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coffee date

hey y’all. i feel like having a coffee date with you. sometimes i get pretty lonely. especially in the winter. especially when i need to keep a semi-consistent schedule for the little miss. i am usually mostly a listener too. it’s hard for me to always start the conversation about random things i’m excited about, but if we could get together for coffee, here are a few things we could talk about!

day 17

first of all, i can’t get over the CUTENESS that is my Pioneer Woman mug. um, agree? ok good. 😉

  • You guys, i am totally copying one of my all time favorite bloggers in sharing this but i feel it must be shared. Emily from Jones Design Company recommended this podcast with Sally Llyod Jones and I MUST recommend it to you. that’s what friend’s do right? recommend things that were recommended to us? well, have y’all heard of the Jesus Story Book Bible? {if not, and you have ANY sort of kids in your life, i HIGHLY recommend it…even without kids i recommend! you guys, it makes me cry at story time!} but this is a podcast discussion with the author’s and it’s just delightful.{partly because of her british accent, i’m not going to lie, but that’s not all! lol} i turned it on while i was doing dishes and making lunch one day and it was just so fun! Happy hour with Sally Llyod-Jones THIS!


  • Removable wall paper? WHAT.perfect for my renter friends and sisters! check it out!  WallsNeedLove.com i think i’m going to have to wallpaper something…any suggestions?

  • this blog post  about motherhood made me cry. i know seriously, what these days doesn’t make me cry? i love Gloria for how she brings theology to motherhood. love love love it! her books are so inspiring and beautiful and this blog post just follows right along that path.  Motherhood is a Gift by Gloria Furman: HERE


  • Also, let’s talk about this store called, Terrain: basically the most amazing garden/house store EVER. it’s Anthropologie’s version of a garden store. just IMAGINE.  but it’s also CRAZY ridiculous expensive…only for the rich. us poor people just get to walk around and try not to drool on something that’s too expensive… but it’s inspring. i went there again a week ago before dropping my mother-in-law at the airport. she usually insists we go. i love that.  also, can i have that centerpiece?

Spring Tabletop

Natural Centerpiece Statements | get the look

also, the other day in MOPS we talked about how important it is to get creative time. about how we are created beings, made by a creative God, and it energizes us to be creative (all in different ways of course). such a lovely and dear topic that is close to my heart. literally! i JUST got some painting in the past few days! as soon as i get a few minutes i’m planning to scan the paintings in and really let ya get a good look. tee hee. so fun! have you done anything creative lately? what fills you up and energizes you creatively?


so basically a coffee date is just an excuse to be TOTALLY random in my blog post. thanks for joining me! i hope you are all well and i’d love to hear from you. leave a note and some love!

xo-kimberly renee
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friends from p-town

“Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find.”

William Shakespeare

we are so blessed to have moved so much that we have pockets of friends from all around the country. i mean, we spent a year here and a few years there, another year there, that really, it’s just like we collected all these people into our lives and then left for the next place…

what. ok. well, i’m CHOOSING to look at it as a blessing. i miss friends from each place we’ve lived! oh man. it’s hard sometimes!

thankfully some of our friends from our time in Princeton are still there and still want to be our friend too. ha. trust me, it’s rare that people want to keep up with you when you’ve moved away! so we talked these sweet people into coming to Lancaster for a sleepover.

truth be told, instead of just a day trip, we knew that the BEST time to catch up with dear friends is after all the kids are  in bed. it was so fun for them to visit!

it was also fun to have the two toddlers play together. they’ve only gotten together a couple of times, last year in the poconos and when we first met little Graham. they are only two months apart so that time gap is really disappearing. here are a few shots from our trip together. i wish there was more but at the same time i’m glad i didn’t have the camera out the whole time, you know what i mean? gate trouble let us out of here why won’t you open this gate or pick us up? not funny guys playdate at coffee shop  play date at the new coffee shop in Strasburg! noodles

dinner at noodles and company. the only picture with adults. how did that happen? kiddos  the kids all making a similar face…tee hee hee. sophie close up oh yes, and bathtime together with friends is the best. bathtime hee hee Graham was trying to be tricky. bathtime1  but they are the sweetest! it’s so fun to watch them play and interact! {especially compared to the first time they met, lol.}

also, please note, Sophie had a swollen eye from landing face first when she tripped and Graham had a cut from something similar…both these things made us look like an awesome pair of parents walking around town, but really, they’re toddlers…and they survived! ha. and both are safe and fine so please don’t worry. 

