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hope and backyard play

earlier this week we had a couple of GORGEOUS days. on monday, little miss Sweet Pea and I were able to play in our backyard a little bit. such HOPE for spring. i type this as another snow storm is rolling in. so don’t mind me while i just look at these pictures waiting for spring to fully arrive!

lent day 24 a sunny day 4 a sunny day a sunny day2 a sunny day3 a sunny day5 a sunny day6  hugs and kisses from sophia and me. we’re going to go curl up under a blanket now and hide until it’s this warm again.

xoxo-kimbery renee
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playing with a box


sometimes i have to get creative to make it through the day… or to the next nap time. ha. just being honest.

so yesterday we played with a box. since she’s pushing things while she’s walking, we pushed the box around.

then the baby got pushed around in the box.

then the dog got pushed around in the box {BY SOPHIA! with mommas help…but still} and she thought it was hilarious. so i had to grab the camera really quick.   sophia-and-sammie sophia-and-sammie2 sophie-and-sammie3 sammie-in-a-box

then the camera was more interesting so i quick had to change things up. haha. so the baby got put back in the box, which you can see, was fun again. sophia-in-a-box

ha! so do i get “worst mom” award for sticking my child in a box?! how else do you get creative with baby play? hints and tips would be helpful, please. hee hee. and don’t worry, puppycakes survived. and it served him right for chasing her when it was her turn in the box!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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Puppycake’s wishes you a merry christmas


this picture is old, don’t worry, i didn’t make him sit through this torture again.

but puppycakes wanted to wish every one of our dear friends, near and far, a very Merry Christmas!

may it be full of love and laughter and light. blessings my friends.


xoxo-kimberly renee AND samwise calvin {aka-puppycakes}


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getting ready {day 8}



we are getting ready to have our very first visitors in our own house!  things are a little crazy as we try to get things “good enough”, but i am reminded that i always want to have an open house and an open heart to welcome people into our house.

may God be glorified always in our home.

{and hopefully Puppycakes can be less stressed once he sees Grandma and Grandpa! lol! he can always sense that something is about to change and seeing us getting things ready- like this new guest bed(!) he starts to worry that we’re going to leave him or something…} day 8


“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”


xoxo- kimberly renee

31 days banner

{this is part of a 31 day series about “Seeing Creatively” through the camera. to see the other 31 posts, click HERE}

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happy pillows

lately i’ve been a little sad. i don’t know why really, except that the stress level at our house as been through the roof for so many reasons… so it’s also been just a little depressing at home. today, in order to jolt myself out of the sadness, i made myself some instant happiness.

ha. ok, maybe it doesn’t really work that way… but instead of going out for some retail therapy {or lets be honest…eating another muffin…}, i got crafty.

IMG_2300_puppycakes grumpy about pillows

and getting crafty always brightens the mood, dontcha think?

for my craftiness, i made new pillow covers {which i’ve had on my list to do for years…} i kept it simple, if i had more energy i would have wanted to add ruffles…everything is happy with ruffles… ha, maybe next time.


but really, what’s not happy about them?

vintage sheets were used. fabric i’ve had stored because i just loved it was used. they don’t match, but who cares?  gone were the neutral and boring…in with the bright colors! yellow flowers and bright poppies are making life happy around here!

IMG_2301_puppycakes and pillows

can’t you tell how happy the pillows are making Puppycakes? ha. every time he tries to make himself comfy on the couch, he usually fluffs the pillows and sits right on top of them…i think he doesn’t quite know if he’s allowed to do that with the new bright colors.

note to self: don’t put off your happy projects for so long! 


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just to show that it took about a million photos to get the cute one for this post:

imagine Puppycakes thinking, “what the heck are they making me wear?” or “look, there’s a bunny over there” or “this thing around my neck is too big” or “this is SOooooo boring” or “please, daddy, are we done yet?” outtakes_edited-1 yup. we’re dog torturers over here. if you have any doubts, check out what we did to him that one christmas

he’s got to be so relieved that there will be another little thing around here to torture with photographs in the future! hee hee.



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extra extra! big news! read all about it:

big brother

puppycakes is just too cute all the time. he doesn’t really know what the sign says. haha. little does he know that he isn’t going to be a spoiled only child for too much longer!  15 weeks boy


so for those of you who have been wondering why it’s been extra quiet around this blog lately…

well… let’s just say the first trimester wore me out! i didn’t really have energy for much at all. Husbuddy was the sweetest to put up with me-especially during the move to Lancaster!  {i’m hoping that as the second trimester gets into full swing i will have more energy because i have big plans and a few big changes coming to this place!}

SO, we have our little Sweet Pea coming in December!

we are very excited to share the news with you today, but i think our mom’s are more excited than we are to spread the news. we told them they had to wait to announce on facebook until we did…hee hee. we’re big ol’ bullies, i know. so yay! now they can brag about being grandmas to their hearts content. 🙂

we have had an ultrasound and it was so amazing to see Sweet Pea dancing away. it didn’t really seem REAL until that moment. it was crazy!

we feel incredibly blessed and excited. life is a beautiful thing!!  12,14,15

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