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nursery tour

i know, i know, you’ve all been waiting for a tour of the nursery. you’ve just been on pins and needles waiting!  ha. ok, maybe not. but i’m excited to show you the “completed” nursery.

{i’m calling it completed, but it will be a changing room over time as Sophia grows, obviously. for now, i’m loving that it’s the one room of the house that’s not in chaos.}

remember this is what i started with:

nursery before

please notice how there are ZERO plugs in these pictures. that would be because there’s only one outlet in this whole room!  nursery before2

then do you remember my inspiration post? you can click here for it. before baby girl arrived we worked on painting the room and getting the essentials. a lot of things didn’t come together until after she was here though!

but now, the room is filled to the brim. the colors that i was working from came from this image:

you saw the preview here. now you get to see the full room. and i think little miss loves it:

s in nursery2

this is my living room at the moment. we spend so much time here, nursing, playing, giggling… i’ve put so much love into it

{husbuddy thinks maybe i’ve put too much! you all will have to let me know}

s in nursery3

ok, now for pictures of the room. this is what you see right when you walk in:

toy bookshelf

the bright big window, the little bookshelf with her toys and my nursing supplies.

nursery-chair view

my rocker came from my grandmother, there are the bookshelves that you saw in this post. as well as the sweet little shelf you saw in the preview with a few vintage outfits hanging.


the bookshelves are perfect because they fit behind the closet door. {that closet serves as half baby girl’s and half linen}

nursery-bookshelf close up

we are already reading some of the little books together. she laughs when the horse says “neigh” or the cow says “moo” but her favorite is when daddy reads to her. i don’t know what it is, she LOVES his voice!


here’s the other side of the room:

nursery- dresser view


the dresser/changing table that i showed you how i painted in this post. {with one darn drawer open! ack! seriously, there is something wrong with me, i don’t even notice it! husbuddy is ALWAYS closing doors and drawers after me because i am ALWAYS leaving them open…he laughs at me…sometimes i think he’s just annoyed at me. lol}

you can also see the vintage dress that i framed in detail in this post. she smiles at the ruffles when she notices them while i change her. i think she’s going to take after her momma and love dresses. hee hee.

we are using cloth diapers, so you can see the wet bags hanging by the trash can. we have a few hooks hanging which have come in really handy. the other closet doesn’t have a door on it, so for now we’ve hung a sheer curtain. it’s filled with boxes of baby toys/supplies/future clothes at the moment. we hope to create a little reading nook/play area in there in the future.

nursery-bird cages

and how much do you love my bird cages?! i actually had originally wanted to hang these over her bed instead of the mobile i made.  but then we were nervous about having something metal and heavy hanging over our daughter… they aren’t heavy, but i was still nervous. so they hang over by the lamp and they hold a couple of the birds that we made. i think they will be fun to play with when she’s older! and if she doesn’t like them, i’ll take them back thankyouverymuch. ha. i was inspired by hanging bird cages over at YHL and this cute little nursery.

nuresry-crib view


and the crib with a little gallery wall. my mom made the dust ruffle, little hanging pocket caddy and some bumpers. we were informed that you shouldn’t use the bumpers until they are 6 months old because of SIDS, but they are super cute in the pink and teal fabric. i’ll be attaching them as soon as i can!


of course you’ve seen the mobile already.

nursery gallery wall

but behind it is my little art gallery wall. we have a piece made by Sophie’s grandma Pam, a spanish dancer from a visit in college to Barcelona, {the colors are perfect! who knew that i was thinking that far ahead?! haha} a cross made by the sweetest elderly gentleman at our church, a mirror from a friend that i then painted, and the sweetest little owl from one of husbuddy’s neighbors growing up, Susan Baker. {you can see the owl up close on her website here} i’m hoping to add my own art piece to the wall someday too.

mobile from below   

needless to say, there’s a lot for little girl to look at. ha. like husbuddy said, maybe it’s too much. but i can always change it… because that’s been known to happen bi-yearly. ha.

s on floor        

really though, she is the main attraction.

s in nursery   

i love that every day there seem to be new expressions and new giggles and more newness. it’s so fun to watch her discover her world!

