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and she turns 2

she’s just so big! so big2

these pictures were taken on her birthday. they are honest to goodness just real life- socks falling off, hair crazy as usual, climbing up on things and being a goof. it’s all here in these photos. the day started out with a special-made hot chocolate from Daddy. we sang happy birthday to her and she LOVED it. she kept singing “happy” all day! she doesn’t have him wrapped around her finger or anything… tee hee…

birthday girl hot choco

Sophia is such a delight. that’s my word for her this year. i just want to keep telling her(you know, after i discipline her for the umpteenth time that no, we don’t just go and reward ourselves chocolate all day) that really, she is a delight. some days it’s easier to tell her then others. but i feel like she just needs to know that that’s what i think of her- no matter how much trouble she gets into! ha.

2 year smile2 on the bed at 2 years old Sophia:

  • loves to dance, jump, run, splash in puddles, go down slides, -all the toddler things!
  • climbs everything. she can even climb up the stools in our kitchen which scares me to death!
  • sings “let it go” over and over and over in her own special way. everything frozen is her FAVORITE ever.
  • is potty trained (mostly-again, some days are better then others!)
  • loves to give hugs
  • loves her boots
  • each night before she goes to bed, i tell her we are going to pray and i ask her what she’d like to thank Jesus for. the list usually goes something like; “Papa, Nana, Mimi, Nomnom, Me, Dada, Mama…” you can see where i rank on the list. LOL.
  • Mimi just visited though, so at the moment, Mimi is the favorite on the list! (sorry Papa!)
  • loves animals. it’s so fun to spot animals on our drives around lancaster county and she also asks for “more.”
  • tries to make me laugh with her laugh. she does this to Dada and Nana too. she knows she’s way too cute when she does it.
  • loves to read. we try to do blanket time- sometimes it works, sometimes it’s snuggle on the couch time- but she’s usually always interested in books
  • likes to draw, play with playdoh, paint. she is a very busy little girl!

hugs hugs! 2 years buddies buddies for life.

birthday dinner birthday girl excited about cake  her birthday dinner was Chik-fil-A since we had a busy night with our community group coming over. the silly faces was because i had just told her that we were going to have ice cream cake at home and we were going to sing happy birthday! haha.    ham  here we go, i can’t believe we’re in the 2 year old stage! if you think of it, pray for us! ha

xoxo-kimberly renee
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lent continued


day by day getting out my camera. the lent venture continues. lent day 22 lent day 23 lent day 23a lent day 24a lent day 25 lent day 26 lent day 27

  • day 22 – babysitting someone else’s baby. eek! babies are such a gift and reminder of hope!
  • day 23 – morning reading time with daddy. the cutest because she was kicking her feet.
    • and FRIENDS VISITING! best day in a long time! we love having old friends come to visit!
  • day 24 -walking in our backyard. spring is *almost* here.
  • day 25 – feeding herself has become a new desired skill. oatmeal for breakfast sometimes means we have oatmeal in our hair the rest of the day
  • day 26 – nap time. blessed nap time. sometimes it happens in the car and we sit in the garage until she wakes up…
  • day 27 – helping the dog with his dinner…while wearing her purse no less

i promise, i’ll try to find other things to be thankful for and take pictures of for the rest of lent. i can’t help it that the little thing is the main thing in my life right now. hee hee.

anyone else doing something daily during lent? how’s it going? is it getting a little tough to stay diligent with it for you like it is me?

xoxo-kimberly renee


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11 months old

christmas baby

Happy December! and Happy 11 months!! well, it’s already a couple days late, but this girl is almost a year old! WHAT. don’t even. every day is a new adventure with this one. Sophia Grace, stop it. stop being so darn cute! hee hee.

