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10 years

dear Husbuddy,

10 years. how has it been 10 years?! we were so young and naive! we were babies! we had no idea what we were doing with life, with finances, with jobs and vocations and goals and planning… BUT i wouldn’t have it any other way then growing up with my best friend.

the Lord has blessed us love. looking back we can see his hand guiding us each year. 

“The steps of a man are established by the Lord, when he delights in his way; though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong for the Lord upholds his hand.”

Psalm 37:23-24

i tried to find a few pictures for each year. i also just wanted to list where we’ve been in each of those years. it gets long: 9+ jobs, 7 locations, 5 states, 5 different degrees, 1 new puppy, 1.5 babies…  10 years is  a long time!

so here goes…


get married, go on honeymoon, move in together in Spokane WA. husbuddy finishes his college degree while i work in architecture.

DSC_0241(copy 1)(rev 0)

the happiest day of my life. SnowshoeingChristmas 064  that time we got each other the same xmas gift for our first christmas. tee hee.


move to Moscow ID  to finish my 4th year of architecture school while Husbuddy learns he doesn’t just want “any old job” as a property manager. 

IMG_0387 glacier!

moscow sunset living in Moscow!


move to Boise ID for my masters program, a internship, and for you to be a youth pastor.

Mt. Kit Carson 095  hiking and backpacking adventures

Christmas in Hawaii 2008 347

Christmas in Hawaii 2008 470 trips and exploring, including Hawaii


moving to Princeton NJ for Husbuddy’s masters program and getting a puppy! which was a bigger life change?


so many adventures,

New Hope PA 044 moving to the east coast. what? we did not expect to be here long, did we? bawhaha. God had other plans


enjoying living in Princeton NJ, i worked at an awesome architecture firm while Husbuddy worked on his masters degree. 

anniversary4 MTB Mercer Park 018 oh how i love adventures with you. even mountain biking with you!  IMG_0003  and i love that{even though you hate it}, you’ll still dress up with me for halloween. {well, maybe not anymore. you loved me more back then. lol}


living, working and studying in Princeton NJ. also figuring out Husbuddy’s health, he was really sick for part of this year and we finally figured out he can’t do gluten or dairy! whew. lifestyle change!

us exploring NYC and the rest of the mid-atlantic. (thinking we weren’t going to be in the area that much longer)

cute face jersey shore!



move to Gloucester MA for Husbuddy’s THM degree studies while i get to experience another architecture firm. best apartment ever. we could walk to two different beaches!

JT+me at med date nights with friends  cannon mnt2 hiking and exploring the north east.  Photo Aug 23, 12 25 33 PM martha’s vineyard!


Husbuddy graduates, we move to Lancaster PA and he starts his big boy pastoral position. i get pregnant. 

in front of castle

IMG_2611_in front of mountains starting our new adventure of “real life” as we finally finished all of our schooling!   photo shoot on stairs_sm sold house compile

we bought our first house!


we had our baby girl! not sure what else happened that year… we were kinda busy. 

birthday family having (and surviving) our first baby girl! oh how life changed. oh how i loved watching you become daddy. holderman_19_WEB


baby girl growing and keeping us busy. our marriage growing and stretching. this year was one of our hardest years. but we made it through by focusing on the Lord and each other.

family photo

wedding family photo2

you grew as a pastor and i was so blessed to watch you marry my sister.

my love lots of family time!


life is flying by and we are pregnant with our second little girl! it’s so nice to be in the same place for a while! all the new adventures that await as you seek to become Sr. Pastor! 

Family on Kim's birthday you are such a good daddy to our little miss. she adores you almost as much as i do.  i’m so excited to keep watching you grow as daddy.  savannah family our first real family vacation was a total hit for all of us earlier this summer!

10 year anni Happy 10th Anniversary my love. we’ve had quite the adventure. i love sharing that adventure with you, my best friend, my partner, my love, my Husbuddy. i thank God for providing for each step of our journey.


xoxo-kimberly renee

ps: this rendering of our little family is my gift to Husbuddy. 10 years and our family is growing! 

pps: note to selves: we need to work on taking more pictures together. it got harder and harder to find ones with each other! 