Sophia in nursery

thanks for taking the tour! let me know what y’all think!!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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nursery preview

well, my sweet husbuddy’s twitter says it all:

twitter late

bawhaha, i can already see us two girls totally annoying him with our punctuality. granted, i am WAY more punctual than he is making me out to be, he should meet some of my girlfriends! but, his “on time” is 15 minutes early…let’s be honest. that’s early. and on time means, right on time.

for now baby girl is enjoying her stay right where she is. i am not enjoying it so much…i’m ready to meet her, darn it!  so, in my excitment, i decided to share a few glimpses of our nursery today. it’s still a work in progress… but for now, it will have to do! ha. this little designer had big dreams for this space…so considering our budget of practically nothing, i’d say this turned out pretty fun! i’ll let you enjoy the pics:

little glimpses

a childhood lamb of mine + a new little lamb from a baby shower.

{the wall color changes in every photo because of course it’s a rainy day outside so the color didn’t come out right. it’s a really pretty turquoise…but that’s hard to tell in some of the pics! here is the post of us painting her room.}

vintage clothes

i went with displaying a bunch of vintage items. these sweet little dresses all have memories attached. {from left to right: my mom’s, husbuddy’s mom’s, my dad’s, my aunt’s dress with husbuddy’s grandma’s hat and bib}


this shelf was a 5$ find and was painted with love by my sweet mother-in-law. for now we are displaying a few items that we both have from our childhood. my piggy bank horse and a creepy-big-eyed porcelain doll that i always had in my room. on the other side, husbuddy’s thomas the cat music box and piggy bank.


as well as one of baby girl’s first pictures.

toys and books

we have already been blessed with a box full of toys and a few books!


this cute Amish bench was found at a local place for 15$ and i had to have it for baby girl’s room! husbuddy’s old teddy bear and an amish doll that i had growing up are currently residing there.  we thought it was pretty fun that i had this doll growing up and now we live in amish country! so fun!


the crib and bedding are just beautiful with lots of color and lots of ruffles. my mom made all the bedding and is bring along more pieces when she comes in a week! we have so many handmade blankets as gifts. we have been so blessed by the love of family and friends! this yellow blanket was made by my aunt in Australia. and i even have another one from baby girl’s aunt in Japan! {my world traveling sister!}

this little girl is pretty much being spoiled from around the world. hee hee.

cross stitch

that cross stitch art piece was hanging in my nursery growing up. it was made by another one of my aunts! how fun is that?!

{the dresser was painted with chalk paint earlier this fall by my m-i-l and me, to see that post click here}

framed dress

this sweet little vintage dress will probably not last in its current location very long. {too close to curious hands!} but i love it framed with the bonnet and handkerchief and shoe. this was Husbuddy’s grandma’s baby outfit! how beautiful is it?! {i plan to show a tutorial on how i did this in a day or two}

painting by pam

and finally, a beautiful painting by my mother-in-law is hanging over the crib. {Pam has her art website here} her work is beautiful and i am so lucky to have it gracing baby girl’s nursery walls!

i’ll try to get more full-view pictures when the room is more put together. for now, i hope you enjoyed these little glimpses!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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sketch for tuesday {#52}

on wednesday.

doh. if it helps i did this ON TUESDAY.  epic blog fail. oh well. life is crazy!

anyway, i thought it was fun to look at what a difference it makes to color a sketch.

see: first one is black and white. second is colored.  elevation sketch

and wala.  even just a little bit of coloring makes all the difference. have you colored any of your sketches lately?

xo-kimberly renee

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Hanging pictures

Does anyone else put up picture templates to test where they should hang their photos?
I got this idea from the Young House Love blog
They are genius! So I’m living with this layout for a couple days before I put up the real pictures. I also have marked exactly where I should put the nails. All I have to do is nail on the template 🙂

I think I’m going to switch which picture is on top. And I’m trying not to get annoyed that the doors on each side of the TV are not the same height. Oh it’s fun to learn all the quirks of this old house!

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a little bit of design


remember that design thing that i started way back in March?

um. i’m working on it again!

 (it only took months to get a copy of Autocad on my home laptop…and then a couple months of random saturdays to work on it…)

 i hope to post something substantial this week! 🙂 eek!