anyway. visits with friends are so special and so dear. it meant so much that they came. do you make an effort to stay in touch with special friends who’ve moved away? trust me, those friends love having you keep in touch! we sure do! thanks friends for coming and until next time!!

xoxo-kimberly renee
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first time at the zoo

last week we were lucky to be invited by friends to go to the philadelphia zoo! right now, Sophia LOVES all animals and gets super excited to see cats running past our yard or hear the neighborhood dogs barking. she loves the horses and ducks and sheep we see on our walks so we thought she’d love seeing all the animals she has only seen in books.  lion  she loves lions right now. when we read our toddler bible she likes the Daniel story. she growls like a lion and points to all the big kitties and then she folds her hands to pray. it’s pretty cute actually, so i was super excited for her to see the lions.  i know it looks like it from these pictures, but she really was excited about seeing them. when she “growls” like a lion it sounds more like a hiss in the back of her throat. it’s hilarious.  lions with daddy looking at lion  we went with our friends Adam, Paige and Parker. Parker is only 6 months older then Sophia and they are little buddies.  on daddy's shoulders buddies  he is ALL boy and is constantly on the move. Sophia just watches him and takes it all in. she loves hanging out with Parker!  buddies2 monkeys all the monkeys!  checking it out  and they had so much fun exploring together. like putting their noses to the glass and chasing the lunch-time peacock visitor. chasing the peacock lunch time friends hello gorilla  and she actually was fascinated by the gorilla. she has no sense of fear yet.  holdermans  i love the smile that Paige caught on the little miss!  knepps  and we love friends who will wander around the zoo with us and then leave before it is even 2 because the babies were exhausted. ha. it was such a lovely day too. we will be back to visit the zoo sometime for sure!

xoxo-kimberly renee
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pumpkin patch


we went to the pumpkin patch with some friends this weekend. it was a chilly, muddy, wet, drizzly day but we still had lots of fun! and we got cider donuts, so really, what more could we ask for? ha. enjoy some pictures of Sophia’s first trip to pick out a pumpkin!


you can tell she’s really fascinated.

pumpkin-patch-family    JT-with-pumpkin sophia-w-pumpkin2    family-at-pumpkinpatch2


getting to know new friends is the best. we had a lovely afternoon together! and Paige is gorgeous. just saying. hee hee. and Parker and Sophia are adorable. but seriously, i had no idea i was so much taller than Paige! i’ve got to be standing on a hill or something… and note to self, next time we plan to take photos at a pumpkin patch, put on some makeup. geez. bawhaha.


my little pumpkin with her first pumpkin. ha. can’t wait for her to feel the slimy insides when we carve it! t’s officially fall, folks! we’ve got our pumpkins. lol

anyone else go picking this weekend?

xoxox-kimberly renee

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friends over miles

 “I want to see mountains again, Gandalf, mountains, and then find somewhere where I can rest. In peace and quiet, without a lot of relatives prying around, and a string of confounded visitors hanging on the bell. I might find somewhere where I can finish my book. I have thought of a nice ending for it: and he lived happily ever after to the end of his days.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

first, before we get to our trip to Pullman, WA, let’s talk about the drive there. it was SO GOOD FOR MY HEART to see mountains. this girl misses her mountains. colorado, washington or idaho mountains. give me any of them.

driving over pass2

we took 24 hours when we were in seattle to drive across the state to Pullman to visit our dear friends there. it just makes my heart sing to see these photos. some day i am going to live near mountains again. someday.

driving over pass

now, the Palouse, where Pullman and Moscow are, is a whole different world. this is where i went to college and where i have so many memories of early days with Husbuddy. the rolling hills are gorgeous in their own way. Lancaster sometimes reminds me of it.

the palous

but we didn’t drive 4 hours across the state to see the scenery. we came to meet our godson and to see our dear friends. there is something about some friends that is just so special. there are those certain ones that even if you haven’t seen them for years, you can pick up right where you left off. you see each other and you know that these are your people. we really only knew the O’loughlins for a year when i was finishing my undergrad in Moscow. but that year we grew close and knew that we would keep in touch. and it’s such a blessing to know we have! and now we’re like part of the family! ha.

