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and she turns 2

she’s just so big! so big2

these pictures were taken on her birthday. they are honest to goodness just real life- socks falling off, hair crazy as usual, climbing up on things and being a goof. it’s all here in these photos. the day started out with a special-made hot chocolate from Daddy. we sang happy birthday to her and she LOVED it. she kept singing “happy” all day! she doesn’t have him wrapped around her finger or anything… tee hee…

birthday girl hot choco

Sophia is such a delight. that’s my word for her this year. i just want to keep telling her(you know, after i discipline her for the umpteenth time that no, we don’t just go and reward ourselves chocolate all day) that really, she is a delight. some days it’s easier to tell her then others. but i feel like she just needs to know that that’s what i think of her- no matter how much trouble she gets into! ha.

2 year smile2 on the bed at 2 years old Sophia:

  • loves to dance, jump, run, splash in puddles, go down slides, -all the toddler things!
  • climbs everything. she can even climb up the stools in our kitchen which scares me to death!
  • sings “let it go” over and over and over in her own special way. everything frozen is her FAVORITE ever.
  • is potty trained (mostly-again, some days are better then others!)
  • loves to give hugs
  • loves her boots
  • each night before she goes to bed, i tell her we are going to pray and i ask her what she’d like to thank Jesus for. the list usually goes something like; “Papa, Nana, Mimi, Nomnom, Me, Dada, Mama…” you can see where i rank on the list. LOL.
  • Mimi just visited though, so at the moment, Mimi is the favorite on the list! (sorry Papa!)
  • loves animals. it’s so fun to spot animals on our drives around lancaster county and she also asks for “more.”
  • tries to make me laugh with her laugh. she does this to Dada and Nana too. she knows she’s way too cute when she does it.
  • loves to read. we try to do blanket time- sometimes it works, sometimes it’s snuggle on the couch time- but she’s usually always interested in books
  • likes to draw, play with playdoh, paint. she is a very busy little girl!

hugs hugs! 2 years buddies buddies for life.

birthday dinner birthday girl excited about cake  her birthday dinner was Chik-fil-A since we had a busy night with our community group coming over. the silly faces was because i had just told her that we were going to have ice cream cake at home and we were going to sing happy birthday! haha.    ham  here we go, i can’t believe we’re in the 2 year old stage! if you think of it, pray for us! ha

xoxo-kimberly renee
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well, she’s 18 months old

as of July 4th, this little baby is now a full fledged toddler. she’s 18 months old!

don’t mind me while i cry a little bit. it went too fast!

book adict she is SUCH a busy bee. i hardly had a chance to get these photos. most of the ones i took were just a blur across the lens. 18 month photos 18 months2 peek a boo peek a boo who at 18 months Sophia is:

  • 24.8 lbs & 32.5″ tall both around the 75% chart.
  • she is stubborn and strong willed and did i mention stubborn?
  • she has the sweetest laugh and likes to try to make us laugh
  • talks in sentences but we don’t really know what she’s talking about
  • LOVES her sandbox and going to the park to play on the swings and slides is one of her favorite things.
  • she colors with her crayons and outside chalk.
  • she takes care of her babies(dolls and teddy bears) and feeds them and pats them and then is very concerned that Puppycakes doesn’t show the same concern for his babies(chew toys)…lol.
  • she climbs EVERYTHING.
  • is a total ham at church. she knows that she can just smile and tease just about anyone there to do what she wants. oh boy…
  • sings happy songs to us from time to time. hee hee so cute.
  • dances to music, dances to daddy playing guitar… loves to dance and spin!
  • knows her sign language words so well she feels like she doesn’t have to learn to say them out loud. she knows the combo of  “more! please!” really REALLY well and is doing it so hard and fast it’s almost like she’s screaming. haha.
  • folds her hands to pray with us and says “Aa-Man” at the end with us. so freaking adorable.
  • puts her hands up in the air to tell me she is “So big!”
  • has the cutest little toddler wiggle/run and i just laugh when she really gets going. those arms start swinging and the cloth diaper booty starts going… i don’t want her to grow out of that… ok. maybe by the time she’s 16. but till then. mmmk?! ha.


