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spring is in the paint{ings}

you may have noticed that i’ve painted a bunch lately. as in the last two weeks i’ve seemed to gone mad.  first there were these two angels:

IMG_7569 day 18

then there was this sheep. RANDOM, after all the angels, i know.


then there was this larger angel:

day 24

which i’m super excited about and totally in love with. it was the largest size painting i’ve ever done and i think i was just so inspired it was one of the fastest ones too! there’s layers of text and music under the paint that you can see when you get up close.   {i have yet to get a really good photo of her. but i’m planning on setting up my tripod for that this weekend.}

and now they are almost all up on my society6 shop.  how fun is that?

Spring Angel {2} Stationery Card

Easter Lamb Framed Art PrintSpring Angel {1} Throw Pillow

perfectly in time for Easter! spring is in the paint air! i may have to get out the paint again this weekend. who wants to join me?

check out  my society6 shop!

xoxo-kimberly renee
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the tree outside my window

this has to be one of my favorite trees in all of beautiful, spring-filled, New Jersey:

it’s beautiful. i can’t come close to catching it’s beauty on the camera even though i’ve tried every single year.  i LOVE when it comes to life each spring.

our old downstairs neighbor said that he actually planted it back in the day. he brought it up from his mother’s house in Philadelphia from a little seedling. he said that his mother had saved this tree’s mother (is that what it’s called?) from her childhood home. he planted it without the seminary’s permission. he said this tree always reminded him of his mom. and of home. and he loved that everyone always comments on this tree.

lucky for me that he planted it, because i love this tree too.  every morning on the way to work, i smile at the gorgeousness. 🙂

and look at that, Sammie likes it too:

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today i didn’t really get any good pictures.

all i have is this one which is totally overexposed.

you may think i’m crazy, but i still think it looks really neat.

and i’m thinking i’m going to have to play more with overexposing…

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Spring time date

When it’s as warm as it is today, Husbuddy and I HAVE to get outside and enjoy nature. 🙂
So we went mountain biking 🙂
Did you do anything to enjoy spring time today??


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happy first day of spring!


first day of spring2first day of spring3

we had a bbq yesterday with some friends to celebrate the first day of spring.

and just because it has been so freakin grogeous out.

first day of spring11

I bring my camera along just to get my “picture of the day” and I always think I’m only going to post just one photo because-I mean, I don’t want to bore y’all to death.

first day of spring4first day of spring5

but I just can’t help it today.

first day of spring6

this baby is just too cute.

first day of spring7first day of spring8first day of spring9

and we just love these guys:

first day of spring10

happy spring!

first day of spring

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from the porch

from the porch he can see the world

and on this beautiful spring day he’s just soaking up the sun, the smells, and view.

if only he didn’t have this ugly fence in his way:)

but i guess it’s kind of pretty in its own way. the rust is kind of interesting…

and the sunshine and the springs smells and everything is gloriously springy.

oh puppycakes. isn’t it a beautiful day? enjoy it!

i hope you’ll enjoy your day today too! i actually love “spring forward” because that means the sun is up that much longer every day. it means the sun is getting warmer too. everything smiles when the sun is warmer… the trees, the flowers, the dogs and people. happy spring!


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happy day.

Just so you can see what i am loving about Spring here in Jersey:


so pretty

love love love

can it get any prettier than this? maybe if i was a better photographer… but that’s about the only way. 🙂

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