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a beautiful baby shower

do you want to see what the most beautiful baby shower in the world looks like? well, it was the saturday before thanksgiving in Princeton, NJ, so you’re a little late, but i have some pictures for you!

well, grab a cute glass of punch or cider with a fancy straw and come along for a little photo-baby-shower:

pretty drinks

meet the most amazing party planners. dearest Sharon, Elissa, and Jenna, you girls are amazing! i feel so loved from all the thought and love you put into all the little details:


and of course the most lovely host, Lynne, opened up her beautiful home to us. it was so fun to get to have a little party in her home!  Lynne and me

and my momma came! see how excited i am?! my tongue was even sticking out! {so embarrassed…why in the world do i do that?! she’s so pretty and i’m so classy…}

mom and me

and my most beautiful sister, Amy, surprised me for the weekend! BEST SURPRISE EVER! i miss her so much like ALL the TIME and it meant so much that she came along with my mom! she’s so grown up now with her very fancy nursing job at Children’s Hospital of Denver, so the fact that she took time off to come see me…is AMAZING.  {*Hugs Miss A!* also, how in the world are you so tall??}

amy and me

but back to how beautiful the shower was. it was gorgeous. these are just tiny snapshots so it’s hard to tell the overall feel everyone got as they walked around and oo-ed and aw-ed.  even the food was gorgeous.


and how well do my friends know this prego?! um, cider donuts! in pretty little doilies! um, hello, yes! hee hee. donuts

for a craft, {because they know that it wouldn’t be a party for me without a craft! lol!} we appliqued onesies. one for every month of baby girl’s first year. the girls know that i’d probably LOVE to take photos of baby girl every month through out her first year…so they helped me get prepared!  how cute is that?

onsie craft

here are some of us working away: crafting

even momma got into it. she’s so pretty.  crafting table

finished view! how cute are these going to be on a chubby little baby girl?!

i mean seriously, swoon.

onsies done

and of course there were too many presents and lots of chatting and catching up. i hadn’t seen some of these peeps since before we moved to Gloucester a year and a half ago! it was so sweet of them all to come!

we also had to document another prego in the group. yay Sharon! she has a few more weeks to catch up to this whale… but she’s almost there, don’tcha think? hee hee. she’s so cute.

sharon and me prego pose

now for your favor, please take a vanilla sugar. seriously, how cute?! {do you hear my squeal?! and how many times can i say “seriously” in a post?}favors

thanks to all the dear friends who came to my shower! and to those who wanted to but weren’t able to make it, you were missed dearly but i ate all the extra food for you. lol.

looking at these pictures just makes me smile. i’m so blessed with dear friends. baby girl has been so blessed by so many people, at this shower as well as my other one. i can’t help but feel so overwhelmed that God has provided me with all of you. hugs all around! {squeal again!}

xoxo-kimberly renee


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lititz PA

Lititz, PA, a tiny town just to the north of our little apartment in Lancaster won “America’s Coolest Small Town in 2013”.  {really! it did, here’s proof!} So, we just HAD to check it out.

and it was really cute. there were cute little shutters on every window and lots of americana decoration around because it was the weekend after the 4th of July.  Lititz1

there were lots of things to see, lots of shops, there were a few cafe’s and coffee shops that we want to go back and visit. lititz small


but what proved that it was the coolest little town was that Husbuddy’s prof and friends from Gordon Conwell Seminary just happened to be headed to Lititz the same day! Husbuddy had tweeted that we were headed to Lititz for a “daycation” (as he likes to call it) and luck would have it, they saw the tweet as they were driving into town! they texted us and we met up for coffee!


how fun is that? life is crazy sometimes, and it’s so cool when something small and totally awesome, like randomly running into dear friends, happens.


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Happy 4th!

a little late, i know. how was your 4th? did you have a bbq and spend some time outside? we did!  it was a busy day for us, with friends. it was WONDERFUL.


these sweet friends drove out to visit Lancaster! we showed them some of the sites, including horse and buggies as well as Kitchen Kettle which was fun and toursity.  IMG_2228_Bowens on 4th

it was so wonderful to catch up.
IMG_2236_at kitchen kettle

and then there was some quality time spent in our apartment complex’s pool. what a perfect day for swimming!  IMG_2242_at pool

the weather was seriously perfect. PERFECT. it was so nice to sit outside and celebrate life and freedom together! {btw, don’t they have an adorable little family?!}


what was extra fun was that a couple other friends showed up for the food as well. we had “3 worlds collide” as Husbuddy put it. our friends from our church in Princeton, a friend that was driving through from Gloucester, and a friend from the area here who’s wife was out of town.  IMG_2254_4th bbq


it’s really cool how these “3 worlds” can come together and be able to mesh just fine, because really, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. i LOVE that.

friends are nourishment for the soul. it was SO good to see each of them 🙂

what about you? spend time with some friends? bbq? go swimming? anything fun?  i’d love to hear!

xo-kimberly renee

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graduation day {hopefully the last!}

this weekend was graduation at Gordon Conwell Seminary.