i actually started to cry when Elizabeth and i were standing outside watching the kids play on their bikes while the babies had their afternoon nap. there was such a feeling of peace, like this moment could have lasted if we hadn’t moved across the country we just let it. ha. we have been soooo blessed by friends during our marriage. we often regret that we’ve had to move so many times (7!) because we have to move away from friends, but then we talk about how blessed we are that we get to make new friends and keep the old ones. we really are extra lucky to get to have so many dear people in our life. even if we only see them once in a blue moon.  it helps too when our friendship is grounded in faith. really, i think that is the main thing that keeps us together. if you’re real with someone all the way down to the roots of WHO makes them tick, then you don’t loose that closeness very easily. God is good and has blessed us with friends who remind us of and point us to Him!! we talk about how in heaven one day, it will be so fun to get to connect some of our friends from across the country… dude, you’ll love these people, they lived in washington and you lived in new jersey but you’ll totally get along so well! oh and these peeps from Gloucester and these from Lancaster… haha

well. random tangent. but here are a few photos from our visit. it was lovely.

Elizabeth and me and babies boys

bedhead girls blue eyed babies

Desmond and Sophia are pretty much already besties. nevermind that two daddy’s forced them to cuddle. lol. i love Desmond’s look as he grabs Sophia’s ear. hahaha.

boys and babies boys are outnumbered

the boys are totally outnumbered.

Ani and Soph chloe and sophia desmond

our little godson has to have the cutest eyebrow expressions ever! girls

love you friend!!

we also got to see a few other friends {way too briefly!!} It was so good to see one of my best college friends, Emily and meet her little daughter!

emily and me and girls

as well as when we got back to Seattle, we got to see a couple other friends! Clark and Mikaela with their two daughters!

with Brandons

it made for a busy trip to connect with so many people, but it is so worth it. even if a few of you were only for a few minutes! it was so great to see your smiling faces and hug you tight.

until next time friends!

xoxo-kimberly renee



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meeting Graham

meeting graham2

it’s been a few weeks already, but right after he was born, we went to visit our dear friends in Princeton and their new baby boy, Graham.

meeting graham

he’s so precious! and so tiny! i can’t believe Sophia was that small only 3 months ago!

meetin graham


we are already so in love with Graham and know that Owen will be a great a big brother. if you think of it, continue to pray for this beautiful family as they learn how to be a family of 4!

the girls and their babes

we even got to see some other Princeton friends who were in town for the evening! so fun! it reminded us of just 1 year ago when we all met up to take this picture: {you can see that post here}

but we had a few new additions and had to take a picture with our babies. {we were just missing Owen!}

anyway… we praise God for such a beautiful little boy. {who was totally checking out his future bff by the way! lol}



xoxo-kimberly renee

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a bbq and bow tie baby boy bash

it wasn’t much, but we wanted to surprise our sweet friends, Sharon and Joel {and Owen, of course!} with a small party to celebrate “the little mister” that is arriving shortly. i’m pretty sure she had other baby showers at the seminary and the church that they go to, so this wasn’t a ‘baby shower’ it was just a party with friends.

a party where bow ties were required. {lol}

surprise sharon

deats surprise for sharon

sporting bowtie

really, i just wanted an excuse to make everyone wear bow ties and to have a hot chocolate bar. i even almost put one on Sophie…

hot chocolate bar

the hot chocolate bar was a hit with all the kiddos! {who mysteriously did not get in any of my photos! too busy playing dress up and trucks in the other rooms! ha!}

the boys

sharon and joel

we are so excited for Sharon and Joel! i can’t wait to meet the little mister any day now!

the girls

so, the bow tie theme was a little weak… not going to lie. i just made little bow ties using this tutorial. and we had bow tie pasta as a side. whoo hoo! we also had bbq pork sandwiches. that goes with the bow ties, right? i mean, it’s super classy, right? LOL. what can i say, it was just a small dinner with friends, dear friends who let me inflict the requirement of bow ties on them. thankfully, i have Elissa to help me with the inflicting… and who let us take over her house. hee hee.

xoxo-kimberly renee


silly boys

and then there’s this photo... we told them to act manly. this is what they do. and i believe one of them asked, “what’s ‘manly’ mean?” HA HA.

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