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Artfully Letting Go {day 31}

Whew! What a month it’s been! Thanks to everyone who’s stuck around while we go through the Artfully Letting Go series!

We’ve done some crazy things this month. You can see the whole list of 31 days HERE (or just click that button over on the side)

We’ve prayed and painted. We sketched and traced. We had fun and took a mini vacation. We took a shower.  We’ve laughed and cried (not you? ok, maybe just me) We’ve walked thankfully and gave ourselves grace. it was a good month for Letting Go of all the things we’re holding onto and learned how LET GOD take control.

It took 31 days to get it through my head… but it was such a good exercise! I’m so glad that I took on this crazy challenge 🙂

What about you? Did you “let go” at all this month?? Please let me know!!

love you guys!

xo-kimberly renee

ps- I promise not to blab your ear off so much in November! hee hee.

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{day 29} go for a thankful walk

this is my “letting go” idea for today.

go for a walk. {or, in my case, sit on your porch while it’s snowing. (in OCT!)}

but as you walk:

you will see different things, thank God for the beauty around you.

you will think of different issues going on right now in your life, thank God for the fact you get to experience it.

as you think of all the work you have to do, thank God you have something to do.

as you think of different people, thank God for them.

{even if it’s someone you don’t really like…} thank God for them again.

thank God for your ability to go for this walk.

thank Him for showing you all the things to be thankful for.

it’s wonderfully freeing to be thankful.

what else are you thankful for today?

if you’ve missed any other of my 31 days of letting go posts see them here.


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{day 28} art journaling… imperfection in letting go


sometimes to “let go” I just work in my art journal.

note: an art journal is something deeply personal, like a diary, but it may or may not be filled with pretty pictures. they may be ugly pictures! it is NOT perfect! that’s the beauty of it! it’s a place to just get out ideas on paper, to doodle, to make a mess, to let go of a little bit of silly creativity and luckily a journal is personal and no one is going to see it, so it is a way of letting go of the imperfection. journal-3

whether it be a study of another picture as you learn how to draw faces…


or some completely random clocks and cages modge-podged together because, I mean, that just makes total sense when that’s just how you feel…


or maybe it’s just a silly girly little pencil drawing.

any way, it’s a way of letting go and taking a few minutes to find peace in making a little bit of messy art. 

dearest friends, don’t even think about what you’re doing and what it should look like. just let your pencil drawer, or your paintbrush paint, even if it’s something silly and immature like a little girl holding balloons.

For more inspiration about art journaling check out this blog HERE. She has been working for the whole month on her own art journal. and it’s beautiful. and totally, perfectly imperfect.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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{day 26} a cup of tea and a little prayer



hi friends,

for today, I want you to go grab a cup of tea (or coffee if that’s your preference) and grab a pen and a piece of paper. 

Today’s exercise is all about letting go through prayer.


take a breather.

take a moment to sit in your favorite chair with your tea and to think.

think about all the things that are weighing you down. it won’t be hard, we’re quiet for a moment and they all come rushing into your mind.

as each thing pops into your mind, write it down.

as you write it down, imagine that you let the “thing” disappear. give it up to God and let it go. imagine that as you write it down you’re placing this worry in God’s hands. don’t worry, His hands are way bigger than yours. He’ll take good care of it. don’t think of it again.


do this until your mind is clear.

until you’ve given everything up to God.


May you, my friends, find peace today in letting go of the things you are holding on to.

“Cast your burden on the LORD, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.”

Psalm 55:22

“casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you”

-1 Peter 5:7

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{day 23} change something to make it more useful

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while… to change something I know I love, but don’t use as much as I would if it was just fixed a little bit 🙂

I have this dress, from a couple years ago: this picture is from our 2nd Anniversary!

2ndAnniversary 017

it was a really good sale from Anthropology! I wore it more often a few years ago then I did this summer. I kept wanting to wear it this summer but I didn’t feel comfortable in the halter top anymore.initial dress layout

so I wanted to change it to a skirt.

initial dress

today I decided to go for it.

(please excuse our messy room!eek!)

I just cut off the top and added an elastic band.skirt

so now I have a new maxi-skirt!

skirt on

hopefully now this skirt will get more use!

now, is there something that you could change just a little bit to get more use out of it?


kimberly renee

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