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10 years ago, on december 17th

10 years ago today, the 17th of december, it was a friday. and on that friday, an awkward girl finished up her first semester of sophmore year at University of Idaho, finished packing for Christmas break, got a ride up to Spokane WA so that she could catch her flight home the next morning… and had her first date with a boy from Whitworth College.

that is how it all started.

well almost. besides a long few months of the boy trying to convince me to date him… that is another story.

today’s story is the story of our first date.

we met at his dorm room that night. classy huh. i actually had to change. i wore boring clothes on the hour and a half ride up and i wanted to look pretty for our date. so i changed in their *gross* bathroom. his and his roommates. and the guy who was crashing in their room…free of rent. anyway, did i mention that a college-boys-dorm bathroom was gross? ha. i should have guessed. i was rather naive. anyway, when i came out of the bathroom all dressed up there were a bunch of other boys there. apparently *he* had told every one of his friends where we were going and what we were doing. they all thought it was pretty hilarious that he had finally convinced me to date him.

so we talked one of them into taking this picture.

akward first date ;)

how young we look! and we matched. LOL. he’s wearing his christmas sweater that i still can’t convince him to get rid of. he loves it. and he loved it then.

anyway. he took me to a restaurant downtown Spokane called Clinkerdaggers. i think. it’s hard to remember the details. i do remember that i didn’t eat anything and i was starving when i got back to my friend’s house because i was too nervous to eat. i also remember that he talked a lot. like the entire time. ha. he’s good at filling empty space… hee hee. especially when he’s nervous too.

then he announced he had to go to the restroom. apparently he had foreseen this and he had worried that in the matter of moments it took him to go to the little mens room, i would change my mind and run out of the establishment alone unless he reminded me of himself…so he had written a card for me to open while he was gone. IT.WAS.HILARIOUS. and kinda weird. but that’s how we roll. i think i still have that card somewhere…

spring-summer 05 006

apparently we also set up the camera on the table to take a blurry shot to commemorate our dinner. i seriously just found this and thought we were cute so had to add it. haha. and that smile. with the dimple. ahhh. i don’t get to catch that on camera very much! i love it. hee hee.

the next morning, he completed the date by picking me up at my friend’s house at some o-dark-hundred hour to take me to the airport. really, it was sweet because i didn’t know how i was going to get there to make my o-dark-hundred flight. the buses didn’t run that early! and he used the opportunity to prove his adoration of me. ha. OR, i used his adoration to my advantage… potatoes patatoes.

then we went to our separate homes for two weeks of Christmas. i remember calling him a couple of times. back in the days before i had a cell phone, and he had given me his house number. oh the awkward old days of waiting for him to call and wondering what he was thinking. hee hee.i can’t believe that was ten years ago! picking me up from the airport

there’s that cute smile again!

then, in January, when i got off the plane on my way back to my spring semester guess who was there with a dozen roses? ya, he used to give me flowers. like all the time! what happened in ten short years?

{btw, is it funny that i was wearing red again? and he was too? ya, i kinda think so too.} 

i love this man. he was pretty darn good at woo-ing me and pursuing me to get me on that first date. and he still is pretty good at pursuing me and showing me how much he loves me. most of the time… ha! i’m very blessed to do life with him. to wake up next to him. and to have a family with him! i am a blessed woman.

Jonathan, i thank God for you. and i thank God for that first date. happy 10 years of dating and loving and being together!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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a certain boy turned 30

i’d planned to surprise him on his big day. i’d planned to do it all year! he’d never had a surprise party before! heck, he hardly even ever had a party for his birthday before!

i floated ideas this summer with a few people.

i planned with sweet, helpful friends a month in advance.

everyone was excited to be in on the surprise.

no one spilled the beans.

he had NO idea.

then… 3 pm on the day of the surprise party{which was at 5:30} all chaos broke loose.

we were in the kitchen making dip for the party. he knew there was a party. he just thought it was a party for something else. he thought dip would be a nice thing to bring. haha. that’s how it all began. because then he wanted to taste the dip. so i went to the cupboard and pulled out a crumbly bag of chips. you know…the ones that are at the bottom of the bag. when the bag is still too full to throw away but all the chips are little pieces that are so annoying to pick out of the bag? yes, that is what we were discussing. the dip was good! so i started to cover it to stick in the fridge. he realized puppycakes needed to go outside. so he turned like a man on a mission.

