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we’ve been off  adventuring.

yup! we found some of the closest mountain biking areas and we’ve explored 2 in less than 24 hours!

yesterday was hot but we found a really cool state park outside of Ipswich.

we went through lots of forest, by ponds, on bridges and over rivers… oh my!

this house was the estate from the late 1800’s that someone gave to the state of MA. Thank you, whoever you are, for giving your property to the world so we can mountain bike! 🙂

 it has been a while since we last went mountain biking-so i felt a little slow and wimpy.

then this morning Husbuddy dragged me we went to another place that was south of Salem. it was beautiful but it was so big we felt like we hardly saw any of it. guess it just means we get to go back a lot!

it’s really not fair that you can’t tell how steep that was… it was exhausting! i forgot what mountains are like! i’ve been gone from Colorado for far too long! 😉

and i was still exhausted from yesterday’s ride so i was not excited as Husbuddy. i was a little annoyed with how much energy he had not as excited as he was…he gets way too hiper when we get to go mountain biking! hee hee

see how fast he was going?! so.much.energy… how?! haha.

 on top of a hill there was a tower that was open so that we could climb up and see the view.

that’s Boston, people!!

and this was from another hill.  we were having fun because from this point it was all downhill back to the car…

see? we don’t mountain bike too hard. it’s all just fun and play. 🙂 haha.

ok. so maybe i was a little grumpy today… sorry, sweetheart.  it really was really fun and so good to get out and do something active! i’m so thankful to Husbuddy for getting so excited to take me out exploring and adventuring! it really is one of my favorite things to do and i really appreciate it even if sometimes he has to drag me out the door a little bit haha. LOVE you, Husbuddy! 🙂

off to take a nap.

xo-kimberly renee.

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a weekend bike ride

i love bike riding in jersey.

mostly because when we get out to a place like this, it doesn’t feel like we’re in jersey anymore! 🙂

and it’s “our thing”. you know? it’s something active that we do together. we’ve noticed that this is HUGE in our married life. if we don’t have activities that are fun for both of us to do together, our relationship is less vibrant.

but, if we have something fun that we both get up early for and are excited to do together, it’s so life giving! our friendship grows and it’s almost like we’re dating again 😉

this is usually my view:: Husbuddy waiting for me.

so…even though i’m not as good as Husbuddy, and he has to wait for me(mostly because i make him so i don’t like feeling too left behind!) we’re still both having a grand ol’ time.

we become even better friends by doing “our thing” together on a regular basis. in Idaho, “our thing” was back packing and hiking. here in Jersey there isn’t as much of an opportunity for that, so we’ve picked this up. (we both used to mt. bike when we were growing up) and we’ve loved getting out in nature together since we were dating.

ha, and i love that i get to see him in his element. i can imagine what he was like as a junior high boy, so excited to try that next jump.

(because yes, folks- he road multiple of those platforms and jumped off of multiple hills that i steered very clear of.)

what kind of activities do you guys do together with your other to grow your friendship?

dear Husbuddy, thank you for being my bestest friend and for taking me mountain biking 🙂

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Spring time date

When it’s as warm as it is today, Husbuddy and I HAVE to get outside and enjoy nature. 🙂
So we went mountain biking 🙂
Did you do anything to enjoy spring time today??


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