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well, we’re moving!

Last Friday, the 29th, we got our keys to a new house! In Strasburg!

We are very excited to live closer to church and in a new (to us) little community. Ever since we moved to Lancaster county we’ve loved Strasburg and have just been watching all the properties there. Our prayer is that this house will be more room for our growing family and provide the space we need for the dreams we have. We are also excited for Daddy to be able to come home easier before his evening church meetings and also to just be closer to our church family!  The girls seem very excited. Even if they don’t really know why they should be. And of course, the architect and DIYer in me had to make some changes while we had the chance before we move in. Yes, we could have lived in it as is, but there were a couple of issues that we just wanted to customize for our family…

And YES, we have a licensed contractor working with/for us! Do not worry, we are not doing this on our own but we hope to help with a lot of the work and do what we can, when we can.    So let the adventure begin!

{prayers would be appreciated as we jump in with both feet!}

xoxo-kimberly renee
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the house rebellion

you know we had a baby last month.

well, duh.

apparently our house didn’t get the memo. OR maybe it did, and it decided it was jealous that it wasn’t the new “baby” anymore

because it decided to rebel.

lamp post

we were worried about our dog getting jealous with bringing home baby girl, but our house? we weren’t expecting that.

well. in a matter of days our house decided to show it’s jealousy. it decided to rebel in as many ways as possible. {ALL in the first month of Sophie’s life!}

it began with the pipes to the washer and downstairs bathroom freezing.

now we have a hose hooked up from the water line to the bathtub so that it can run all night long when it gets really cold. {oh joy. i hate wasting water!}

then our roof leaked.

then we had a bat fly into the living room while Nana was home alone. HOME ALONE. she flipped. she was just sitting there, watching TV with puppycakes snuggled next to her. we were still at the hospital! husbuddy had to come home to help catch it at like 9 at night!

then our roof leaked some more so we moved everything out of the front office.

then we had another bat…this time hanging in the nursery while i was nursing… um… SCARY. i was just sitting there in the rocker staring at my beautiful girl when i look up and just see this fuzzy black thing hanging there… i froze. i tried to yell for husbuddy, but i couldn’t make my voice loud enough! i don’t know why i didn’t run out of the room, but i just couldn’t move!

then our furnace died. right as the snow started falling…for a blizzard!

we called the home warranty people and they sent someone out to look at it… IN A BLIZZARD. {because we begged and pleaded and said we had a 2 week old baby!} the poor maintenance person had to drive an hour IN A BLIZZARD {did i mention that?} to go pick up a part for said, dead furnace.

when he opened up the furnace, there was a DEAD BAT in our furnace motor. {um you think i’m kidding…but no, ANOTHER BAT!}

…and… then we died of heat that night! there’s a blizzard outside and we were throwing off the covers and running around with hardly anything on.  the heater wouldn’t turn off! {seriously, we had a thermometer read 85 degrees in our upstairs bedrooms!} true story!

turns the poor maintenance person installed the part backwards so another maintenance guy came out the next day to flip the backwards part… the first guy must have been worn out from driving in a blizzard or something.

then a handy man came and fixed our roof {he said that the guy who installed the cable wire before we bought the house drilled a 2″ hole for a 1″ wire…and didn’t fill the rest of the hole...genius.}

then a pest control person came to check on the bats…

it was confirmed that we have BATS IN OUR ATTIC. omg. Que: freak out session by me.

he claims “it’s not as bad as some houses he’s been to where he opens the attic and there are hundreds hanging from the rafters” …UM… is that supossed to make me feel better?

THEN, pest control person claims he can’t fix the bat problem until it warms up some more so he can get up on the roof safely. but he has to do it before April, when the bat mating season starts so if it doesn’t stop snowing before then, he can’t do anything until the fall.

o.my.goodness.gracious… major freak out sesh.

then we had another blizzard. oh. and another one is scheduled for tomorrow night {12 inches?! again?!}

just further pushing the time when the pest control person can come back and calm my nerves about the rustling that i hear in the attic… husbuddy says it’s my over-active imagination… i doubt it would be THAT over-active.




during our first month as new parents.


is anyone finding this comical?

i can see that it might be… but i’m not laughing yet. oh, the joys of home ownership… we expected to have issues, but seriously, did it all have to happen this month?!

one good house update: for my birthday i got a rug for the dining room!yay! {pictures to come, when we can rearrange all the furniture from the roof-leaking debacle…we have yet to move back into that room because we want to make sure it’s really fixed…} 

dear house, we DO still love you. you don’t have to get jealous over Sophie. you can go back to being a good little house now. thanks.

xoxo-kimberly renee

{update:: husbuddy called another person to come look at the bat issue, we’re hoping he can do something sooner than later!}

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one month {day 13}

day 13

it’s been 1 month.


