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9 months

Sophia laying down

this girl is 9 months old.

i can’t even stand it.

how is she SO old and how is she SO cute? (i’m a little bias, i know. 😉 heehee)

sophia 9 months 9 month grin

Sophia at 9 months:

  • weighs 18 lbs 14 oz
  • 27 inches tall
  • 50% for height, weight and head size. way to be in the middle, girl!
  • does NOT SIT STILL
  • loves to pull up and stand. everywhere.
  • likes to eat finger foods she can feed herself. loves banana, puffs, and bread. while tolerates the peas and avocado. ha. we are trying new food all the time and it’s so fun!
  • waves (backwards) hi and bye
  • dances by bouncing her little booty up and down to music OF ANY KIND- nursery rhymes, classical, daddy’s singing silly songs… ha. it’s adorable.
  • has the sweetest belly laugh
  • is very strong willed
  • is a little chatterbox. says momma when she’s upset and says dadda all.the.time. ha. {it’s pretty cute though how she lights up and says his name when she sees him!}

9 month piggys

sophia standing

sophia reading sophia 9 month

and…would not sit still for a photoshoot. heeelllooo momma. don’t make me sit still!

sophia face sophie sitting


sophia 9 months2

and we can’t neglect to mention the rolls!

Sophia standing2 sophia chair 9 month    loving daddy

this would be when daddy came in and finally got her to smile.

laughing at daddy 9 month chair

sophia looking out window

oh and this is where momma almost dropped the camera in a hurry to catch the baby… ha.

we love watching you grow, Sophia. you are just the sweetest little girl, ever.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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8 months old {already?!}

8 months wiggle 8 months sitting

basically i’m in denial that time is passing so quickly.

crawling a little blur 8 months

at 8 months Sophia:

  • crawls (eek!)
  • has her top two teeth coming in (popped through the day before her 8 months!)
  • pulls herself up to standing as much as she can
  • loves to jump in her jumper
  • talks and tells stories in sentences
  • splashes in the bath tub…momma gets just about as wet as she does!
  • in public laughs and tries to get anyone to pay attention to her! ha!
  • has such a sweet smile even if she wasn’t willing to give it as much for these photos…

8 months smile 8 months climbing   8 months standing

as you can tell, she was MOVING all around while i was trying to get these pictures. {and yes… i did catch her a put her down on the floor before she fell! ha}

i didn’t have the patience to take too many more than this because we’re all jet lagged from our trip to Seattle.{doesn’t she look so tired in a bunch of these?} i’ll just have to live with some blurry photos because, well, that’s life! ha.  8 months doll so done with this photoshoot and this is where she announced in her own special way that the photoshoot was done. haha. “see ya!”

nope, she’s not opinionated at all. love you sweet baby girl.

to see other monthly photos click on these links:: month 1month 2,  month 3 month 4, month 5month 6, month 7

xoxo-kimberly renee


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7 month photos

{only a few days late!}


well, this girl turned 7 months on the 4th!

7 months

  • she can sit like a pro
  • she can wear her hair in a little pig tail! {eek!}
  • she weighs 17 lbs 8 oz.
  • she eats solid food and loves her veggies the best
  • loves to bounce {in all forms- her bouncer, on our knee, while momma’s walking, on every lap she can find!}
  • is a great story teller… hee hee…watch out daddy!
  • loves to laugh and makes us laugh every day.
  • is just dying to get moving!

7 mos

7 mos wants to crawl

that face- watch me momma!

7 mos pushing up 7 mos sleepy

ok let me rest a second… bawhaha. oh man, she’s so wanting to go go go!

Sophia 7 months    sophia 7 mos

7 mos sweet blurry profile

7 mos sitting

i’m so thankful for this sweet little girl! i am so blessed to get to spend every day with her!

if you want to see how she’s grown from her other monthly pictures click on the links below!

{to see month 1month 2,  month 3 , month 4, month 5, month 6}

6months floor 5 months floor

4 months 3 mos close up

 2 months sweetone month3


xoxo-kimberly renee


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5 months already?

5 months floor

hello sweet little girl. how in the world are you 5 months already?!

it blows my mind. like i said yesterday, i’m getting a little sentimental! but, i’ve also been singing this song by J.J. Heller. over and over. go ahead. turn it on while you look at the rest of these pictures. hee hee. you know you want to.

5 months floor happy girl

she is such a ham. i love all of her silly smiles. 5 months super woman and super girl! lol checking out sammie

this month Sophia:

  • weighs 14 lbs 10 oz
  • has noticed Puppycakes {also known in real life as Sammie…for all those who’ve wondered!} and thinks he’s the funniest thing, likes his kisses for the most part, and just watches him do everything!
  • has learned to roll over, but will only do it on her own terms…she is a lady after all. can’t boss her around.
  • puts everything in sight to her mouth {wait and see…}
  • her hair is getting lighter every day!
  • loves to laugh at – momma tickling her or singing, daddy beat-boxing, and puppycakes
  • wrinkles up her nose just like her momma when she smiles
  • loves to people watch
  • is just the sweetest little girl ever

5 months chair 5 months found 5

and we found the number 5 on the shirt… 5 month chair happy

ok, seriously, that smile.  found the bunney and we found the bunny

mmm bunny


its so yummy

i imagine she’s saying “it’s soooo yummy!!!!” just like the little girl in despicable me2 says: “it’s SO fluffy!!!” hilarious. hahaha see clip here.


and we also love to twist and move and can’t stay still for very long.

5 months shy

so after i sit her back up she finds the next thing, the blanket! it’s so pretty!!! {in the same voice, you know you said it that way in your head}

5 months laying


this one melts me. her pretty eyes and blowing bubbles/drool {because it’s exessive around here…}

sammie kisses and like i said, she loves him. i’m pretty sure in month or two those two are going to be unstoppable.

happy 5 months baby girl! i’m so thankful every day that I’m the lucky one, who gets to watch you grow, hold your hand and kiss your cheeks.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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