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thankfulness list

things i’m thankful for today:

  • my parents came to visit last weekend!! best weekend ever! {i can’t believe it’d been over a year since i’d seen them when they came to visit in jersey! i’m the worst daughter in the world.}

  • exploring is fun: we went to Rockport{duh!}, Essex, Salem, Marblehead, Gloucester and everywhere in between.
  • trying new things: we tried out a diner that was featured on “diners, drive-ins and dives” and it had Husbuddy’s name!

{personally, i have no idea why it was featured and why it always has lines out the door… it really wasn’t very good… more like blech… but the memories are fun.}

  • good conversation with loved ones


  • learning new things and going to museums: …and husbuddy’s enthusiasm for history…

  • that husbuddy gets along with my parents. it’s like we’re all one happy family! that’s hard to find in this day and age. ha. but seriously… we both love our in-laws so much and i’m so thankful for that! 🙂
  • walks on the beach in the rain:

  • puppycakes’ joy found in playing and running in the sand: haha. hilarious.


what are you thankful for today?

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Thankful list

Thankful for today::
1. Laughter with dear ones
2. Life behind a scream from sweet O in the hospital.
3.joy in a friend’s eyes
4.a cuddly puppy with his bone
5. Baby boys who smile when they see you watching them.
6. Tea filled moments
7. The voices of worship and praise together filling the space.
8. A hug from a two year old with red curls.
9. A phone call from sweet sister
10. Driving with Husbuddy and watching the spring filled trees pass by in peace.


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