it blows my mind.

i mean life. how weird it is. how hard. how cruel.

as i sit here typing this, someone i know is at the children’s hospital watching their child work so hard to get healthy.

someone else i know is fighting for her life after a ski accident.

someone else is a mother and expecting. (well there are multiple of these someones :))

someone else is traveling far away.

someone else is trying to find the perfect job to feel they have a purpose in life.

someone is so lonely.

someone else is trying to help parents learn to love each other again.

someone else is trying to follow a calling and in need of support.

someone else is in need of direction.

someone else is serving in missions somewhere.

friends and loved ones all over the country… well actually, all over the world, going through things. hard things. deep things. life-changing things. things i can’t really help them with.

it’s hard to believe when and understand why hard things happen. sometimes it feels so unfair when bad things happen. why them, God? why her? why are you allowing this to happen to him?

to be honest, i think of this quote i just saw from St. Teresa of Avila who says to God, “If this is how You treat Your friends, no wonder You have so few!”

eek. can we be so honest? does it sometimes feel like not only is the whole world against us, but sometimes… sometimes it feels like God isn’t even protecting us from the evils of this life? i cringe to write that. but in the back of my mind, i wonder how can a loving God allow this to happen?  i hear that a lot. sometimes it’s just in my own head, but often it’s in the questions of other believers wondering, sometimes it’s in the probing questions of non-believers mocking my belief in light of all of this.

but lately i’ve been thinking. is any of this fair?

i mean really, is it fair that i have a great job and husband and home, that i was born lucky enough to be in a loving family, that i have food every single day-every single meal. is it fair that i have clean water while so many of the world doesn’t? that i have friends to go on walks with, to talk with, and laugh with?And yet, I take it all for granted.

and really. i mean REALLY. is it FAIR that i have eternal life? because of faith i believe that my sins are covered by the grace of God-through what Jesus did on the cross. it is only by faith that I can claim His saving grace. is that really fair? Because i’m more than sure that i don’t deserve this. i’m a selfish, ugly little person who so often forgets about others. i focus on my own problems, i get jealous and i lie and cheat  with the best of them.  i am SO undeserving of the grace that a sovereign God gives. We can do NOTHING to earn our salvation-because we just can never be “good enough”.

Fair would be getting what we deserve. What i deserve is eternal separation from LOVE.  From an Almighty and Perfect God.

God never promises that life on this earth will be easy. but HE does promise, all over the bible, that He is HERE. He is now and He is forever. (Heb.13:8) He has a plan and a purpose for us.(Jer.29:11) He has called us to bring Him glory.(Isaiah 43:7) He has forgiven us and taken away our sins. (Isaiah 43:25) and all we have to do is trust in Him. He will help along the way and He will never be apart from us because nothing can separate us from Him(Romans 8:38-39)

so all that rambling about fairness and all i’ve really figured it out is that i do not even deserve what i already have.

i rejoice that i don’t have a “fair” life. suffering will come to everyone in different ways.  it is sad and it is hard, but God never leaves us. (Deut. 3:16) He has suffered more than we ever will… for. our. sake. we can cry to him like the psalmist. we can scream at him and bang our hands against his chest like a little child having a tantrum in her daddy’s arms. but that’s just it… we’re in His arms.

read that part again.

even when the world is falling apart around us… we are IN HIS embrace.

so all i can do with all the hard things right now… is get on my knees, cry into His chest, and pray.

will you join me?


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Faith & Thankfulness

 Today has been ROUGH but good at the same time. What can I say? Is it ok if I say that? It was just one of those days. 

 I started out the day though reading about the faithfulness of ABE. 🙂 Check it out in Romans 4.

So it had me thinking about what it means to be FAITHFUL in everything that happened today…

I had a work presentation today that I was really nervous for. I’m designing a kitchen for a very sweet couple and my boss put me in charge! holy cow! I feel the pressure. Then she wanted ME to present it! But I made it through with the help of  my “POWER SUIT” (thank you Roxanne for teaching me the power of a POWER SUIT 🙂 hee hee) and of course God. ha. But my boss said I did a good job. whoo hoo! So that was encouraging.

God is faithful more than I am faithful

THEN. We went to the store to do some errands and we got hit as we were pulling into the parking spot! WHAT THE?! Who backs up in a parking lot? jk. but seriously. Today we met a very rude  interesting  New Jersey Lady through the rear of her car hitting the door of ours.

 “Hi, nice to meet you too, miss.”

“Wow, no joke you didn’t see us in your rear view mirror… did you even look?”

” Please give us your name and number and insurance even though you’re fighting us about giving it to us… “

“Please don’t get mad at us for having Geico Insurance because it’s like one of the most popular insurances and what can we say? it’s cheap and we don’t have much money…”

“Please stop making me cry…”

Who says New Jersey is one of the most dangerous driving state in the country? hmm… another reason I don’t like New Jersey… haha.

Well… at least my very  intensive architecture degree came handy for the diagram I had to draw for the insurance company right?


All that practice making concept drawings came in SUPER handy. 🙂 I think we could even convince HER that it wasn’t our fault with this diagram…

See? God is faithful BECAUSE: No one was hurt. We both had insurance. We were driving slowly and even though there’s a HUGE dent, it’s not as bad as it could have been! Things happen in this fallen world that we can’t explain but God watches over us even when we don’t watch our rear view mirror…  I’m thankful again.

ALSO… did you notice how very HAIRY that puppy was up in the first picture?? :-p

Look how cute he is now!  See.. God is faithful as well as a bringer of Joy on a tough day… 🙂


Check out the blessings page above or click here to see the verse that inspired me today!

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