all of a sudden, he was on the floor.

i thought he was being a little dramatic. i mean, seriously. what made him hit the floor?

well, turns out i have a little habit of leaving cupboard doors open. i CAN’T HELP it. i don’t even know i’m doing it. he always laughs at me when he gets home from work and the kitchen is a room full of open cupboards. i didn’t even notice. bawhaha.

little did i know that would be his downfall. my downfall. for the surprise.

when i had gotten the bag of chips out of the cupboard i’d left the door slightly ajar. he had turned with such force and ran STRAIGHT into it. it was only cracked open in such a way that it didn’t budge…a door, on hinges, stood rock solid at the angle that he ran into it.

and caused him to hit the floor.

when i realized it was serious i rushed over and his hand was on his head. covered in blood. WHAT. freak out. ok, i got control of my hysteria and grabbed a million paper towels. cleaned him up, sat him up after i checked his eyes (you know, that seemed like a good idea) and then put pressure on the cut.

then the baby woke up.

of course.

i called my mom while nursing to see how i should deal with the situation. because you know, even while i’m sitting there nursing my baby, i still need my momma too. ha. we decided since it stopped bleeding so quickly he was probably ok and just needed some butterfly bandaids to hold the cut closed. ok, no problem. finished with the baby, got her out the door and to cvs. we found what we were looking for, lost a baby shoe, had a nice lady chase us down in the parking lot and we were back home in a flash.

fixed him up.

he still didn’t feel well. he was dizzy. oh no. he wanted to skip the party. you know, the one i’d planned for a month but he thought was something else? no big deal if we didn’t show.

and that would be the moment i burst into tears.


realization hit him about as hard as the cupboard door.

haha. shoot. i made it months, everyone else kept their quiet, and i spill the beans the last hour before we leave.


anyway. all said and done i dragged him to his surprise party where he acted surprised and sat in the same chair all night because he was too dizzy to go anywhere.  i pretty much get the award for WORST WIFE EVER. beat him up on his birthday? check. make him go to his silly party when he’s not feeling well? check. make him sit in a chair trying to remember everyone’s names while i enjoy the party and get everyone to take silly pictures? check. give him meds so his headache doesn’t hurt quite as bad with all the people talking and children screaming? check.


i’m really just telling you all of this to make myself feel better. see? worst wife ever. poor boy. happy birthday! YOU will go to this party whether you like it or not. ha. see? hashtag:WWE

he made it through the night. he felt loved despite my torture. and then the next morning we went to urgent care because the headache wasn’t going away. he has a mild concussion.

WORST WIFE EVER. make your husband go to his 30th birthday party when he has a concussion? yikes.

anyway. here’s some photos from said event. (don’t mind the bandage right on top of his head) at least everyone else had fun, right hunny?

Happy Birthday song Happy Birthday

side note, we had a photo booth. most people made me promise that i wouldn’t post their photos. but… these dear people were my party helpers and really, are hardly recognizable so they’ll survive… i think. ha! yay for photobooths and embarrassing photos! PAige and Adam Tony and Gwenyth Kevin and Angie and M

holdermans in photobooth also, after this picture was taken, Sophia loved her boa and cat ears so much she didn’t want me to take them off… so i had to take this video:

Happy birthday to daddy! 🙂

A video posted by kimberly renee (@kimberlyreneeh) on

you’re welcome.

anyway…next time you see Husbuddy, wish him a happy 30th birthday again! {and let me know if he flinches}

xoxo-kimberly renee



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i’m thankful for…



happy 30th birthday to my favorite man! i’m so thankful for you and all that you do to love our little family. you’re the best husband and bestfriend i could have ever asked for. God has blessed me SO MUCH with you in my life!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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counting 8 years with my husbuddy

{warning: mush-lovey-dovey-fest}

kisses at garden of the gods family on 4th_2

at hopewell market Happy O

photo shoot on stairs_sm IMG_2611_in front of mountains 2013-08-10 12.05.00 JT+me at med



dearest husbuddy,

we’ve had 8 years of laughing together and seeking God’s will,

96 months of doing life side by side,

416 weeks of adventures and exploring together,

2,920 mornings of opening my eyes to see your smile,

70,080 hours of knowing my heart belongs to you,

4,204,800 minutes learning how to love you better,

255,288,000 seconds thanking God that i have you by my side.

