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a flower girl for my baby sister


oh, yea, everyone knows that. and probably have all seen the photos so these aren’t really needed. but hey, just thought i’d share a few of the flower girl from the big day.

the day was a little crazy. first we had to decorate the venue at 0-dark hundred.

then we got our hair done and got ready: wedding prep sophie stealing headband little miss Sophia was enthralled with Aunt Mimi’s (Amy’s)hair and headband. i’m pretty sure she thought she was a real life princess the entire day. wedding flower girl checking herself and we all did lots of primping. flower girl included.

wedding -sisters ack! my baby sister! so grown up and beautiful!    wedding -me and flower girl

my baby is pretty grown up too. but was already exhausted…

flower girl down2

then we walked down the aisle.

wedding - flower girl walking

where she *blew* me away with how well she dropped leaves. i mean, in all the “practices” we did at home she just dumped the basket. but nope, that day, in front of everyone, she showed off that she knew what to do. LOL. wedding flower girl aisle

wedding - flower girl walking2 i LOVE this shot!

wedding - dad and amy wedding flower girl laying down then we proceeded to act like the 21 month old we are… and lie in the dirt. wedding - flower girl distracted  and then get up and play with sticks and leaves while daddy was talking…{he did the ceremony}    wedding - flower girl being distracting but since we’re just so darn cute, we got away with it.

wedding - cousins silly2 then more photos were taken. like this crazy one with all the cousins. lauffenburgers are a crazy silly bunch. and we love them.

wedding family photo2

hey! family photo! so fun! the little flower girl is laughing because she’s about to cause trouble be as cute as can be.

wedding - papa and sophia good thing Papa was there. Papa is her favorite person ever. well, before Aunt Mimi became a princess. {sorry Papa, i think you may have gotten moved to second place on her daily talking points} 

wedding -dancing is her fav she LOVED dancing. ALL NIGHT LONG. wedding cupcake mother daughter but cupcakes were a favorite too, not to fear. {doh. how embarrassing!} wedding - with gparents

and going through GiGi’s purse was pretty entertaining too.Great Grandma enjoyed it too i think.

wedding- sisters it was a beautiful day, perfect weather, perfectly perfect.  a gorgeous celebration of a new adventure for My sweet Miss A. we’re all so excited for you.

wedding - 4 girls

{in no way is this an exhaustive pile of photos from the wedding… i’m trying not to overdo it. just some favorites. note: some photos taken by my uncle and cousins.}

xoxo-kimberly renee
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man. this is really random, but do you ever just miss someone? like REALLY miss them? it happens to me all the time and it’s usually about one of these two girls. i’m SO blessed to have two AMAZING sisters and i am so excited to see them next week! ack. can’t- sleep-excited!!

it’s almost time for a certain gal’s wedding. we have some showering to do, some prepping and primping to do, some decorating to do, and some laughing and hanging out to do.  magic kingdom -princesses sisters2   IMG_1391_train ride epcot -amy and me

i’m just going to leave this right here. because, you know, favorite movie ever. and it has a song about sisters. tee hee.

There were never such devoted sisters

Never had to have a chaperone “No, sir”
I’m there to keep my eye on her

Every little thing that we are wearing

When a certain gentleman arrived from Rome
She wore the dress and I stayed home

All kinds of weather
We stick together
The same in the rain or sun
Two diff’rent faces
But in tight places
We think and we act as one

Those who’ve
Seen us
Know that not a thing could come between us

Many men have tried to split us up but no one can
Lord help the mister
Who comes between me and my sister
And Lord help the sister
Who comes between me and my man

Berlin Irving
White Christmas (1954 Movie Soundtrack)

the end. to the most random blog post ever.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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auntie’s visit

getting dressed

last weekend Auntie Amy came to visit! we had so much fun with her!

outfit showoff

she even helped dress Sophia every day. i think auntie enjoyed that the most. hee hee. {those shoes! auntie made them for baby girl so it was so fun for her to get to put them on!}


needless to say, Sophia was in total love of her aunt.


cutest thing ever! she would just stare at her and laugh with her. she actually started laughing the most we’ve ever seen with her auntie. so cute!!

oh you

“oh there you are momma. go away now so i can enjoy my time with auntie amy”

oh there you are

bawhaha. at least that’s what i think she’s saying. i think she also is wondering what that giant black thing in front of my face is.


but i was able to catch a little smile!

happy girls

we were just SO HAPPY to have her here!


the weekend went way too fast. we visited Lancaster, we worked on a few projects {a couple diy posts coming soon!} and we watched Pride and Prejudice {because that’s just what you do with your sister and your auntie} and we went for a little adventure to Philadelphia on Amy’s last day before we dropped her off at the airport.

