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just to show that it took about a million photos to get the cute one for this post:

imagine Puppycakes thinking, “what the heck are they making me wear?” or “look, there’s a bunny over there” or “this thing around my neck is too big” or “this is SOooooo boring” or “please, daddy, are we done yet?” outtakes_edited-1 yup. we’re dog torturers over here. if you have any doubts, check out what we did to him that one christmas

he’s got to be so relieved that there will be another little thing around here to torture with photographs in the future! hee hee.



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a yawn

still feeling jet-lagged…

a puppy yawn

so i just wanted to share this sweet yawn with you.

even though the depth of field is so narrow, i love these photos of sweet puppycakes!

a puppy yawn 2

do they make you yawn and want to crawl into bed for a nap too? lol. oh, puppycakes, you make me smile.

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pictures from around town

last week Husbuddy was gone home visiting with family. he left me alone to do some exploring around town by myself.

 here are some images of the adventures puppycakes and i had by ourselves::

first there was the docks that are down at the bottom of our street. we walked there a couple times a day.


puppycakes didn’t notice that the seagulls were watching him so intently… they were on every single pier just watching him. it was hilarious.

i don’t know why it’s so memorizing to see the water and the boats.

we also found a new “park” that had a path to these cliffs. definitely have to come back here with Husbuddy!


i’m sure puppycakes won’t mind getting to come back. 🙂

he was just so happy to be on a “hike”

my attempt at a self portrait.

then we walked along a memorial walk downtown. we hadn’t done that yet, so i just went with puppycakes. lots of other people had their dogs out too.

this seems to be a famous statue… i’ve seen a lot of paintings of it. it makes me tear up. kind of amazing that this little town has been around since 1623! {yes, i know a million other places have been around so much longer! but it’s kinda cool to live in a town with so much history!}

and that so many people have died in their ships!


and all the wives and children who lost their daddies and lovers to the ocean. it makes you contemplative and sad to really think about how the ocean ruled the lives of so many in this town. being from Colorado i’ve always been completely oblivious from this kind of life.


and puppycakes is just  happily oblivious.

i think puppycakes misses how much attention he got when husbuddy was gone! haha. but oh boy are we glad he’s back. 🙂








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a beach walk {with puppycakes}

yesterday we went for a walk down on Niles Beach.

Puppycakes LOVED every minute of running up and down the beach, sniffing the seaweed and snails, and sitting on the rocks.

Let Puppycakes show you our walk through these pictures. He’d be happy to do this all day!

it was starting to get stormy, but it was still so peaceful. the view of Gloucester Harbor is nice. because of the poor weather there weren’t very many people enjoying the beach. which meant we could just explore. 

it was really fun to walk through the sand and rocks and mud.

and check out all of those snails!

watching the waves on a warm rock with the breeze flowing through your hair is nice.

this look is saying, if you’d only put down the camera and pet me, life would be perfect.


but life is still pretty perfect. let’s take walks like this every day!

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halibut state park {hike}

well, it was kind of a hike. more of a pretty walk around the closest state park. Halibut State Park is right here. and right around the corner from where we live!

as you can see, Puppycakes LOVED it.

it started out on a pretty little path through a forest.







then we went past a pretty lake that was created by a quarry. it was kind of cool to see the lake with the ocean in the background.  i can imagine that it would be a pretty awesome place to swim {which is why there were “no swimming” signs at every path}

then we walked down some rock paths to the ocean.

apparently that is New Hampshire and Maine in the distance! crazy!


Husbuddy was wearing his fancy hat. he got some awesome looks because people thought he was a foreigner. haha.

puppycakes loves walking on the rocks. loves looking at the ocean. loves jumping from rock to rock. loved everything about this hike. this was pretty much his favorite thing. ever.

this face cracks me up!

it was just too cute how happy he was.

he thought that maybe he would try to walk through the little ponds of water, but then decided he’d rather avoid swimming. it was hilarious.

we had a lot of fun walking on the rocks too.

it was really peaceful  to just sit and watch the water come in and out. this would be the perfect spot for a picnic! {hint hint}

it was a nice hike. a lot shorter than we had hoped. so we’ll have to go for a longer drive next time to get some real hiking in. 🙂 it totally made Puppycake’s day though!

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north east adventures

from the Puppycakes’ perspective:

Puppycakes loves that there are so many new trails to explore

he loves that the windows are lower and bigger than in the last apartment.

this means more things to see and more things to bark at. {which we’re working on… i promise, upstairs neighbors!}

Puppycakes loves that there is even a little patio and yard. his very own yard!

and on this patio there was even a celebration bbq for the 4th of july! doesn’t Puppycakes look like he’s celebrating?

he was just jealous of our bbq dinner and watermelon. Puppycakes loves watermelon.

he loves that there are so many rocks here to climb! can a puppycakes look any happier?

he especially loves the rocks down the road by the ocean.

he almost is camouflaged against them. i’m pretty sure this was the most fun he’s had in ages. this little shoreline along Atlantic Road is really very pretty.

Puppycakes is expecting a walk along this road every single day.

most of all, Puppycakes adores exploring with his absolute favorite person in the world. i adore exploring with him too, Puppycakes.

with all the newness, i think Puppycakes is adjusting to the move very well! it’s been pretty stressful around here, but thank goodness for this little guy who is just loving every new moment and the next adventure. 🙂

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from the porch

from the porch he can see the world

and on this beautiful spring day he’s just soaking up the sun, the smells, and view.

if only he didn’t have this ugly fence in his way:)

but i guess it’s kind of pretty in its own way. the rust is kind of interesting…

and the sunshine and the springs smells and everything is gloriously springy.

oh puppycakes. isn’t it a beautiful day? enjoy it!

i hope you’ll enjoy your day today too! i actually love “spring forward” because that means the sun is up that much longer every day. it means the sun is getting warmer too. everything smiles when the sun is warmer… the trees, the flowers, the dogs and people. happy spring!


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