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working on the nursery {day 26}

day 26

we’ve been busy little bees this weekend… painting the nursery! the color i finally ended up chosing is sort of a like aqua/teal color. it’s called “Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue” by Valspar from Lowes.

remember that this is what it looked like when we moved in: the little door-less closet and slanted ceiling on one side of the room

nursery before2

and the biggest closet in the house on the other side of the room:

nursery before

and last week you saw the beginnings of my priming job:

day 17

it’s slowly happening! eek!

painting seems like such a big step in getting the nursery together! so it made me nervous to actually go buy the paint color…because it was somehow “more real”.  but really, it’s just paint and it’s so easy to paint it again if i don’t like it. and i’m sure there will be plenty of other things along the way that will make this whole baby-on-the-way thing more real.

here are a couple inspiration images that i’ve pinned just so you get an idea of where i’m headed:  {we’ll see how close i actually get to any of these ideas since we have such a tight budget!} you’ll note that all of these nursery images there is a chandelier! oh i wish we could have one, but the ceiling is super low already.

the ruffled bed skirt and the pops of pink are my favorite. and look at the fun detail on the drapes!

all the colors in this room are amazing. and i’m in LOVE with this rug: {alas, it’s anthropologie which means WAY out of the price range!}

i just love that these images are girly but not overly pink. this image even shows a gray dresser like ours! the pops of black are fun but i’m not sure i’ll go that way.

there ya go. now you have an idea where i’m headed with this teal wall that Husbuddy is painting right now…isn’t he good lookin’ with that paint roller in hand? hee hee, i think so *wink wink.*  i’m so thankful for him and that he is just as excited as i am for this little baby girl!  {you can tell by his cute tweets}

xoxo-kimberly renee

31 days banner

{this is part of a 31 day series about “Seeing Creatively” through the camera. to see the other 31 posts, click HERE}


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the new painting

the new painting is finally revealed. you’ve seen small images of it here and here and here. is it what you imagined it would look like?! ha. i’ve been working on this one for a while! it was made for our dear friends the Estes {you can go check out their blog here} who came and visited us this past weekend.

i wanted the painting to be cheerful and happy. to give the feeling of hope and joy.

i loved this verse for the painting because these three things have been a HUGE part of their lives for the past couple of years:

faith– that God knows what He is doing in their lives and in little Owen’s life. sometimes it’s hard to hold on tight to that faith but it’s still there.

hope– that God will provide for today as well as for a future for little Owen and their family- may it be better than anyone can imagine.

and love– that true love may transcend over every part of their lives- through friends and family and even strangers. Love is what has got them through so far and is going to get them through everything in this life. That is why it is the greatest.

this family is amazing. you meet them and you can’t help but love them to death. i love how Sharon can strike up a conversation with anyone-even a grumpy person at a new jersey cash register- who i can barely get to say hi to me– and she somehow gets them to laugh with her. her joy is radiant.  i love that Joel always thinks and speaks the best of people. he is a Godly man who is such a light of Christ to anyone he meets.  in the past few years when we’ve tried to be there for them it felt like they were giving more of themselves to us.  that’s just who they are. such lovely people.  we are so blessed by their friendship. we only hope that we can bless them as much.

may this gift bless them because it’s from my heart. may God bless them as they are growing more and more in faith, hope and LOVE.

xo-kimberly renee.


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a new painting {letting go again}

last weekend i started a new painting:

actually i started 2.

i was so excited to get out my favorite gel medium that i went a little overboard.

so i made this background for a sweet little 8×8 painting that a friend asked me for a personal painting. she wants one of her with her sister. a commission! i was so excited!

but i was a little scared to start because i was afraid i’d mess up… {why do i keep getting scared like that?}

so i decided to “let go” of my fear {remember this sweet post about “letting go“?} and focus on this other painting…

i put together some pretty colors and papers and a face from my latest anthropology magazine…

…then i went to town! 🙂

kinda crazy that i made a blue lady first huh?  i don’t know, i was trying something new there.

then, for a few days i couldn’t figure out what to do next.

finally, i added these words:: “perfect love casts out fear.” 1 john 4:18 (b)

it kind of speaks to me.

even just with something as silly as my fear of starting the painting for my friend! i needed to remember that if i just let go, love will come through the fear… love drives out the fear…perfect love casts out fear!

 what a beautiful thing to remember every singly day. 


i think it finished beautifully…

don’t you?

remember this verse friends. may it speak to you in a dark time. may God’s love cast out all fear in your life.