11 month still 11 months profile 11 months walking away

can you even stand those leg and arm rolls? i hardly get to see them these days since it’s cold out and i always have her in lots of layers. it was kind of fun to see those little arms and legs again to take these pictures! hee hee.

at 11 months:

  • Sophia walks/toddles/runs
  • climbs the stairs {Ahhh!! just ask me how we found out about that!}
  • says “bye bye, night night, ‘diddy'(kitty), dog, momma and daddy,”
  • points at things she wants or when we are reading
  • brings me books to read{which is just about the cutest thing ever.}
  • loves to be silly and play hide and seek
  • kisses daddy WAY more then momma
  • loves all food. bread the most!
  • has 6 teeth
  • dances with her booty…it’s hilarious!
  • tests the boundaries daily… learning the word NO! every day.
  • sings to herself (or will try to sing with us. soooo sweet.)
  • talks in sentences… who knows what she’s saying but man does she have a story!


11 month happy girl 11 month sweet girl silly girl silly face tippi toes 11 month funny face walking baby will you read to me

the photo session ended when she insisted that we read. i hope she will bring me books for years to come! i love her asking me to read with her! she is so fun. i can’t believe it’s already almost a year.

here are some of the other months:

sophia 10 months 9 month chair 8 months wiggle Sophia 7 months 6 month smile for daddy 5 month chair happy 4 months old2 3 months face 2 months sweet one month6


{to see other monthly photoshoots click on links: month 1month 2,  month 3 month 4, month 5month 6, month 7, month 8, month 9, month 10}

Sophia, you’re the sweetest little girl and I’m so thankful to get to be your momma. You are a blessing to everyone you share your smile with!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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adventures in the poconos with graham

S and G  

Sophie has a little buddy who is two months younger. we’ve mentioned him before. Graham is the adorable little brother of Owen, sons of our friends from Princeton.

we were blessed with a free cabin in the Poconos for a couple of days earlier this month. SO FUN to get away and catch up with these friends!

2014-08-13 15.51.19

there were walks and games and long chats…oh and a trip to the casino. that was where the starbucks was, fools. ha. {WHY do i have a creeper face?! why why why?}

sharon and graham

the two kiddos were really just curious of each other the whole weekend.


2014-08-14 16.39.31

graham seemed curious of all the hair and all the loud noises that Sophia wants to make. sophia seemed interested in grabbing his poor little face whenever she could. oi. when they’re toddling around, i’m sure they will be fast friends…and graham will be able to fend for himself!

2014-08-14 10.07.43-2

there was also much cuddles and fun time with daddy. he’s been busy this summer and sometimes it feels like we hardly see him! Sophia loved having a few days with him!

almost crawling!

oh and this girl wants to crawl… SO.BAD.

cabin family pic

we stuck the girl in a swimsuit one day to see how she liked the lake.

at the cabin

she really didn’t have a choice. i’m a bossy mother like that.

lake pocono lake pocono2

well at least there were two of us bossy mothers.

can we talk about how baby girls get skimpy little swimsuits and baby boys get covered head to toe? hmmm.

2014-08-13 11.09.22 HDR

the sand was a fun experience!

in the lake2

and i think the lake was too!

in the lake

well she’s at least good at making you believe she loved it. haha. what a fun little adventure.

has anyone else been to the poconos? where do you go? what do you like to do up there?

xoxo-kimberly renee

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an evening at the park

2014-07-20 18.41.51

it’s the little pleasures that make life special, isn’t it?! ha. we had one of the most special moments with Sophia the other night when we took her to the park for a church event. i may have drug Husbuddy away from his duties, but i really wanted to spend a couple moments as a family with Sophia in the swing.

2014-07-20 18.44.43 2014-07-20 18.44.46

it was precious.

2014-07-20 18.45.10-1

i know a few of you have seen this photo on my instagram or facebook. i couldn’t help but share the joy that night!

2014-07-20 18.45.24

it is SO fun to be her momma. i am so thankful.

2014-07-20 18.45.12 2014-07-20 18.45.35

and i’m so thankful to get to watch her daddy grow into his new call. he is such a good swing pusher and such a good daddy.

