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visiting with friends

i mentioned yesterday that friends came to visit last weekend. it was wonderful to get to spend so much time with them! we’ve missed them so much since we’ve moved!! here are a few pictures from our adventures::

lots of olympics watching. it’s even more fun to watch with friends.

there was some beach time

there was a feast and fun fellowship

there were a couple of exploration adventures… the adventure below was to Rockport

you can’t really tell, but O is wearing a lobster onsie- perfect for the north east! 🙂

this town is so cute…and the little guy was being super cute at lunch time too.

thanks to the guy who took a group shot and got the really cool red building in the background! #perfection! 😉

{all pretty shots from Rockport  credit goes to Joel. thanks, friend!}

it’s so fun having friends come visit. thanks so much, friends! so… now the question is, when are YOU going to come? we’ll take you to the beach and some cute little north shore towns!

xo-kimberly renee

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we’ve been off  adventuring.

yup! we found some of the closest mountain biking areas and we’ve explored 2 in less than 24 hours!

yesterday was hot but we found a really cool state park outside of Ipswich.

we went through lots of forest, by ponds, on bridges and over rivers… oh my!

this house was the estate from the late 1800’s that someone gave to the state of MA. Thank you, whoever you are, for giving your property to the world so we can mountain bike! 🙂

 it has been a while since we last went mountain biking-so i felt a little slow and wimpy.

then this morning Husbuddy dragged me we went to another place that was south of Salem. it was beautiful but it was so big we felt like we hardly saw any of it. guess it just means we get to go back a lot!

it’s really not fair that you can’t tell how steep that was… it was exhausting! i forgot what mountains are like! i’ve been gone from Colorado for far too long! 😉

and i was still exhausted from yesterday’s ride so i was not excited as Husbuddy. i was a little annoyed with how much energy he had not as excited as he was…he gets way too hiper when we get to go mountain biking! hee hee

see how fast he was going?! so.much.energy… how?! haha.

 on top of a hill there was a tower that was open so that we could climb up and see the view.

that’s Boston, people!!

and this was from another hill.  we were having fun because from this point it was all downhill back to the car…

see? we don’t mountain bike too hard. it’s all just fun and play. 🙂 haha.

ok. so maybe i was a little grumpy today… sorry, sweetheart.  it really was really fun and so good to get out and do something active! i’m so thankful to Husbuddy for getting so excited to take me out exploring and adventuring! it really is one of my favorite things to do and i really appreciate it even if sometimes he has to drag me out the door a little bit haha. LOVE you, Husbuddy! 🙂

off to take a nap.

xo-kimberly renee.

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we took a little trip last weekend…

just in case you didn’t notice that…

ha. but I have already posted lots of pretty photos.

so here are a few more to share with you. we saw singing beach::

at singing beach

we meandered through a few north shore towns::


like Rockport::

in rockport - Copy

it was cold but still beautiful::

at rockport2

we also made it into Boston::

at quincy market2

took in the sites::

at quincy market

found the old north church::

north chuch

visited relatives in Cambridge::

in cambridge - Copy

and I got to have this adventure with my best friend::

in boston

it was a wonderful trip! thanks for enjoying it with me.

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