8 years, 7 homes, 6 years of schooling, 5 states, 4 architecture firms, 3 masters programs, our family of 2… grew by 1 puppy and 1 baby girl… later…(the math kinda failed there)  and my heart is more yours then ever. i am so blessed to love you every day and i’m so thankful for your love to me. you’re the best husbuddy and i thank God for you!

Happy 8th Anniversary!!

xoxo-kimberly renee

{to see other anniversary posts, click on links: 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th}

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happy 29 Husbuddy!


at hopewell market

can we just talk about, for a second, how lucky i am?

i don’t mean to brag, but seriously. i am one lucky girl to have this man in my life.

buying flowers

i have a husband who loves God, loves me,

makes me laugh,

plays games with me,

buys me flowers,

sings to me while playing guitar,

IMG_2489_love him

dances with me,

wants to build our home with me,

is super smart,

knows how to spell big words when i don’t,

photo shoot on stairs_sm


gives so much of his heart to others,

talks more than i do,

and is super excited to be a father to our little girl arriving soon.

excited baby reveal sm

i seriously could go on and on.

i love that his birthday is in November because every year, when his birthday roles around, i am reminded to be thankful for him.

really, i’m not lucky. i’m blessed by God with this man. he is such a gift. i do not deserve him.



and yet, God gave us each other. and i am so thankful.

Husbuddy is 29 today!

Happy Birthday Love!

{and can we talk about how he’s wearing the exact same shirt in so many pictures? maybe that’s what i should get him for his birthday! lol}

IMG_2490_anniversary dinner

xoxo-kimberly renee

ps- i looked at his birthday post for  last year and i’m so amazed at how God blessed his 28th year! every prayer was answered! praise God! i’m so thankful for this man and for how God uses him! and i’m so thankful for what an amazing year 28 was! 

pss- if you want to wish him a happy birthday, feel free to contact him here.

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Anniversary Adventures {part 2}


IMG_2505_morning fog

the next morning {after sleeping up in the loft with a tiny little ladder}we woke up to this beautiful view. the fog was breathtaking.



for the  second day of our anniversary adventure we headed up into Shenandoah National Park and drove along Skyline Drive. it was fun to be in “mountains” again. we reminisced of Idaho and Montana and Washington and Colorado… we maybe should have not reminded ourselves of those beautiful places we still think of as “home“… even so, we really tried to soak up  the beauty and the views.

have any of you ever been there? it really is beautiful!



we took turns driving because Skyline Drive is a drive along ridge of mountains. it’s really twisty with views at every other turn so we wanted to have equal time just looking.

IMG_2542_JT and camera

it was so fun to be able to see so far! it’s such a rare occurrence out here in the East and we miss big sky and sweeping views of the west.

IMG_2535_at skyline drive

we drove for a while, pulling off at view points. then we stopped at the hike that Husbuddy had planned for us. we had researched it and had found one of the most recommended hikes to a waterfall view.

i can imagine the waterfall would be quite the sight in spring/early summer.

it was a little bit of a disappointment in the middle of august… not going to lie.


especially since there were probably 50 other people down there when we were. womp womp.

oh well. like i said, we shouldn’t have reminisced about the west prior to this…


it was still really pretty and we really enjoyed a little hike and getting out in nature! and it was SO different than any hike we’ve ever done before because you start at the top. see, we were driving along the ridge, so when you pull of to go on a hike, you hike down first.

that means you have the hard hike all the way back up at the end. kind of backwards from normal! ha. and this prego lady did her fair share of huffing and puffing. hee hee. but it was so worth it! i love to hike and it was fun to get out!



this is me at the end of the hike barely able to breathe and totally sweaty acting super excited because Husbuddy wanted to show how excited we were to be on a little bit of the appalachain trail {behind me}.

IMG_2605_app trail

after the hike we finished the drive back to the cabin and spent the evening relaxing and reading next to the view.

IMG_2611_in front of mountains

we had such a wonderful anniversary adventure! it was so wonderful i even cried on the way home because i was so sad it was over. i blame my pregnancy hormones!

i’m blessed with such a wonderful man to share life with and to go on adventures with. i thank God for him every day. Happy 7th Anniversary sweetheart!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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