independence hall

here’s the serious Independence Hall shot.


here’s the fun one with my phone. ha.we are so excited to see a little history! haha. aaannndd… we can tell who the “weird” sister is and who the pretty one is, don’t you think? lol. Amy is so gorgeous!

not impressed by independence

Sophia wasn’t really impressed by the whole touristy/historic tour. we tried to explain how much fun history was and why she should love it. because, duh,  we do! but she didn’t believe her mother OR her aunt, can you believe it? ha. maybe when she’s older we’ll be able to get her more excited about it.

liberty bell

the crack in the liberty bell was our main stopping point. we didn’t have time for an independence hall tour because we wanted to grab lunch before the airport. that just means she has to come back for another visit! right?! i mean, at the very least she HAS to visit independence hall.

reading term

for lunch i took her to my favorite lunch place in Philly.

reading terminal crepes

the french crepe place in Reading Terminal Market! holla!


she loved it almost as much as i did. and really, the main reason to go is that the Market is such a crazy experience for us western folk who don’t live anywhere near this kind of density.

reading terminal market

reading terminal

i don’t know who cried more when she left, Sophia or me. ha. no really, we cried. {she may have just cried because she was hungry, but we’ll say it’s because Amy said goodbye!}  i’m so thankful that she came and it was SO fun to see Sophia fall in love with her auntie Amy!

 xoxo-kimberly renee

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japan -another cute little town {part 5}

ok, y’all getting tired of these japan pictures?

oh well. sorry, it is going to take a few more posts to get through them. 😉 but in an effort to get it done, this is a super long one. don’t say you haven’t been warned!! fun fun!

while in Becca’ neighborhood of Yabu, we had a few adventures, driving in her car,  and lots of time to catch up on relax in her tiny apartment.

please note: car is backwards and it is tiny. it’s hard to tell just how tiny. should have taken a picture from outside. doh.

IMG_1506_becca driving

we made the obligatory visit to Becca’s school where she works and where they love her to death. and of course we had to take a family photo:  IMG_1399_family

this is her school: IMG_1405_becca's school

after a morning talking with her friends and fellow teaches, we ventured to this town: Izushi. it had a pretty old clock tower and castle ruins and cute little streets: IMG_1416_town with castle ruins+ clock tower

a map of the tiny town:

IMG_1505_Izushi map

and it was really the only pretty day that we had while in her area of Yabu:  IMG_1417_becca and mom and clock

look at how giant the produce was! those carrots. and then some strange root right next to it… wow: IMG_1421_town with castle ruins+ clock tower

i think the clock tower was pretty,  but the family would not pose for me: IMG_1423_town with castle ruins+ clock tower

a road side map to castle:  IMG_1433_Izushi

i think this was my favorite little bridge in all of japan. IMG_1437_Izushi

IMG_1438_Izushi after you got through the gate: another little castle tower! so pretty! IMG_1445_Izushi

and a pathway up the mountain with this gates: IMG_1458_Izushi

another view of the “tower” from inside the wall area, looking past a shrine:

there really wasn’t any part ofthe castle left. just a wall and a couple of towers and a couple of shrines. i think it’s funny that the tower overhung the wall, they couldn’t build the wall exactly the right angle or something? IMG_1476_Izushi

from underneath:

another lantern? i don’t know, i just thought it looked funny with a giant rock on top of a tiny wood lantern area: IMG_1480_Izushi

had to beg for a picture of me: haha. IMG_1487_Izushi

Becca and i got a kick out of these dragons. on one side of the path were happy ones:
IMG_1489_izi dragon

and on the other side they seemed grumpy. Becca was trying to make it happy: IMG_1490_becca playing with the animals

not sure it worked, sweetheart. still looks grumpy even with the hug! IMG_1492_hugging animals

i think this may be one of my favorite photos of the whole trip:  IMG_1497_dragon water fountain it’s a dragon water fountain! how fun! it’s actually so you can wash your hands before you go up to the temple but i just thought he looked awesome.

one of the other days while we were there Becca and i went for a hike up in the mountains above her apartment to visit a 1000 year old cherry tree. let me say that again: a cherry tree that is 1000 freaking years old! how cool is that? my dad wasn’t feeling very well so mom stayed with him for a while and it was a nice little sister hike. check out how pretty the path was:

