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sketch for tuesday {#36}

i got the new anthropology catalogue today. the perfect inspiration for a little sketch! 🙂 it’s good practice too.


speaking of practice… i hate that saying, “practice makes perfect.” i really hate it. and really,  most likely practice does not perfect make you. your own  perfect is going to be different from someone else’s perfect. who has the right to judge if you’re perfect? and you can always get better at something…even when you’ve practiced it a lot.  so don’t mind me when i roll my eyes when you say that.

off to practice.  😉


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a sketch for tuesday {#3}

this week’s sketch isn’t perfect.


...at all.

but that’s ok. that’s why it’s a sketch! just getting that pen to paper is what is important.

sometimes i put that pen to paper and don’t like what comes out.

but i need to remember, a sketch is just an idea… it’s just a moment of focus… it’s just a little glimpse at the large scene… it’s a work in progress.

if i don’t put that pen to paper because i’m worried about how bad it’s going to look, then i haven’t even spent that moment to focus, i haven’t had a chance to practice, and my idea is still in my head where no one can see it. i’ve wasted that moment instead by thinking of my imperfection.

i think the idea of a sketch is applicable in many areas of life. sometimes you just have to DO something to do it.

you have to hang that picture on the wall even if it’s not “the perfect” place for it…

you have to go for a “run” even if you can barely walk fast. you won’t get better at running without walking first…

you have to write that letter to that person you haven’t talked to in forever, even if you don’t know what to say…

you have to get down on your knees and pray… even if you don’t know how to pray.

dear friends, give yourself a little grace to do something  today, even if you know it’s not going to be perfect.

just do it.

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