2014-07-20 18.45.38

it’s the little things, like a ride in a swing, am i right?!

2014-07-20 18.54.32

2014-07-20 18.54.57

what little moments are you going to treasure today? tonight? this week? each little moment is a gift! let’s soak them up.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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walking in a winter wonderland


the other day it snowed. it was beautiful. and today it’s supposed to snow again! so, in honor of today’s storm, i thought i’d share some of my photos from our little walk in a winter wonderland {aka-around our neighborhood} house

our house looks so cute under a small layer of snow. they say it’s going to be a big winter of snow here, so i’m sure there will be plenty of pictures like this one to share!lines

this is me loving the architectural lines.



puppycakes was wondering why in the world we’d pause his walk for a silly picture.the grin

because all he wanted to do was frolick in the snow. i love his silly grin in this one! beard face

and of course, beard face.

colors of snow

the farm at the end of our road was just gorgeous under a layer of snow and in the setting sunlight.   hill top

and we may have trespassed…just to get a good view.farm view

that is the Conestoga River right at the bottom of the hill. and such a pretty Amish farm!

the ears

and the ears, they crack me up!


always the grin.


and i didn’t get any photos of me busting out of my jacket…besides a little hand holding shadows. i love holding hands with this man of mine!  snow

snow just makes this Colorado girl happy. sunlight

especially when it’s covered in beautiful sunlight.

narnia lamp

and as end our walk, we smile at what we affectionately call, our “Narnia lamp post”.  it can’t just be a lamp post. it has to be the Narnia lamp post. hee hee. yay for a snow-filled walk!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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self portrait and what ifs {day 31}



Happy Reformation Day! that’s the first thing Husbuddy said to me this morning… followed shortly by, we should watch the Luther movie tonight… oh, he is so predictably cute. ha!

today we officially became Pennsylvanians. we gave up our Massachusetts licenses for Pennsylvania ones. our second time trying to do that… but this time a success!  those little photos they take of you at the DMV are really attractive, don’t you think? especially since we went first thing so i was puffy and pregnant looking. how do my cheeks even look pregnant?! *allora*.

but looking at my new drivers license photo made my think that my 31st day should be another self portrait like the 1st day of this crazy challenge. i thought a self portrait was a good choice because i’m thankful for what God is teaching me and working on in me…pregnancy-puffy cheeks and all… and i’m thankful that He called me by name and i am His.

day 31

“But now thus says the Lord, he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you. For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior.” -Isaiah 43:1-3a

“To him the gatekeeper opens. The sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.” -John 10:3


and there you have it! the 31 days of taking pictures is up! it’s been a quick month, don’t you think? it’s been really good for me to pick up my camera every day and to focus for a second on the things that i should notice all the time. it’s hard to be so intentional and focused, isn’t it? i think that’s one of the most important things i’ve learned these past 31 days. what if i just took 5 or 10 minutes every day just to notice what is going on around me? just to notice what God is doing? how many of us ACTUALLY do that? and what if i thought about it enough to notice the message behind it? what if i let God speak through that “little thing” just for a second?? so many what ifs. and yet for 31 days as i tried to do just that, i realized that there are so many opportunities that i just miss from day to day because i’m not paying attention. so many little gifts that God places in front of me that i just look right over.

i WANT to live a more intentional life. i want to notice the things in life that God places right in front me. what about you?

all it takes is practice.

thanks for being here through these 31 days with me! i hope it inspires you to be more intentional and to see more of what God is doing daily in your own life! i hope that it inspires me to keep living with eyes wide open! now, don’t mind me while i go back to the normal routine of blogging a couple times a week! 31 days in a row was a little tough! but good.

xoxo-kimberly renee

31 days banner

{this is part of a 31 day series about “Seeing Creatively” through the camera. to see the other 31 posts, click HERE}

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