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happy 11 years to the my adventure partner

O Darling, let’s be adventurers!

that sign hangs up in our bedroom. and oh the adventures we’ve had. i’m so thankful that you are my adventure partner, best friend, love of my life. i’m blessed to have you by my side.

Happy 11 years my love!

and just to be silly and reminisce about one of our very first adventures, i’m just going to drop these right here…       


tee hee. oh look at those babies.

here’s to 11 more years of adventures!

xoxo-kimberly renee
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a normal summer day of pretend {diy bird wings}

gosh. three year olds are tough man. i’m not good at this. at all.

but gosh. three year olds are so fun too. the pretend thing has totally kicked in and there are constant requests for outfit changes(usually at the most inconvenient times) into her dress up clothes.

and these birds wings i made her for Halloween last year are finally getting some use…

one morning last week she said, “mama, help me put these on and take pictures of me outside. ok mama?”

i think she thought i’d say no, like it seems i so often do. but i said yes and oh man, you should have seen her eyes. it almost made me cry with her excitement and joy.

i want to say, yes, more.

  and oi, her hair. i put it in a ponytail and it always ends up C.R.A.Z.Y. she may hate me when she’s older for how crazy it looks at this point in her life. i’m trying not to worry about it. i also daily threaten to cut it. this little sweetheart enjoyed watching her sister as well as trying to sneak eat some grass/clover…

 who me?   there is also SO MUCH singing right now. songs about everything and seranading everyone. and from her “tower,” belting it as loud as she can {she likes Tangled at the moment lol}  dear 3 year old, you are so fun. keep bringing all of this joy into our lives, every day. we are so blessed by it and by you. xo-mama.

{i used ashley ann’s directions to make the wings. check it out here if you want to make some! i think i made them a little too big, hopefully she grows into them a bit. i also didn’t bother to cover up my stitches like she does. the layers are so very fun! let me know if you make it! they are so fun!}

xo-kimberly renee
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Corinne is 5 months old!

 she is such a sweetheart. i am so in love!

At 5 months Cora:

  • weighs 16lbs 14 oz (wow!)
  • wears  6-9 months…9 month pants really fit best because she’s so long.
  • smiles a lot!
  • giggles at mama and sister the most
  • has been sleeping more consistently this week from 10-5/6
  • started oatmeal cereal this week! was not that impressed but gets excited every time we talk about trying it again
  • loves loves loves to jump in her jumper!
  • is drooling like crazy. oh boy, when is that first tooth going to pop?
  • giggles at peekabo -which is pretty much what we did with the camera to get her to smile in so many of these photos!
  • is super ticklish and it’s so funny to me!
  • still rocks tummy time and has *accidentally* rolled over a few times! (i say accidentally because she doesn’t know how to do it again after she does it)
  • has the yummiest rolls and i love to kiss her all over!

 she has such a sweet disposition. she can get loud- REALLY loud! but it’s only when she wants to be heard and not too often. haha.   soooo sweet…  and then the smiles stopped…   …  and we were just done with smiling and being happy and the whole camera in our face… it’s my birthday i’ll cry if i want to…

haha, oh sweet thing. i love your mad face.

xoxo-kimberly renee.

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hope and backyard play

earlier this week we had a couple of GORGEOUS days. on monday, little miss Sweet Pea and I were able to play in our backyard a little bit. such HOPE for spring. i type this as another snow storm is rolling in. so don’t mind me while i just look at these pictures waiting for spring to fully arrive!

lent day 24 a sunny day 4 a sunny day a sunny day2 a sunny day3 a sunny day5 a sunny day6  hugs and kisses from sophia and me. we’re going to go curl up under a blanket now and hide until it’s this warm again.

xoxo-kimbery renee
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12 months old

the year went so fast. i can’t stand it. my little girl is over a year old! {that sadness i feel would be why it took so long to finally type up this post…i’m in denial} here is her whole year::

one month6 2 months sweet 3 months face 4 months old2

5 month chair happy 6 month smile for daddy Sophia 7 months 8 months wiggle

9 month chair sophia 10 months 11 month happy girl smile 12 months

{to see other monthly photoshoots click on links: month 1month 2,  month 3 month 4, month 5month 6month 7month 8month 9month 10, month 11}

12 months old

Sophia is such a smart, sweet, funny little girl.

at 12 months:

  • she weighs 21 lbs 7 oz & is 28.3″ tall
  • has 9 teeth
  • she sings(she loved singing “away in the manger” around Christmas)
  • dances to any and every kind of music!
  • eats anything and everything i give her. this girl loves food.
  • can give a high five
  • RUNS
  • thinks sammie’s kisses are the funniest thing
  • climbs up the stairs like a pro…(doesn’t know how to go down no matter how many times we go over it)
  • is a BUSY BEE. she does.not.stop.
  • opens all.the.drawers.
  • walks with such determination…gets those arms moving!
  • loves walking up to people to say hi. at church she owns the place and walks around with a big smile and will let anyone pick her up…we could be in trouble…you should have seen her on Christmas Eve!
  • wants to walk whenever we’re somewhere new…the mall, the grocery, the restaurant…nope doesn’t want to ride in the stroller or the shopping cart, she wants to walk by herself! {OH BOY}
  • wears 12-18 month size
  • loves shoes…{her shoes, daddy’s, mommy’s, nana’s…}and bags. she LOVED it when nana bought her a little purse while she was visiting! hee hee.
  • talks a lot. you can’t understand her. but she has lots to say.

