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Anniversary Adventures

IMG_2459_chair on mountain

so, it’s been almost two weeks since our anniversary and i have yet to share about our adventures! and adventures did we have!

we took a little trip to Charlottesville and Shenandoah National Park. it was a glorious couple of days away together.


when we were young and naive {as in, when we first got married} we told each other that we’d make EVERY anniversary special. we feel it’s so important to celebrate another year together. a year of love and life that may have had ups and downs just like every other year, but another year. another gift. it’s SO important to us to celebrate and remember!

some years we’ve barely had the money or time to do anything more than a nice dinner. one year we went white water rafting. another year we took a trip to Vancouver, Canada. this year we really, really didn’t have the money to do anything… but we planned it far enough in advance to save up for it and to spread out the costs.

our big adventure was finding a historic cabin on airbnb  on top of a mountain with a view.

IMG_2465_cabin window

isn’t it cute? apparently, back in the day, Stonewall Jackson stayed here!! what what?! it blew our minds that we were looking out little windows that someone famous may have looked out of. of course it was updated with plumbing and electricity.


the best part of the cabin was the view:

IMG_2452_cabin front porch

and the claw foot tub. it was a 4′ tub so a grown man barely fits! let alone a prego. but it was still so fun and part of the adventure of the weekend!

IMG_2444_cabin tub

the evening we arrived we went into C-ville and had a nice anniversary dinner. it was so fun to dress up and go exploring and just pick a place without knowing if it’d be good or not. the place we picked was really good. we aren’t used to southern flavors at all, so it was fun to try new things.  the only thing that made me sad was that i couldn’t have a glass of wine. oh man, do i miss a good glass of wine every now and then!!

IMG_2486_anniversary dinner

but Husbuddy had wine as well as the duck. he loves trying the duck at almost every fancy restaurant we go to. it totally cracks me up. he’s cute though, so i let it slide. hee hee.

IMG_2489_love him

then we walked around the mall. we found a chalkboard wall that has chalk lying there for anyone who wants to write on it. how fun is that?! of course Husbuddy had to graffiti our names on it and a #7…with a heart. see, i told you he was cute.


it was a lovely start to our 7th anniversary adventure! the next day we went for a fun drive and a hike. more on that next time.

IMG_2490_anniversary dinner

so what about you? do you feel it’s important to celebrate anniversaries and milestones too? do you go on adventures with your loved one just to celebrate each other? i’d love to hear!

xo-kimberly renee

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august 18th






maine anniversary_vintage

today is our anniversary! it’s been 7 years since i told this man in front of all our friends and family that he had my heart forever.  can you believe it, sweetheart?! we’ve had so many adventures in those 7 years. this year has been particularly adventure-full so here are a few of my favorite adventures from this past year. 🙂

biked to the beach one morning

riding the tandom bike on Martha’s Vineyard = a blast!

on the front veranda

exploring Edgartown with family = loved it!


cooking and creating together = date nights done well!


Photo Jan 19, 8 41 56 AM

road trips together =always my fav.

at the pool

dressing up for dinner

MEXICO!  = SO fun!

IMG_2024_group picture

new friends in Gloucester = such a blessing

in front of castle  disneyland!  = such a sweet little getaway!







Photo Feb 22, 2 23 11 PM

snowboarding for my birthday = you know me so well!

2013-05-25 10.52.02

moving to a new place with new adventures= awesome! {i know, technically i’m not in this with one, but i’m right there in his excitement!}  excited baby reveal sm


and now a new adventure = SO excited to see him become a Daddy to our little girl!

Happy Anniversary, Husbuddy. xoxo


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sunday thoughts

“For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation without regret, where as wordly grief produces death.”

2 Cor. 7:10

for some reason, yesterday, this verse really stuck out to me. i couldn’t put a finger on why though. so i thought about it a while. and i read the little footnotes at the bottom of the page. the footnotes say(roughly):

godly grief = remorse caused by having lost God’s approval … and the consequence is a resolve to reverse conduct & LIVE FOR GOD.

wordly grief = remorse brought about by losing the world’s approval… leads to a resolve to regain that approval & this produces death (or divine judgement).

(emphasis mine.)

i thought about that and wrote that down in my journal. it is lingering and i can’t stop thinking about it.

whom do i serve? Jesus says i can’t serve 2 masters! i wrote this down in all caps in my journal too. God is trying to show me something…

IMG_1451_Izushi cherry and lantern

i’m convicted because at the end of many days, i am filled with worldly grief. i worry about my job. i obsess over it. i let it consume me with bitterness. i worry about friends and whether they like me or not. (totally dumb, i know, but you’ve all been there, am i right?) i worry about whether what i do fulfills me. i feel empty when i’ve tried to do things with my own strength. like anything i could do could fill my heart. my soul.

i’m totally convicted that my frustrations and the bitterness that i am so often filled with is worldly grief. i regret things i’ve done or haven’t done in my day because it may look bad to others. i worry about what people think about me.

and it hits me: worldly grief is when i’m focused ON ME.

i long to live each day open to godly grief. because godly grief means i’d be focused on Christ. my heart would be in the right place and i’d repent of my selfish nature daily, with no regret.

oh Lord, help me to have my focus right. to serve YOU, my One True Master. when i get caught up in the troubles of this world, may my grief be godly, seeking only your salvation, repenting(turning away) from my selfish nature.

