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a birthday party for a little miss 1 year old

well, it’s been forever and a day since i’ve blogged. uh hem. sorry about that. the holidays distracted me. and so did this little girl. who turned 1 last sunday on the 4th.

mother and daughter

we had a little pink and gold party for her.

my parents laughed and said that the party was really for me. ha. i had fun making it pretty. so ya, i guess it was for me.

birthday seat

cupcakes macarons

we had appetizers, cupcakes and of course, macaroons. because what 1 year old girl birthday party doesn’t NEED those? ha. ok, maybe that was the most expensive part of the party… so not really a need. haha. but they’re pretty and yummy.  blurry-greating visitors

the little miss had fun welcoming everyone to her party in her little pink tutu and pig tails.

birthday girl

she even had a little gold crown cat ears with her pig tails.

birthday girl with balloons2

and the balloons were a hit.

birthday girl with balloons3 birthday girl with balloons

i’m so very thankful for this little sweetpea. we are SO blessed to be her parents!  family

Sophia didn’t know what to think of everyone singing to her.    candle checking out the cupcake

and it took her a little while to get comfortable with the idea that she was allowed to eat the cupcake. we had to break it apart for her to dig in…

wait i can eat this


cupcake chowing

then there was NO problem.  cupcake chowing2

Happy 1 Year Sophia! it’s been such a fun year!        birthday family after cupcake

we love you!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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a bbq and bow tie baby boy bash

it wasn’t much, but we wanted to surprise our sweet friends, Sharon and Joel {and Owen, of course!} with a small party to celebrate “the little mister” that is arriving shortly. i’m pretty sure she had other baby showers at the seminary and the church that they go to, so this wasn’t a ‘baby shower’ it was just a party with friends.

a party where bow ties were required. {lol}

surprise sharon

deats surprise for sharon

sporting bowtie

really, i just wanted an excuse to make everyone wear bow ties and to have a hot chocolate bar. i even almost put one on Sophie…

hot chocolate bar

the hot chocolate bar was a hit with all the kiddos! {who mysteriously did not get in any of my photos! too busy playing dress up and trucks in the other rooms! ha!}

the boys

sharon and joel

we are so excited for Sharon and Joel! i can’t wait to meet the little mister any day now!

the girls

so, the bow tie theme was a little weak… not going to lie. i just made little bow ties using this tutorial. and we had bow tie pasta as a side. whoo hoo! we also had bbq pork sandwiches. that goes with the bow ties, right? i mean, it’s super classy, right? LOL. what can i say, it was just a small dinner with friends, dear friends who let me inflict the requirement of bow ties on them. thankfully, i have Elissa to help me with the inflicting… and who let us take over her house. hee hee.

xoxo-kimberly renee


silly boys

and then there’s this photo... we told them to act manly. this is what they do. and i believe one of them asked, “what’s ‘manly’ mean?” HA HA.

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happy November

happy November! today is my mother-in-law’s birthday. you all should go wish her a happy birthday! 🙂

to celebrate, i thought i’d share with you some fun photos from a surprise party we had last weekend. it was really fun and the pictures turned out ok-even though it was really dark- so  enjoy! 🙂

we used pompoms(of course!which one of my parties recently hasn’t used those? this one and this one to name a few…haha), christmas lights, white/fallish things, white pumpkins, fabric garland, pennant banners(which it looks like i forgot to get pictures of) and a “nonna wreath.”

the party was a chili-bar because we had a few diet restrictions, so it seemed like the easiest thing to do- have a couple of chilis in the crock pot and ask guests to bring toppings/sides! it was fun!

the nonna wreath is one of my favorite wreaths from Jones Design Company -tutorial HERE– i gave it to the birthday girl though, so now i am going to have to make another one for me.

the beautiful birthday-girl turned 30! {note: these deserts don’t have eggs or dairy or soy in them…good job Wesley!}

all  of the beautiful women who  love Renee, even after most of us only knowing her for 2 months! funny how someone who is so beautiful inside and out,who is so loving and genuine can attract so many friends in such a short time. she is amazing.

the boys mostly just talked theology the entire party {so typical}

or they were focused on the food. i wish i’d taken one of all of them together like we did with the girls. 🙂

Finley (Renee’s sweet little) was in on the surprise too. she’s a good little secret keeper.

this is one of my favorite pictures! sweet lil’ Finley with her aunt Wesley! 🙂 {co-conspirator of the surprise}

Happy {late} Birthday Renee! 🙂

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a little party

I may have mentioned there was giant little party this weekend.

See, a year ago there was a  most special little guy born. He wasn’t expected to live very long. Doctors told his parents so many things that he wouldn’t be able to do-one of those things was he wasn’t going to be able to breathe on his own. Praise God, there was a HUGE miracle and the little guy defied all odds. Time after time. He is a little breathing, smiling, giggling, sweet, little miracle.

So we had a rather large party to celebrate that fact.

and to thank everyone who has given his momma and daddy so much. to give everyone a chance to celebrate the little guy too.

You can find more of the details on the little ONE year old’s blog. But I thought I’d share some of the pretty little details that we’d worked on for the past few weeks.

The theme was “O’s”(for O-wen). So we went with a lot of Owls. All the food was little O’s. the decorations were O’s. Man- even the TP was o’s. HA. jk. but,  it was fun to see  how many O’s we could come up with. 🙂

please enjoy some of the little details before the party got started:

yummy drinksowlpoof

these large posters were actually really cheap! We of course learned the secret on Pinterest from this link.large imagesowlpoof2

some of us had to sneak some food before everyone showed up:: (getting things ready was tiring!)getting food

I am so in love with this O face garland:o treats(also found on pinterest)owlpoof3

I love how sweet this picture of Momma and birthday boy getting ready for the party::

getting ready

and of course, a fleet of owl cupcakes:owl cupcakes

I think my favorite part was the photo booth. 🙂 we had props, hats, crowns, masks, harry potter glasses and even boa so that everyone could dress up and get their picture taken! This way, we can compile all the pictures into an awesome photo book to enjoy for years to come 🙂photobooth2

all of the rest of the photos from the party can be/will be found on Owen’s blog. I haven’t seen all of them yet. But so far, this one with Sharon is my favorite::

Sharon and Me at Owen's party2

she looks gorgeous, doesn’t she?! me, on the other hand, totally rocking the harry potter glasses. 🙂 hee hee.

Happy 1st birthday to the most popular, sweetest, most loved little guy I know!

xoxo- kimberly renee.

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