whats up sweet smile smile for nana2  it was hard to get her to sit still for these… good thing it was the last month! i had to get nana to help get smiles and for the extra hands to catch her as she propelled herself off the chair. smile 12 months then there is this special face: silly faces3 sorry, it’s blurry, it was hard to catch. but i DIE every time she makes it and can not stop laughing. i know, i know, really good parenting right there, positive reinforcement… bawhaha. can’t help it. silly faces pigtails then there are these sweet little pig tails. i am SO looking forward to her hair growing out so it’s not in her eyes anymore but i LOVE these sweet little pig tails!!

then we played peekabo behind the curtains for a while. a favorite thing:

peekabo4 peekabo3 peekabo2 peekabo1 peekabo so fun kissing bunny she’s good at giving kisses. but on her terms only. as in, the kitty {“diddy”} and the bunny and the baby get way more kisses then momma does. and daddy gets WAY more kisses then momma does. momma is pretty much at the bottom of the totem pole. hee hee.

happy girl  she’s my favorite.  i am SO thankful that i get to be her momma. it was a fun year.  it was a good year. and the year went way too fast.

don’t mind me while i go cry now.

i know this next stage is so fun and good too! it will be so fun to interact with her more, to teach her, and to see the world through her eyes as she grows, but i am still kind of mourning my baby growing too fast. life is crazy. the days are long but it also seems to be flying by. let me just sit here and soak it in for a while.

xoxo-kimberly renee
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a birthday party for a little miss 1 year old

well, it’s been forever and a day since i’ve blogged. uh hem. sorry about that. the holidays distracted me. and so did this little girl. who turned 1 last sunday on the 4th.

mother and daughter

we had a little pink and gold party for her.

my parents laughed and said that the party was really for me. ha. i had fun making it pretty. so ya, i guess it was for me.

birthday seat

cupcakes macarons

we had appetizers, cupcakes and of course, macaroons. because what 1 year old girl birthday party doesn’t NEED those? ha. ok, maybe that was the most expensive part of the party… so not really a need. haha. but they’re pretty and yummy.  blurry-greating visitors

the little miss had fun welcoming everyone to her party in her little pink tutu and pig tails.

birthday girl

she even had a little gold crown cat ears with her pig tails.

birthday girl with balloons2

and the balloons were a hit.

birthday girl with balloons3 birthday girl with balloons

i’m so very thankful for this little sweetpea. we are SO blessed to be her parents!  family

Sophia didn’t know what to think of everyone singing to her.    candle checking out the cupcake

and it took her a little while to get comfortable with the idea that she was allowed to eat the cupcake. we had to break it apart for her to dig in…

wait i can eat this


cupcake chowing

then there was NO problem.  cupcake chowing2

Happy 1 Year Sophia! it’s been such a fun year!        birthday family after cupcake

we love you!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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11 months old

christmas baby

Happy December! and Happy 11 months!! well, it’s already a couple days late, but this girl is almost a year old! WHAT. don’t even. every day is a new adventure with this one. Sophia Grace, stop it. stop being so darn cute! hee hee.

11 month still 11 months profile 11 months walking away

can you even stand those leg and arm rolls? i hardly get to see them these days since it’s cold out and i always have her in lots of layers. it was kind of fun to see those little arms and legs again to take these pictures! hee hee.

at 11 months:

  • Sophia walks/toddles/runs
  • climbs the stairs {Ahhh!! just ask me how we found out about that!}
  • says “bye bye, night night, ‘diddy'(kitty), dog, momma and daddy,”
  • points at things she wants or when we are reading
  • brings me books to read{which is just about the cutest thing ever.}
  • loves to be silly and play hide and seek
  • kisses daddy WAY more then momma
  • loves all food. bread the most!
  • has 6 teeth
  • dances with her booty…it’s hilarious!
  • tests the boundaries daily… learning the word NO! every day.
  • sings to herself (or will try to sing with us. soooo sweet.)
  • talks in sentences… who knows what she’s saying but man does she have a story!


11 month happy girl 11 month sweet girl silly girl silly face tippi toes 11 month funny face walking baby will you read to me

the photo session ended when she insisted that we read. i hope she will bring me books for years to come! i love her asking me to read with her! she is so fun. i can’t believe it’s already almost a year.

here are some of the other months:

sophia 10 months 9 month chair 8 months wiggle Sophia 7 months 6 month smile for daddy 5 month chair happy 4 months old2 3 months face 2 months sweet one month6


{to see other monthly photoshoots click on links: month 1month 2,  month 3 month 4, month 5month 6, month 7, month 8, month 9, month 10}

Sophia, you’re the sweetest little girl and I’m so thankful to get to be your momma. You are a blessing to everyone you share your smile with!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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