God bless you. xo-kimberly renee

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hold each other always

there’s this adorable little family that i know and miss dearly… “Family O”. 🙂

they are beyond cute. 🙂 i love love love these peeps!

unfortunately they live in Idaho and we live in Jersey….way too far away! so… i haven’t even met the newest little member of “family O”!

when the littlest O was born in October, I offered to give them a painting of their sweet little family… and, i promise, i started it right away!

then all of a sudden it was Christmas and I was so busy that I never had a chance to finish it. I finally got my act in gear this last weekend to finish it! o, what a terrible friend i am to take so long! { and i think i started it a couple of times… then i painted over it two or three times to make sure it was perfect}

So here’s what it looked like when i started over the final time:

first i layered some pages from a bible. i thought this was a good background because it is fundamental in our lives and it’s a good foundation for a family to live by 🙂

Then i wrote a poem over the text that i like:

God is in every Tomorrow,

Therefore I live for Today,

Certain of finding at Sunrise

Guidance and Strength for my way.

Power for each moment of weakness,

Hope for each moment of Pain,

Comfort for every sorrow

Sunshine and joy after Rain

-LB Cowman.

Isn‘t it a beautiful poem? Husbuddy thought it was a little too serious for my painting… but i thought it’d be good to be in the background there.

Then, this is how it sat for a few weeks:

the floating heads are little weird, i admit….

and i couldn’t figure out how to calm down the background, get the words that i wanted on there, get the family word to look right…

really, i was just so scared of messing it up for my dear friends! i didn’t think i would do a good job.

it seemed like voices kept telling me that i wasn’t a good enough artist to do this for them. they needed a professional. i had offered to give them this out of my own vanity {what had i been thinking?} and i wasn’t good enough!

this weekend i realized that i just needed to face my fears.

i needed to finish it!

if it wasn’t good enough for them, they could just stick it in the back of a closet…

but i needed to just let it all out… do my best … i needed to  be free from the fear… then it would come alive…

and it would be good enough.


so… freedom was finally found 🙂

{sorry the picture’s seem just a little blurry}

The background finally calmed down, but i still have the pretty texture… and i added a little bit of randomness to  bring it all together… makes perfect sense, right?!  yup. thought so. There’s even a little map behind the butterfly of the state of Oklahoma… where they’ll be moving to in the summer! 🙂 what an adorable little family.

The words around their heads read:

*hold each other always*

*may you always speak with love and grace

& always see the best in each other in hope and truth*

*God bless this family*


i hope “family O” likes it  as much as i do! 🙂 love you guys!

now off to package it all up and put it in the mailbox. 🙂

xo-kimberly renee


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a new angel for the 1st sunday of advent!



Glory Angel

here’s my new angel! isn’t she pretty? it’s an old shelf that i used so it’s a fun shape. a perfect angel for your Christmas decorations! She is the angel from Matthew 2 who declares the glory of God to the shepherds in the field. Wouldn’t she be the perfect gift for someone? She is on sale right now at my etsy shop!Only 4 more weeks till Christmas! 🙂 Happy 1st Sunday of advent !

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A Sunday Sketch… a day late…

I know I’m a little out of control here, but I’ve been meaning to post all of these from this past weekend. The sisters is my favorite,  but these too are just a couple of sketches that are fun. 🙂 Let me know what you think!

there's always hope

This one is really important to me. I heard a song on the radio the other day where one of the main lines was “be as you are” talking to a girl who was looking at magazines for her self image or to a teenager who threw up to stay thin enough for the world around her. The message of the song was, Young girl, be who God made you to be, because you are beautiful just as you, you are one of a kind, no one can be as beautiful as you are, because no one else is YOU!be as you are

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LoVe mE aLwAyS


Love me Always dear one



I just can’t get enough of painting these past few days! That’s all I did this weekend.  I wasn’t too impressed with most of what I finished. But I felt creative and I was getting back into the swing of things after a long time away.

 So I love painting people “portraits” of family and friends. I’ve done a lot of different paintings the past few years but I keep giving them away! So I’m determined to try to do some to keep as well as sell.  This little couple makes me smile and get all warm and fuzzy inside 😉 ha. The small text says, “by their fruits ye shall know them”. To me this means that the love that this couple is showing the world is true and everyone can recognize their “fruit” of love by how they treat each other as well as others with love. To use the cliche, “love covers all sin.” Please let me know what you think of one of my first attempts of the fall.  


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