1 month ago we signed our life away and bought an old house.

sold house compile

little did we know how much work it would be! little did we know all the things that “HAD” to get done right now! little did we know how much headache and heartache we’d already encounter in this place!

little did we know we’d end up… doing a kitchen ceiling renovation {more on that, soon!} while unpacking, building lots of ikea furniture while trying to find a day bed for our first visitors, have roof leaks from the latest tropical storm while trying to finish painting the front porch, make drapes, frost a window, paint, cut down plaster, hold up plaster, create dropped beams, drywall, spackle and mow the yard for the first time, and sand all in our very first month!  photo shoot on stairs_sm and little did we know how blessed we’d be here… even just 1 month in.

i am so overwhelmed. God has provided a place for us to just BE. for that, we are so thankful.

we are also so mindful that it’s not only a place for us to BE. but for us to BE USED. and for us to see God work. we know that we can do nothing without him. not even our little jobs so far.

“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.”

Psalm 127:1


xoxo- kimberly renee

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{this is part of a 31 day series about “Seeing Creatively” through the camera. to see the other 31 posts, click HERE}



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dreams for our new home

confession: i’m a slow-processor type…which means when i’m mad it takes me FOREVER to put into words why. or when i’m sad…or even to be happy about something. i mean, i’m one of those people who when someone says something rude, i will mull things over in my mind FOR.DAYS. while trying to coming up with a good comeback. it usually manifests itself in fights with Husbuddy… hee hee… he has learned to get over the shock when i start the conversation with something like, “you know, you really hurt me the other day when… or …i’m still upset about that thing that happened last week, can we talk about it?”  let’s just say, i’m a little slow.

ANYWAY,  now that we’ve gotten past that embarrassing revelation, when Husbuddy was asking me all spring as we started this process, what it was i wanted in a house…i had a hard time putting it into words.

le sigh.

sold house compile

then one morning i had a really long time to sit in a coffee shop and think. i was really stressed about about a million other things, so naturally, i distracted myself by writing down my “what i desire for our future house” list.  it actually turned more into a manifesto or a purpose statement for our home.

needless to say, it was a little different then what Husbuddy was asking. but it’s from my heart. and i thought i’d share as we are in the middle of the process of moving.

my heart’s desire for our house:

  • i desire that when people walk through our door they feel God’s presence and it is evident that this place-this building- is just our temporary home. our HOME is in Heaven with Jesus, praising Him.
  • a place that is big enough to host others, to welcome all people who need a place to stay, and speaks to the peace of God to everyone who enters the door.
  • a place that is open with light-filled rooms that are cozy enough to grow as a family, to spend quality time together and with God.
  • a place that we can play with & work on & work in. i need a space for working on art and architecture and i want to be able to have a house with character and work to give it even more character and love through out the years. i want to create a beautiful place with this gift that God is giving us: a house.
  • and finally, a place where our children, family and marriage can flourish and grow in Christ and in beauty.  a place that is safe and encourages our love and hearts can grow in Christ.
  • it is just a place, but may it be a place where our lives can glorify God in everything we do.

how’s that for super sappy and over the top? ha! but it was a good little exercise for me to think about a “purpose statement” if you will, of THE.MOST.EXPENSIVE.THING we will ever buy.


it was good to think about how i don’t just want a house for me; to feel cozy and to be safe and secure. because ultimately, a house doesn’t provide that. sometimes we think it will. but it’s important to remember that this house is a gift. it’s God’s gift to us and He has every right to take it away at a moments notice.

so, as i thought through my dreams for a house, i thought about how much i wanted to glorify God in every little square inch of this new place.  i don’t know how that’s really going to happen. but we pray that God will use it and bless it and be glorified in it.

front room

what about you? have you ever made a purpose statement of your house? have you thought about your dreams and what you want out of your home? i’d love to hear your thoughts because yours are probably way better than mine!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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today’s the day

we become homeowners!


…as long as everything goes through to the finish line we will officially be homeowners today!

feelings of overwhelming excitement and extreme terror ensue…

hopefully, i’ll be sharing a tour and giving more details about this exciting adventure soon!

xoxo-kimberly renee

ps- the picture above is from a month and a half ago when we put in the offer…my belly looks different now! hee hee.


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