Husbuddy graduated!
IMG_1992_JT walking

hopefully for the last time! i’m so proud of him! {and i’m so ready to not be in school anymore!}  IMG_2008_JT and Jim this year was an amazing blessing. he loved his professors and he learned so much. i can’t imagine if he hadn’t taken this extra little year to get further prepared for ministry! it seemed so necessary for the next step!
IMG_2004_JT and Scott

after the morning festivities, we created our own festivities by having a little graduation party with a few friends who made this year even more of a blessing.


it’s hard, i know, to want to invest in friendship with people who are only around for a short amount of time…but we really appreciated that these people took the time to get to know us and love us deeply. relationships are the most important thing in life! and we know that if it seems like it’s only for a year, even a year of quality time can turn into a life long friend.  IMG_2022_boys at party

we appreciate each of you and are blessed to know you! and we pray that our lives will cross paths again 🙂  IMG_2024_group picture

yay! Husbuddy is finally done with school! for the first time since we got married 7 summers ago… we won’t have one of us in school. oh.my.goodness. i don’t know what we’re going to do with ourselves! haha! yay!

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7 favorites from our Colorado visit

7 things

  1. family together for Christmas. gotta love Christmas dinner pictures!
  2. seeing my beautiful mountain again. even covered in snow for a white Christmas!
  3. best of friends. i love how we can pick up right where we left off, even if it’s been years!
  4. these two silly billies. i love them to death. and can’t believe i’m related to a sister who’s so beautiful and a brother who’s so weird…
  5. grandpa got a new gadget for xmas- a kindle- so he can play angry birds. hahah.
  6. meeting the sister’s boyfriend. hee hee they are cute. i guess he’s alright. 😉
  7. watching Husbuddy play ping pong with the family…and get beat by my lil’ sis. ha.
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visiting with friends

i mentioned yesterday that friends came to visit last weekend. it was wonderful to get to spend so much time with them! we’ve missed them so much since we’ve moved!! here are a few pictures from our adventures::

lots of olympics watching. it’s even more fun to watch with friends.

there was some beach time

there was a feast and fun fellowship

there were a couple of exploration adventures… the adventure below was to Rockport

you can’t really tell, but O is wearing a lobster onsie- perfect for the north east! 🙂

this town is so cute…and the little guy was being super cute at lunch time too.

thanks to the guy who took a group shot and got the really cool red building in the background! #perfection! 😉

{all pretty shots from Rockport  credit goes to Joel. thanks, friend!}

it’s so fun having friends come visit. thanks so much, friends! so… now the question is, when are YOU going to come? we’ll take you to the beach and some cute little north shore towns!

xo-kimberly renee

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the new painting

the new painting is finally revealed. you’ve seen small images of it here and here and here. is it what you imagined it would look like?! ha. i’ve been working on this one for a while! it was made for our dear friends the Estes {you can go check out their blog here} who came and visited us this past weekend.

i wanted the painting to be cheerful and happy. to give the feeling of hope and joy.

i loved this verse for the painting because these three things have been a HUGE part of their lives for the past couple of years:

faith– that God knows what He is doing in their lives and in little Owen’s life. sometimes it’s hard to hold on tight to that faith but it’s still there.

hope– that God will provide for today as well as for a future for little Owen and their family- may it be better than anyone can imagine.

and love– that true love may transcend over every part of their lives- through friends and family and even strangers. Love is what has got them through so far and is going to get them through everything in this life. That is why it is the greatest.

this family is amazing. you meet them and you can’t help but love them to death. i love how Sharon can strike up a conversation with anyone-even a grumpy person at a new jersey cash register- who i can barely get to say hi to me– and she somehow gets them to laugh with her. her joy is radiant.  i love that Joel always thinks and speaks the best of people. he is a Godly man who is such a light of Christ to anyone he meets.  in the past few years when we’ve tried to be there for them it felt like they were giving more of themselves to us.  that’s just who they are. such lovely people.  we are so blessed by their friendship. we only hope that we can bless them as much.

may this gift bless them because it’s from my heart. may God bless them as they are growing more and more in faith, hope and LOVE.

xo-kimberly renee.


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