1000 year old cherry tree path

in case you didn’t know, cherry trees are kind of a big deal in japan. Becca has had it explained to her that every year when they are in bloom, it is a cultural thing to go sit under the tree and drink sake until you’re drunk. this brings good luck or something because according to the japanese you’re not your “real self” until you’re drunk and all of your inhibitions are gone. oh boy. but apparently sitting under the cherry that’s 1000 years old brings extra good luck? anyway, it was a bit of a hike straight up the mountain… can you image coming down that when you’re drunk on sake?!

anyway. this sign was pointing out the 1000 year old cherry tree to all the sake drinkers:

1000 year old cherry tree

there wasn’t anyone else there because it wasn’t quite in bloom yet.  but check out how giant this tree was. it needed scaffolding to hold it up and keep it from falling down the mountain!! and i had to crop the photos together to get the whole picture!  1000 yr old cherry tree

we think maybe that sign meant that  something like “trespass at your own risk”  but we really can’t be sure. and all we did was look at the tree a little bit closer…
1000 yr tree becca being funny

but we don’t know for sure!

1000 yr tree becca

bawhaha. ok. she could get into trouble maybe for this one. but we don’t know what it says for sure, so really, could she? really, we’ll never know.

while in Yabu Becca also took us to her favorite sushi place. japanese sushi coming to you on a conveyor belt anyone?! how cool is this place?! you can just pick and choose which kind of sushi you want. you can also order it on a screen. then you pay  by the plate:

sushi plates and becca and it was really tasty: sushi

don’t we look excited?!


ha. we had a great time exploring the area where Becca lives. she is going to be there for at least another year! i’m so impressed by her. 🙂 the next leg of the trip was Kyoto.

to be continued…

{to see the other posts about my adventure in japan click here:

Osaka: part 1, Osaka: part 2, Tondabayashi part 3, Himeji castle: part 4}

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moving day {#3}

moving was long and arduous. we made a firm decision to hire movers next time we move. hold us to that, ok?!

when we finally got everything unloaded and truck returned to Penske we decided to go to the beach. Good Harbour Beach is the one we visited on the first night. it was time to partake of the relaxation that the beach could offer.

so off to the beach we headed.

Becca and I mostly just relaxed on the sand while the boys took out the boogie board. {yes, we just moved here, but Husbuddy found it absolutely necessary to buy a boogie board!}

i’d like to point out that i was given grief for taking the picture of the pretty ocean water and missing husbuddy’s “awesome ride”!! apparently i have a short attention span when it comes to watching him catch his dear waves.

instead i’d rather be soaking up the sun.

or pigeon people watching.

haha. another time i was given grief…

the boys had a lot of fun though.
then we took them out for a gloucester style dinner. Nick even had a “lobsta roll”

the next day we took Becca to the train station early and showed Nick a little around Boston before he had to catch his plane.

thanks so much for coming out, Becca and Nick! you’re the bestest!! 🙂

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saturday sketches

i can’t believe it’s the 5th of december already! so many plans and so many ideas and no time! focus focus focus kim! it’s not about all the wonderful commercialized things that glitter and call out our names… that’s not where the focus should be! come on people.  it’s just so hard to remember that the reason for the season is a tiny little baby who then one day died for us…

2 more weeks until we leave for seattle! 🙂 you can see how the focus thing is going…

because look! aren’t these just the cutest little things?

a pattern for baby mary jane shoes! ahh! cute!!

 i think i have another little something to keep my busy these next two weeks… 🙂 there’s a little second cousin that i get to meet this christmas! oooo… i can’t wait!

and then there are these little sketches that are just flowing out of my mind, with no time to paint… come on gifts, wrap yourselves so i can get back to painting! 🙂 i’m inspired by my first sale on etsy! aehh!! 🙂 that’s right. i finally sold something! so inspiring to wake up in the morning and find out someone bought my sweet little angel!! 🙂 hee hee. yippi!!

a classic sketch in my notebook... nope. paying full attention to you, promise...

just an idea...

sigh... that's where i wish i was right now!

sisters! 🙂 both of whom i just don't see enough of...

 well, maybe i’ll go paint one of these… or come up with more ideas which just seem to keep flowing all around me and i can’t keep up! sigh. o the creative life. love it!

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Journey Together

Journey Together ... dedicated to my sisters... Amy and Becca :)

Journey Together ... dedicated to my sisters... Becca and Amy:)

To my sisters. You are both better than me. More beautiful. So very much more funny all the time-how do you do it?  So smart and wise. You always have something good to say. If you don’t you’re quiet and usually are reading a book. You don’t get caught up in the world- your focus is above. I’m so thankful for you both, both of you my beautiful, sweet, sisters. Let us journey this life together always.

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