And i remember that my word of the year is JOY. i realize that the first step to true joy is not trying to find it in this world- but to repent of my selfishness – to have godly grief.


i am so thankful when the Lord reveals something to me… even if it’s hard like this and convicts me the core. i’m thankful because it means that He wants me to draw ever closer to Him.

and i realize that i want to draw closer to Him too.

(can i get an amen?)

thanks for listening to my heart, friends. has God been teaching you anything lately? calling you to Himself in new ways? i’d love to hear about it!

xo-kimberly renee

{ps- i promise to get back to japan photos soon!}

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a little LOVE

hey ya’ll. can anyone believe how many valentine’s things are already up? ha. well, i’m about to join the crowd::

who’s trying to come up with something clever to get a loved one for V-day? Well, there’s always one of these Red Letters Canvases:


if you’re a DIY-er, i have a tutorial on how to make one on your own canvas here: Red Letters Canvas Tutorial


but if it would be easier, i’d be happy to make one for you! just click HERE to go to my Etsy shop and order one. it would be a perfect gift for valentines day! my only suggestion is to get your order in before too late so i have time to finish it and mail it to you! 🙂

4-29 love2love you guys. 🙂

xo-kimberly renee


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a birthday prayer

i have a little list of birthday prayers today for my love. today Husbuddy is turning 28! this post is just a public celebration of my prayers for him. thanks for praying for him with me. 🙂

my sweet love, these things i pray for you.

  • i pray for you to be more healthy this year than last.  it’s been a tough one and i hope in my heart that you will be healthy and happy…. to be able to run and frolic with the other kids. haha. no seriously. may you find real God-given-health.
  • i pray for the adventures we’re going to have in your 28th year! new beginnings! new places to explore together! i love exploring with you! we always have so  much fun together and there are so many new places to go this year!
  • i pray for your heart– that you would know true peace in Christ this year. that He may be growing you and molding you constantly more into who He’s created you to be. peace is something that can’t be bought. it can’t be manufactured. it is only given as a gift. may you find Christ’s true peace and may you live in it this year.
  • i pray that i will be able to show you better love this year. i so love being your wife! but sometimes i’m not very good at showing you that. i want to though. please know that i want to be better at loving and respecting you.
  • i pray that God continues to call you. to call you BY NAME. and to call you to His purpose. may you see more and more of God’s calling on your life every day. and may you be up to it-never shrinking from the responsibility and the challenge.

happy birthday my love, my best friend, my Husbuddy!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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dancing in minefields {6th anniversary}

today marks the 6th year since our wedding day. i can’t believe it’s been 6 years! on one side it feels like it’s been way longer. we’ve had way too many adventures for 6 years. 😉 on the other side it feels like we’re still barely newly weds, learning how to love each other on a daily basis.

i just heard this song on one of Husbuddy’s playlists the other day. i’ve been listening to it over and over.  i think it describes this thing called marriage perfectly. can i share it with you? it’s called  “dancing in minefields” {go ahead, click on the link and listen to the official video, it’s a beautiful song).


a couple lyrics that stick out and seem to be speaking about our marriage personally:

“…everyone said we were much too young, but we did it anyway…”

“…we went dancing in the mine fields, we went sailing in the storms and it was harder than we dreamed, but i believe that’s what the promise is for…”

“‘i do’ are the two most famous last words, the beginning of the end”

“but to loose your life for another i’ve heard is a good place to begin, because the only way to find a life is to lay your own life down and i believe it’s an easy price for the life we have found”

“this is harder than we dreamed, but that’s what the promise is for.”

” so when i loose my way, find me. when i loose loves’ chains, bind me… at the end of all my faith, to the end of all my days, when i forget my name, remind me…”

“we bear the light of the son of man, so there’s nothing left to fear”

“i’ll walk with you in the shadow lands until the shadows disappear, cause He promised not to leave us, and his promises are true”

“…so in the face of all this chaos, baby i can dance with you.”

“so lets go dancing in the mine fields, go sailing in the storms…”

“this is harder than we dreamed, but that’s what the promise is for.”


isn’t that a beautiful song?! i love that it talks about the reality that marriage is hard. this summer, we feel like it’s been especially hard. is it ok to be honest here? moving was hard on us and our marriage. being in a new place where we know no one after being surrounded by so many friends in jersey, has been hard. husbuddy being so sick this past year and still trying to figure the gf/df stuff all out, is hard. trusting that God knows what He is doing with our life as we start another year of schooling without much income… is hard.

but this song reminds me that we have to work at it every day. it’s like dancing in minefields. it’s hard and seems impossible. but, our marriage is so worth it and the promise that we made to each other is there.  the promise that Christ made to us, is there and true.

it’s a beautiful dance, and baby, i choose to dance it with you. to my sweetheart and husbuddy, Happy Anniversary!

with all my love, kimberly renee.

{all images copyright by Beth Bennett!}

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