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happy pillows

lately i’ve been a little sad. i don’t know why really, except that the stress level at our house as been through the roof for so many reasons… so it’s also been just a little depressing at home. today, in order to jolt myself out of the sadness, i made myself some instant happiness.

ha. ok, maybe it doesn’t really work that way… but instead of going out for some retail therapy {or lets be honest…eating another muffin…}, i got crafty.

IMG_2300_puppycakes grumpy about pillows

and getting crafty always brightens the mood, dontcha think?

for my craftiness, i made new pillow covers {which i’ve had on my list to do for years…} i kept it simple, if i had more energy i would have wanted to add ruffles…everything is happy with ruffles… ha, maybe next time.


but really, what’s not happy about them?

vintage sheets were used. fabric i’ve had stored because i just loved it was used. they don’t match, but who cares?  gone were the neutral and boring…in with the bright colors! yellow flowers and bright poppies are making life happy around here!

IMG_2301_puppycakes and pillows

can’t you tell how happy the pillows are making Puppycakes? ha. every time he tries to make himself comfy on the couch, he usually fluffs the pillows and sits right on top of them…i think he doesn’t quite know if he’s allowed to do that with the new bright colors.

note to self: don’t put off your happy projects for so long! 


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Happy Day

Happy Day CARDS!

Based on the popularity of this post HERE and a personal request from a dear friend, I decided to put some of my favorite little sketched cards up for sale.

I love the cute handmade flavor and the original sketch.

Don’t tell anyone, but I used Anthropology wallpaper… remember where I talked about ordering some of those free samples here? Ya, well, now i’ve gone and torn them up and used them to make some pretty cards. {please note, i had at least some intention of using the wall paper samples to choose a pretty wallpaper for our walls or a canvas! don’t hate me!} I also used silly little paper doilies, some vintage music, stamped lettering and then I stitched it all up nice and pretty!

Anyway, I’ve been busy this week working on these!

New cards available in my Etsy Shop::

Sure to make just about anyone’s day HAPPY!
Homemade cards made from paper, vintage music, anthropology wallpaper and little pieces of doilies. A sketch of a cute little girl is added with stamped lettering. The piece is finished up with pretty stitching and little pieces of cuteness.
Listing is for 2 cards: 1 yellow and 1 pink as well as 2 envelopes.
All cards are made with love.

To see more, go check out my Etsy Shop. 🙂

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beautiful friday

It’s a beautiful Friday!

Let’s talk about happy things.


  • a long walk with my good friend Jenna and our two dogs. Sweet little  Charlie & Sammie are too much fun to watch waddle-ing in front of us. He’s totally passed out right now, btw.
  • it’s Friday!
  • silly emails with my sisters 🙂 love you two! miss you.
  • pretty fabrics from This Etsy shop -I couldn’t help it- I had to get some pretty little things for some upcoming projects… 🙂
  • cute little dog tags like this one
  • my new fav country song that just makes me smile because it’s so happy. It reminds me for some strange reason of my happy little sister Amy. I have no idea why. Do you missy? 🙂 (beware-the video is a little cheesy. just let the music play and ignore that 😉
  • going mountain biking this afternoon! whoop! so excited that my husband is loving to work out this way 🙂 hee hee. he doesn’t know he’s working out though- don’t tell him though- it’s our little secret… if he knew that it was good for him we’d probably stop going 😉 hee hee. jk. sweetheart 😉
  • my lovely JBPL necklace. Remember this? the one with the random flowers? I just seem to be wearing it every freakin’ day ’cause I’m so in love 🙂
  • the fact that it’s gonna be 86 degrees tomorrow! whoop! love love love summer!
  • taco night & good friends 🙂
  • knowing that i have time to paint today! whoop!
  • things my dog does that make me laugh like this picture 🙂

sorry. had to throw that one in again. 🙂 ok- enough about me. What about you? what are you happy for today?

love. kim

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happy day.

Just so you can see what i am loving about Spring here in Jersey:


so pretty

love love love

can it get any prettier than this? maybe if i was a better photographer… but that’s about the only way. 🙂

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