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on being intentional

it’s December. {When did that happen?"}

Sometimes I find that it’s hard to breathe in December. It’s a flurry of term papers, holiday shopping, Christmas parties, and finals. It’s always a time when I don’t know how I’m really going to make it through the next few weeks… and then somehow it’s the end of the next few weeks and I don’t even know how I got here.


Let’s make each other a promise, ok?

Let’s promise to be intentional this Advent Season. Let’s keep the main thing, the main thing; if you know what I mean. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to get caught up in all the business and hype, all the “stuff”,  all the parties or all the events. I don’t want to get to January and wonder where Christmas went.

Instead, let’s get caught up in the special moments of promise and hope.

Let’s focus on the important parts of this season as we prepare our hearts and homes for a baby.

Let us remember who we’re celebrating and why.

Who’s with me?


Christmas wreath

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going kayacking with my little brother

i am pretty sure i may be going crazy. or i’m just bored and wishing for stuff…

i wish i was back in Boston.

  • when we got home from Boston our computer crashed-we lost everything-including photoshop! my life is ending without photoshop. 

  • this is serious, people.  

  • before we left for Boston i dropped my camera. now the little green light flashes insanly fast when i try to turn it on but never opens it’s little eyes…

  • so we had to use my husbands camera  in Boston. doh!

  •  NOTE: the flash may smoke when i take your picture…

  • true story.

i wish it was the weekend already.

  • this week(as in yesterday…today’s only tuesday?!) my boss laughed at me because i rode my bike home from work but not to work. 

  • comeon. give me a break! i don’t like getting to work dripping of sweat. i like to look pretty at my little office. not gross and drippy! so i have my carhog sweet husband give me a ride to work with the bike carrier on back! brillant, i say!

  • my dog eats my carpet.

  • in yoga tonight, as i’m trying to clear my mind with my butt up in the air in “downward dog”, i can stop thinking about how embarrassing it’d be if i farted. geez lu eez. not too mind clearing if you ask me…
  • then the dog throws the carpet up. lovely.


  • then my dog starts whining because i put his bone on the top shelf in a fit of rage because i steped on the darn thing, broke my toe and cut ginormous gashes in the sole of my feet.
  • i like to feel my feet and not have them numb with pain- thankyouverymuch.


  • ok. so i was exaggerating about the broken toe. but i still won’t get the bone down for you, buddy.


  • i wish i could figure out the spacing on this post… something’s wack.
  • i can’t believe i sit on my butt all day at work-in front of the computer- then come home and sit on it againto type this out just because i’m going crazy.
  • yes. i said wack. you got a problem with that?

i wish my brother would come visit me. or my sister. or anybody.but at this moment…my brother.

  • doh! look how cute my little brother is in this photo… we’re about to go kayacking in this one.
  • he’s lucky i didn’t push him into the Charles River.
  • sure he’s bigger than me and has mucsles popping out of his shirt because he’s a rock-climbing stud muffin dude…. but i could have.
  • he’s so lucky to have me as a big sista. 🙂
  • i could have, you know, if i had wanted to. just sayin.
  • but it’d be so fun if he’d pinch a few more pennies and come visit. i mean. how much were those rock climbing shoes bro? you needed them? really? more than you need to come visit me? i’m hurt. :-p
  • i’d like to just mention that this photo was made on picnik.com (which is really easy and fun to use!) but not photoshop.
  • which i miss dearly.

phil’s bored, originally uploaded by Kimberly*Renee.

 ok. so apparently i’m wishing too much for other things.

comeon photoshop fairy! drop a copy under my pillow tonight!

but that’s besides the point. thank goodness that Jesus loves me even when i’m crazy and un-content (is that a word?) like i am now. thank goodness? thank God.

“See what kind of love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.” 1 john 3:1


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