So hold me to it. :-p



To check out what the heck I’m talking about… go here for some of the pre-design info. & here for concept images ideas.

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dreaming in kitchens

Kitchens are dancing in my dreams for some reason. Maybe it’s because I am working on a couple of kitchens at work or maybe it’s because I’m even working on a kitchen for my Aunt, or maybe i’m just crazy. Ideas are just rattling around inside my mind like sugar-plum fairies.

well. maybe not like sugar-plum fairies.

but you know.

here are a couple of examples of pretty kitchens from Country Living. (so all these pictures are from Country Living’s website if you want to learn more!)

Things to note from this design:

  • open upper cabinets
  • wood counter tops! Wow!
  • beadboard bottom cabinets for a “country” look
  • it also looks like the cabinets were painted white with some type of glaze to give it more dimension.

Things to note from this design:

  • beautiful wood floors complement the dark wood cabinets
  • the two sinks aren’t overwhelming the space.
  • good storage for cookbooks! It’s important to remember that!
  • even though it’s a dark color, the effect is very light because of all the windows. the dark colors ground all the windows for a very nice effect!

Things to note from this design:

  • natural or “knotty” wood cabinets give this more modern design a softness
  • multiple types of surfaces and finishes (steel, wood, tile, white counter) complement each other
  • very clean & simple design!
  • notice the tile flooring with the wood cbts. It is sometimes easier to match wood cabinets with tile flooring instead of wood and wood, although i have seen a lot of examples that can make it work, it’s just not always as easy.

Things to note from this design:

  • the pantry & fridge make a feature wall by all matching.
  • this weathered look is beautiful and trendy right now. Look at Restoration Hardware’s latest line!
  • the fridge is set back into the wall to create a smooth look
  • again, the floor.

Things to note from this design:

  • a mix of painted and stained wood on the cabinets gives it balance. i like to see these kind of complementary finish choices a lot, it gives the kitchen more personalization and character.
  • the featured stove top is not overwhelming
  • the lights over the island are awesome!

Things to note from this design:

  • tin backsplash is totally different from tile: beautiful and country
  • there are two “features” on this wall: the farmhouse sink under the window & the range
  • the wood island complements the painted look
  • to make this more contemporary you could just change the backsplash to tile and it would instantly be a different kitchen.
  • the painted floor! i’ve seen this in stain and paint: very cool!

a close up on the tin backsplash 🙂

Things to note from this design:

  •  the multiple colors and wood cabinets. -i think this might be a little overboard, but if you have a very country house it can be very fun!
  • another tin backsplash. what?!
  • the flooring is gorgeous.
  • No upper cabinets, just shelves …could you live with that? I’m not sure I could.

Things to note from this design:

  •  this design is supposed to have a lot of green aspects to it
  • the cork flooring! it can be a very interesting choice of flooring, very cost-effective, soft on your feet, and of course a renewable resource

Things to note from this design:

  • no upper cabinets (at least from this view) makes it appear very light and open
  • the range is on the island
  • the painted cabinets with the wood floor.
  • this can be a contemporary or a traditional design, that’s why i love it.

note: I do look at other places for kitchen inspiration. i don’t want all my kitchens to look too country! 🙂 but it’s a good start huh?

If you want to be inspired by beautiful cabinetry, check out Christopher Peacock.  Simply beautiful. I had no idea that so much beauty and thought could go into cabinets until I started working at a residential architecture firm! It’s crazy and so much fun!

There’s just so much that goes into kitchens!

Sinks! do you like undercounter, on-top of counter, or farmhouse? 

Countertops! – we have to talk about countertops sometime. These countertop ideas from Country Living and Pioneer Woman gives her comparison as well.

 Flooring is a hard choice as well.  Appliances, plumbing fixtures, tile, on-and-on-and-on! Oh! I feel like I’m Alice falling into the Wonderland tunnel! There are so many things to talk about just from my little daydreaming about kitchens.

Too bad I’m renting for the forseeable future and can only dream for others. But there’s a reason to love some of what I do for a living! 🙂 I get to dream for you!

So, what about you, do any of these stand out to you? Which kitchens do you like or not? Anyone out there?

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