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a sad puppy

this past week our dear little puppy got completely loved on and spoiled with attention from his grandparents Pam and Doug. 🙂 look how happy he is in Pam’s arms!

so lovedhow happy

  there wasn’t any chance of being ignored this past week like sometimes he is when my husband has homework or i’m painting or sewing or reading or something.

how much of a puppy face can you get?so sad!

so then this morning he was distraught that they were missing. he seems tired from all the attention but o boy does he miss them!! look how he longingly looks out the window to see if he can see them coming… o the life of a sad little puppy who misses grandma and grandpa. haha

where are they?

on another note, Pam is an awesome artist! yesterday we spent all day making a mess while she was teaching me how to transfer. what fun!

 here is one of my little creations. it is dedicated to my dear friend Andrea who is 8 weeks pregnant today!a gift of life

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Samwise Calvin

This summer, my husbuddy and I decided to get a puppy. Many of our family disapproved but we had just moved to the east coast and we were excited for the opportunity. So at the beginning of August we got a 9 week old Yorkie-Poo puppy.It was a little scary at first, as he is our first puppy and we didn’t know what we were doing. But now, at 4-1/2 months he is doing great, he’s mostly housetrained and we’re working on “sit” and “come” 🙂  He is adorable and non-stop entertainment. This morning we went for a lovely walk together. He is my little buddy while JT works on his school work. Here are some of my favorite photos of him. Let me know if you think he’s as cute as we do!  

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