18 months old and sweet

18 months old 18 months old3

she is a treasure and a delight. i’m so blessed to get to spend every day with her! {although, i must admit i had to write that on a good day…on a not so good day with you know, toddler tantrums and screaming and whining, i would be hiding on the floor behind my bed}

trouble face

i love you  miss Sophia!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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15 months old {an update}

slide  this girl is 15 months old. what what what.

  • has such an adventurous spirit and is not afraid of anything
  • has a sense of humor and loves to make us laugh
  • sings and dances and blows kisses and gives hugs
  • somehow all of her words have turned to grunts, we don’t hear her speak words very much at the moment. she’s just taking it all in!
  • has ALL of the adults who work at church with daddy wrapped around her finger to play with her whenever she wants. haha. even Pastor Bud has been known to get down on the floor and play with her through the window to his office.
  • says “mmm” when somethings yummy, or looks yummy, like the other day when she was looking through my cookbooks. ha! i was cooking and i just keep hearing her say, “mmm” as she’s turning the pages.
  • walks with such determination. her arms are always swinging.
  • loves the “downward dog” yoga pose. i really need to start teaching her some more yoga moves! hee hee.
  • oh boy is she strong willed and stubborn. sometimes we fight about dinner because she won’t eat what i’ve made even though i know she’s starving! her tummy sometimes even rumbles. we’re in for some long hard lessons on obedience on both sides, tell ya what.
  • sometimes asks to talk on the phone by putting her hand up to her ear and says, “dada?” so we call and say hi to daddy. she misses him when he’s away! or she wants to talk when i’m talking to my mom but when i put it to her ear, she just likes to listen.
  • she is a pure delight.

i love you sweet little adventurous daughter of mine.

xoxo-kimberly renee.
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a birthday party for a little miss 1 year old

well, it’s been forever and a day since i’ve blogged. uh hem. sorry about that. the holidays distracted me. and so did this little girl. who turned 1 last sunday on the 4th.

mother and daughter

we had a little pink and gold party for her.

my parents laughed and said that the party was really for me. ha. i had fun making it pretty. so ya, i guess it was for me.

birthday seat

cupcakes macarons

we had appetizers, cupcakes and of course, macaroons. because what 1 year old girl birthday party doesn’t NEED those? ha. ok, maybe that was the most expensive part of the party… so not really a need. haha. but they’re pretty and yummy.  blurry-greating visitors

the little miss had fun welcoming everyone to her party in her little pink tutu and pig tails.

birthday girl

she even had a little gold crown cat ears with her pig tails.

birthday girl with balloons2

and the balloons were a hit.

birthday girl with balloons3 birthday girl with balloons

i’m so very thankful for this little sweetpea. we are SO blessed to be her parents!  family

Sophia didn’t know what to think of everyone singing to her.    candle checking out the cupcake

and it took her a little while to get comfortable with the idea that she was allowed to eat the cupcake. we had to break it apart for her to dig in…

wait i can eat this


cupcake chowing

then there was NO problem.  cupcake chowing2

Happy 1 Year Sophia! it’s been such a fun year!        birthday family after cupcake

we love you!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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11 months old

christmas baby

Happy December! and Happy 11 months!! well, it’s already a couple days late, but this girl is almost a year old! WHAT. don’t even. every day is a new adventure with this one. Sophia Grace, stop it. stop being so darn cute! hee hee.

11 month still 11 months profile 11 months walking away

can you even stand those leg and arm rolls? i hardly get to see them these days since it’s cold out and i always have her in lots of layers. it was kind of fun to see those little arms and legs again to take these pictures! hee hee.

at 11 months:

  • Sophia walks/toddles/runs
  • climbs the stairs {Ahhh!! just ask me how we found out about that!}
  • says “bye bye, night night, ‘diddy'(kitty), dog, momma and daddy,”
  • points at things she wants or when we are reading
  • brings me books to read{which is just about the cutest thing ever.}
  • loves to be silly and play hide and seek
  • kisses daddy WAY more then momma
  • loves all food. bread the most!
  • has 6 teeth
  • dances with her booty…it’s hilarious!
  • tests the boundaries daily… learning the word NO! every day.
  • sings to herself (or will try to sing with us. soooo sweet.)
  • talks in sentences… who knows what she’s saying but man does she have a story!


