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soceity Of angels

a little story for you::

the story starts 4.5 years ago.

 well… before that.

 see, there were four best friends at the University of Idaho. life was good. we were close friends. we had a bible study called: “Society of Angels” that really was a dedicated hour to share our hearts.  None of us were married. None of us really knew when we’d graduate. None of us really had any idea what we wanted to do when that finally did happen. But one thing we knew. We were friends because Christ was our friend and because of that we were more dear to each other quicker than we ever could have been without Christ. 

It’s pretty cool how that happens huh. 🙂 I mean, normally when you find a friend who shares the same hobby as you or the same job as you-you think you have something in common so you become friends! so much more can happen when you find a friend who shares your love for Christ with you. Especially when you find three!! 🙂

This past week I flew all the way back to the Northwest to see the last one of these girls get married!

How exciting and how CRAZY that a short 4 years later we’re all hitched and we’re all over the country! 

Here are a few pictures of these beautiful girls with their handsome men:

last summer Emily married Nethaniel.  Aren’t they just way too cute when they dance?!! 🙂 I LOVE their smiles in this picture 🙂

Dear Emily: I love your beautiful heart, how you love everyone you meet with just a hello, & the way you find adventure in every place God places you. The way you seem to know everyone. And the way when you talk to someone you make them feel like they are the only one in the world. I treasure all our adventures & working at camp together. 🙂 Love you!

a couple weeks later Stephanie married Ryan. They really are a fairy tale story. 🙂 

Dear Stephanie: I love that we can just pick up where we left off even though we’ve been apart for months, I love the way you dream so big, I love your compassion and that you always see God working through others. You are so encouraging and loving. I miss the little notes you used to leave me in our dorm room 🙂 It makes me sad that we live so far away! Love you!

Stephanie, Ryan, JT and me at the wedding reception last weekend. 

Stephanie and I had fun watching how goofy those boys can be when they’ve had a glass of wine or two… :)there are way too many cups on that table!

and the newly weds:)  You guys are adorable! Andrea, I am so happy for you and Josh!!

Dear Andrea: You have the most giving, compassionate heart out of all of us. I am so amazed with how you love people. Also of how hard you work and you do well at everything you do! I am so blessed with my memories of getting lost in Italy for a whole semester with you. God shines through your smile beautiful. Love you!

So here we are. All four of us together. Andrea, the most beautiful of all of course! 🙂

 I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Girls: I don’t know why God blessed me so much just to know you, but He blessed me even more to be friends with you! I thank God for each one of YOU!  Who knows when we’ll be together again. Until that day, know that I’m praying for you and your sweet husbuddies. May those boys hold you close while I hold you close in my heart. It was SO good for my heart to see you! Kisses to each of you! 🙂

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a girl and her dog

so I have this idea for a card…or maybe a few… what do you think? a girl and her dog? maybe lots of girls and their dogs? i don’t know where i got that idea or anything… ha.


Let me show you my inspiration… 🙂

Do you remember my friend Jenna? Isn’t she cute? yes, I know WAY cuter than me. ha. Way sweeter too… so watch out.

 She’s an artist too. More like a professional one because I’m just an architect wanna be artistic person where as she has her degree in fine art and everything… She’s AMAZING. If she had a blog I’d link it. But she hasn’t gotten into this massive time eater yet like i have. haha. jk. i didn’t mean that. you know what i mean…i link to one blog then another, next thing i know, it’s been an hour… obviously i have time to waste on here and she doesn’t. hee hee.

and remember her dog Charlie? Personally, i think Charlie is an ADORABLE name for a cute little white (Cocker Spaniel/Bicon Frise mix) dog like this one:

how does your heart just not melt? 🙂

so… duh dun dum…. i’m inspired! a girl and her dog –my latest artwork! 

a girl and her dog

but… allorra (as my italian teacher would say rolling her r’s with her whole mouth).. stupid technology… the scanner cut off the verse for this painting. Pslam 46:5 is one of my favorites to encourage me everyday. Click here to see the whole verse

anyway, hopefully it doesn’t creep you out that you were my inspiration Jenna and Charlie! It’s just my favorite to make “portraits” of sorts. Look how well behaved Charlie is pretending to be in this picture! 🙂 hee hee. And of course, Jenna’s parisian style 🙂 she’d totally wear a sweet hat like that…

To see another “portrait” Check out my mother-law’s Christmas present from me. A “portrait” of the family clan…not to mention a VERY nice little blog… 🙂 (also check out the red sweater in the picture… it’s my husband’s christmas sweater that he wears all freakin year!) hee hee.

 see? told you that i  like to do portraits…. not real ones… but ones that capture a little bit of a person that you can connect to but doesn’t have to look just like them…or have facial features… haha… you know what i mean.

anyway. here’s to Jenna and Charlie!

 O. I guess I’ll send a shout out to her husbuddy Justin too…:) 

we are so lucky for friends like you two! and for expensive wine bars…. and for silly dances… and anthropology shopping dates… and nonstop mario cart crazyness…and way too many settlers games… and dog dates… i mean really, if it weren’t for our dogs, we wouldn’t be friends… jk. 🙂 haha.  

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