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spring is in the paint{ings}

you may have noticed that i’ve painted a bunch lately. as in the last two weeks i’ve seemed to gone mad.  first there were these two angels:

IMG_7569 day 18

then there was this sheep. RANDOM, after all the angels, i know.


then there was this larger angel:

day 24

which i’m super excited about and totally in love with. it was the largest size painting i’ve ever done and i think i was just so inspired it was one of the fastest ones too! there’s layers of text and music under the paint that you can see when you get up close.   {i have yet to get a really good photo of her. but i’m planning on setting up my tripod for that this weekend.}

and now they are almost all up on my society6 shop.  how fun is that?

Spring Angel {2} Stationery Card

Easter Lamb Framed Art PrintSpring Angel {1} Throw Pillow

perfectly in time for Easter! spring is in the paint air! i may have to get out the paint again this weekend. who wants to join me?

check out  my society6 shop!

xoxo-kimberly renee
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sketch for tuesday {#31 &32}

i’m counting this as 2 sketches. it’s actually 4 so i think that’s fair.  last week was way too busy to get one done, but this week it feels like i’ve been painting and sketching up a storm! …evidenced even by my verse of the day sketchy post on sunday.

anyway, i’m working on some cards so these are little colored sketches that will go on the front of the cards:

i really like the one with the girl and her dog. it makes a cute card:

i hope the recipient likes it as much as i do. 😉



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