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sketch for tuesday {#53}

sketch for tuesday {#53}

today’s sketch uses only 5 colors:
pencil, blush, true blue, raw umber, and sepia

it’s kind of fun to limit yourself!

i can’t get this image out of my head. maybe since i saw a beautiful painting last summer in Martha’s Vineyard… here’s the original that i LOVED. it’s so beautiful, don’tcha think?!

but since the image is stuck in my head, i want to do my own version/painting of it… so let’s just count this as one of the many rough drafts i’ll have to do. 🙂

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sketch for tuesday {#45}

today’s sketch is inspired by the popular obsession of Downton Abbey.

seriously, who hasn’t fallen in love with this series? i loved the special on Highclere Castle that showed before Sunday night’s Season 3 premier.  such a pretty place!
highclere sketchthis 10 min sketch does not compare to the real image at all, but i was inspired and wanted to share. i should obviously find more time to spend on my sketches though so i stop making them so rough. eh. maybe next time. 🙂

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sketch for tuesday {#24}

sometimes sketching involves sketching plans. that’s where trace paper comes in really really handy. i loved playing with trace paper when i was little. i loved tracing other images and making them uniquely my own. i learned how to draw really, by tracing coloring book figures. but now, i get to play with tracing paper for my job. how awesome is that?

sketching plans could involve a plan for a city street, laying out of a building on a site, an interior  plan for a building, or a plan for just one room, like this one:

i was sketching a new idea for the master bathroom.  what’s neat with tracing paper is that you can just keep layering it up and taking a little of the old, sketching up the new and creating a multi-layer idea!

dear tracing paper, what would i do without you? sketching with tracing paper is really  a great way to get the creativity flowing.

go ahead… you know you want to start playing too! 🙂

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