11 month happy girl 11 month sweet girl silly girl silly face tippi toes 11 month funny face walking baby will you read to me

the photo session ended when she insisted that we read. i hope she will bring me books for years to come! i love her asking me to read with her! she is so fun. i can’t believe it’s already almost a year.

here are some of the other months:

sophia 10 months 9 month chair 8 months wiggle Sophia 7 months 6 month smile for daddy 5 month chair happy 4 months old2 3 months face 2 months sweet one month6


{to see other monthly photoshoots click on links: month 1month 2,  month 3 month 4, month 5month 6, month 7, month 8, month 9, month 10}

Sophia, you’re the sweetest little girl and I’m so thankful to get to be your momma. You are a blessing to everyone you share your smile with!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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10 months old

10 months laying down

i just can’t believe it.

it’s going too fast.

and she’s moving too fast!

sitting 10 months 10 months sophia 10 months trying to climb thinking about walking standing girl 10 months2

Sophia at 10 months:


    • is walking!! ok. slight exaggeration, but for a while now she’s been taking 1 step and falling. but just today, she took 4 steps in a row!
    • sings along with momma when mamma is humming or singing.
    • says: mamma, dadda, dog, bye…and a bunch of long sentences we have yet to make out. she’s a talker!
    • but is shy at church or in front of people
    • signs “all done!” and claps
    • does an awesome booty dance when daddy sings (or when she hears music she likes)
    • loves all kinds of food-that momma is eating! none of that pureed stuff. nope, we want real grown up food.
    • cried when i put bubbles in her bath. she was terrified. since then she’s come to tolerate them (we used some vapor bath bubbles to help with stuffy nose!)
    • has 5+ teeth (1 is just barely poking through)
    • is busy busy busy. as you can tell, from the photoshoot… she wouldn’t sit still! she is a 10 month old after all. a ten month old who is figuring out how to walk!
    • wears 12 month size
    • “pets”(kind of a hit…not going to lie) puppycakes. and thinks it’s hilarious to share her food with him. (he has learned how to beg, after 5 years of not! doh)
    • has a bit of rebel side and tries to push the limits. is learning “no” but has to test it every day. “that’s a no sophia! no touching the dog food. no touching the electrical socket. no eating the dog food!” 
    • is a little dare devil too. likes being pushed in the cardboard box!

The box is SO.MUCH.FUN. #crackingupeverytime #cantstopwontstop @jtholderman

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Sophia Grace is just the sweetest little girl and i’m so blessed to get to be her momma.

standing smile from above up close  

{to see other monthly photoshoots click on links: month 1month 2,  month 3 month 4, month 5month 6, month 7, month 8, month 9}

xoxo-kimberly renee

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playing with a box


sometimes i have to get creative to make it through the day… or to the next nap time. ha. just being honest.

so yesterday we played with a box. since she’s pushing things while she’s walking, we pushed the box around.

then the baby got pushed around in the box.

then the dog got pushed around in the box {BY SOPHIA! with mommas help…but still} and she thought it was hilarious. so i had to grab the camera really quick.   sophia-and-sammie sophia-and-sammie2 sophie-and-sammie3 sammie-in-a-box

then the camera was more interesting so i quick had to change things up. haha. so the baby got put back in the box, which you can see, was fun again. sophia-in-a-box

ha! so do i get “worst mom” award for sticking my child in a box?! how else do you get creative with baby play? hints and tips would be helpful, please. hee hee. and don’t worry, puppycakes survived. and it served him right for chasing her when it was her turn in the box!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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